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  1. Yes I have been told this, bit too much understeer too. Friend had one of the first took it straight to Silverstone . No denying it was quick, but he sold it pretty much straight away as found it dull
  2. Post a pic of your car

    Took this on the weekend. My new pup already thinking like me!
  3. The new hardcore version of this is a lovely thing. The Geneva car was schmee green and to top it off matte... so vile... but in the right colour really special. £180k special not so sure however!
  4. I have fallen deeply madly in love with the new 720s. I am so excited it's unreal. Such a brilliant car. Anyone see it at Geneva ?
  5. Just watched the lambo clip thanks. I saw the car at the show. Looked like supercar of yesteryear compared with the 720. Bet the mclaren will eat it for breakfast. That clever aero I bet is all theory. Reminds me of the 458 'whiskers' that were supposed to cause great aero and reality just did bugger all. The lambo has its exhaust note on its side, that's about it imv but I'm biased as find the brand a little gauche and its cars a bad drive. Not driven the hurrican though...
  6. Wopps 918

    Haha really, that's quite cool actually!
  7. My guess is gt3 parts and cut slicks!
  8. 36 secs faster than the standard car? Couple extra bhp, couple of kg lighter and active aero so clever you can't even see it! I am not hung up on ring times but I call bollocks
  9. Wopps 918

    Fitted April really looking forward to it
  10. Wopps 918

    Almost switched the wheels but the stock really are growers . I'd rather the money!
  11. Wopps 918

    Hi chaps. Always on the move these days. Hit down a few mins ago in my fourth US state in a week. Last 2 to go then straight to Geneva for a couple of private unveiling! porsche GB contacted me about borrowing it. Made sure their insurance was fully covered at today's value and said only they, not evo could drive the car. It was mainly used for static shots to be honest but happy to help where I can. The FF is fantastic. If a Ferrari, Rolls and mk4 golf r32 had a baby you would get an FF. it's just had a bonkers system go in. It's getting some work done to make it street than new, then topaz and a novitec set of pipes. Really fallen for it.
  12. A weekend at Spa

    Just had an incredible wekedn at Spa, on and off track! i am totally exhausted. drove over in the RS (running it in) and trucked the Speciale over. Sadly the Specile had a problem with the brake fluid at 165mph so i sent it home in the ambulance! The RS was incredible but compared to the likes of the 650's and 675's it was simply a mobile obstacle! incredible fun to drive but the electronics kill the power too much when you drift, in the speciale it lets you get very hanging before electrogod kicks in. anyway here are some pics: sorry no pics - all to big to upload, TSN you need to sort this out, all the other forums resize!
  13. New car for Woppum

    It's a lovely f1, price is eyewatering!
  14. Sometimes a P1 needs a touch up

    From working with my good friend Matteo on the RS I learnt anything is possible. Just signed off the designs for my P1
  15. Sometimes a P1 needs a touch up

    Here you go chaps a little inspiration. Same wheels, the chrome gives you an idea of trim finish
  16. Sometimes a P1 needs a touch up

    Yes multiple! , I hope it lasts!
  17. A weekend at Spa

    loved it back in may!
  18. A weekend at Spa

    haha, don't have the IT skills to do that so thank you for putting all those up
  19. A weekend at Spa

    Here are a couple
  20. A weekend at Spa

    Car nut heaven
  21. A weekend at Spa

    bonkers right... i should be driving over in 918 and trucking the others!
  22. A weekend at Spa

    a couple s9 most pgt - got knows how many rs we had like a pack of skittlels!
  23. A weekend at Spa

    its a shame i cant post pics here i have so many. going next month. think i will drive over in rs and truck 918 and P1
  24. A weekend at Spa

    i am going to make an orange helmet! lol
  25. Woppum.

    Driving the RS, trucking the Speciale