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  1. Post a pic of your car

    Don’t think I have shared this one yet. Can’t comment on it really as I have only done 100 miles in it since I bought it a couple of months ago but silverstone shakedown this Thursday
  2. Help- huge favour needed

    Hi all. Between 2003 and 2006 I must have put dozens of pics of my old beloved R32 , Reg HX03VYB and yet I don’t have a single one today which is incredibly sad. I had put pics in the original forum gallery, I am not sure if that still exists? If if anyone could find me a picture I would be incredibly grateful
  3. Help- huge favour needed

    I find it really quiet, I’m guessing everyone has migrated to another form of social media or just grown up!
  4. Help- huge favour needed

    You legend!
  5. Wop speciale

    Went to have a look at it today while it was having its pdi. I'm so pleased with the colour. Think cherry red pearlescent and you will be close. Pictures do not do it justice. It's incredible. I wanted a car I will look at in 40 years and just think YES. I think I did it
  6. 720 Wop

    So without being silly I have two 720S Mclaren's coming. The first batch of cars are all pre specced by the factory in order to get them on the road as quickly as possible. I took what I considered to be a safe spec, one I can run for the summer then hand back to the dealer when the second car comes. Cad attached. The grey up close is actually really special the best tier of paint mclaren do and very pearly. The interior is safe black and carbon. The second car is the one to keep. The velocity and spending time with the MSO team just inspired me. I got so much joy from the rs project and I believe this 720 really is the best thing to come out of Woking. The quality, attention to detail and I have little doubt the performance is going to put everything to shame. A brilliant all rounder that will also destroy all completion on track. The cabin is incredibly luxurious and spacious, the roof glass, visibility like nothing else. The infotainment system seemed slick, sharp and clever. Not like the Mclaren's of old. the scheme I am going for is personalised , there will be blends of up to three red paints, one of which will be bespoke to me. Lots of carbon and maybe some Wops sign offs just for fun. I am not giving anything away as I don't want it copied. All I will show is this for now I'm afraid! Bare with me, I so hope it will be worth it! I do need to come up with a name for the new car!
  7. 720 Wop

    It's actually A year since I put a deposit down for the car and bought the P1. Yes very excited
  8. 720 Wop

    Well my dealer is still saying I get the grey car at the start of next month but I can tell by the hesitation in his voice he does not quite believe what the computer is telling him. Meanwhile a press car is out there with virtually my spec, just wrong wheels and I have a glass roof. Getting very excited now
  9. My RS Update

    Hi all, First of all happy holidays and happy new year, hope you are all having a lovely time, I have been busy lately so not around so much. I thought you might be interested in an update on my RS. In the end I decided that I didn't want to go for any of the Porsche colours and wanted to go my own route entirely. I made friends with a car designer earlier in the year who used to work at Ferrari and now does freelance on lots of special projects for clients. In fact one of his favorate cars he was responsible for was the 599 GTO which of course is probably why we got on so well! Well after a few conversations with both him and Porsche about what was possible I decided I would go down the custom route... To do this I needed to order the car is white. This is basically so it acts like a blank canvas. The car arrived in the UK a week ago at Porsche Special Operations, which is a decision of POrsche GB where I checked it over and just after Xmas work will start. So the car is being totally stripped, engine, gearbox... The lot. All of this with zero miles on the clock, pdi or road registered. It's then being sanded and painted in a colour I developed with Porsche called 'Woppum Orange'! They will then gently put it back together ready for the third week of Jan where I will come to check it over. We will then place a couple of variants of vinal mock up liveries on the car so I can see what they look like. Hopefully one will work well enough for me to sign it off so the car can be stripped a second time and the livery can be painted on. Hopefully the final car will be ready by mid March, it will then be trucked to topaz to be totally covered in protective film. So my plan is by April it's bum in seat. I then have to find enough time to do 1500 gentle miles so it's run in ready for a weekend of trackdays at Spa middle of the month. It's been a really exciting project so far and just hope it all works out as I plan... Hope you like
  10. My RS Update

    Just somewhere I drove passed in a place called Great Yarmouth
  11. My RS Update

    Did over 300 miles her on Friday just a fantastic car in every way. Even found a decent spot to take a pic....for a change!
  12. 720 Wop

    I don't think there is a chance I won't like it to be honest but I haven't got my confirmed build slot for second car and only a refundable deposit so theoretically yes although it really wouldn't go down well for my reputation at Mclaren! I will like it I'm sure. 570 was a hoot, 675 owners would die for their car and the P1 is a seething manic beast of a car. From what I hear this will be nothing short of fantastic, the press should get their cars just before I get mine I think. Touch wood, fingers and toes crossed....
  13. 720 Wop

    If my sources are correct the first car should not be too far away! Just not with black wheels
  14. 720 Wop

    I am not doing the headrests by the way, not with woppum lol
  15. 720 Wop

  16. 720 Wop

    I had a logo made up for a bit of fun to go on my trackday helmet and MSO added it to the cads. Not 100% but fun to try
  17. 720 Wop

    Just fiddling with a little humerous personalisation
  18. 720 Wop

    where do you buy beer! thanks.. after a few years of relationship building with the manufacturers and dealers plus growing the IG account (by chance) hopefully the opportunity to get some nice metal and carbon directly will come.
  19. 720 Wop

    I am quoting market price as the list of around 3m euros is kind or irrelevant considering only 200 of their best customers were able to buy them. i don't think we will see many for sale any time soon as Ferrari are very diligent on who gets a car. we are only just seeing coupes really hit the market in a big way because its been out long enough for Ferrari not to be too bothered... I look at all my cars with head and heart. My simple rule i abide by is if the market goes pop, where do i think it could it drop too and would I be comfortable sitting on that particular car with that hit. I don't buy any car I am not passionate about. I take an educated guess at what looks relative "value" in the market but the car must come before the deal. I make decisions quicker than the old days but none are taken lightly lol!
  20. 720 Wop

    Plan has developed for this since I first saw the car in November last year. it really is very advanced and an incredible bit of kit, press get hold of it in a couple of weeks, looking forward to hearing their thoughts! laf aperta would be lovely but £5m !?
  21. 720 Wop

    Lol a few bits and bobs - 918, P1, 720Wop, FF, Speciale, 991.1GT3RS Wop, 991.2 GT3 Manual, and hopefully a GT2RS
  22. 720 Wop

    Haha. - just to be clear I won't own two at once. The mso car will take a bit of time to develop and the factory will only take it on when it's ready - basically end of year earliest but I'm prepared for start 18 to be honest. I'm hoping the grey car comes start June as was lucky enough to get allocation for one of the very first. I'll be putting it through its paces and offering an honest review of course chaps
  23. Wopps 918

    Agree, can see why they did comparison but really same time couldn't be more different..
  24. No P1 is defiantly staying. This replaces turbo s. We'll sort of...
  25. I had a look at it at the show. Pretty sensational. Love how it's over double the price of the coupe when it was first released! Pagani know how to charge that's for sure