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  1. Woppum.

    Haha I don't hang about ! Were you in the rs4? Think I remember passing you. I was delivering the Speciale ready to be loaded on a truck for Spa Thursday sounds good doesn't it!
  2. Post a pic of your car

    It probably OK to say it now as I own a P1 but Worrange was based on volcano orange! I think it has a tiny more red in it but the difference could simply be down to the light and fact p1 was clean and RS filthy the only time I have seen the two together properly!
  3. Post a pic of your car

    I didn't kniw he was going to paint it ? I always imagined he would keep the livery. Think he has only used it twice!
  4. Post a pic of your car

    Haha is that a trick question ?
  5. Post a pic of your car

    Few of my friends cars in there including a gt1 prototype!
  6. Post a pic of your car

    Yes was a pretty cool group
  7. My RS Update

    That could well have been me yes ! Did about 750 miles it in the last week getting her run in and ready for my weekend at Spa this week end
  8. Post a pic of your car

    Pic of the two new ones together
  9. Fulfilling the brief

    Lovely cars these, will you try a trackday?
  10. My RS Update

    Changed whole system. I will get the details sent through from my audio chap but you can see pics of the speaker differences on my IG page if your interested.
  11. My RS Update

    It won't let me post a high res of this shot which is a shame because it looks mega. Check my IG. Done over 500 miles now. Tomorrow is a P1 day!
  12. My RS Update

    I'm sure not to everyone's taste but the best sound system I have ever heard. The extra weight is negligible
  13. Future Classic

    did you know low mileage csl's are making £100k now! mad my view is you have to be very careful. there is alot of money out there and alot has been going in to cars because there is little else invisible, plus of course these days its a worldwide market more or less. My advise is be careful, when the tide changes, which it will there is alot out there riding on the coat tails of the truly investable stuff. those pieces will be the first to collapse. Be careful with your money is my advise.
  14. Some of you might have seen that I am in the process of buying a P1. I have been looking for one for a while. Why when I have a 918? The 918 is the king of everything. Destroys race cars on track, took me to st Tropez, 1100 miles in 13.5h in supreme comfort - it has the best sound system of any car anywhere! It laughs at all treacherous weather even though it wearing cup2 super sporty tyres. It has a big boot, you can take the roof off. As I said the king of everything. The only single way it is compromised is that it's LHD which means it's a pain driving it to Selfridges or Westfield. Some people say it's too good and you have to be going stupidly fast to get that thrill. The P1 on the other hand I expect to be a total animal. You have to have your wits about you. Just under 1000bhp through the rear wheels in a car that weighs 1550kg or 600bhp per ton, 100 more than a veyron from memory. Once bought it's going straight in for a service, super sticky tyres and 6 point harnesses on each side. I'm then taking it to MSO to do a few custom touches. This car I imagine will be more like my Speciale with double the power than the 918. A much more delicate and compromised car than the 918. I have friends with both and they say they really compliment each other. In monetary terms unfortunately good low milage cars like mine are 60% over list already. Stupid Twats like me were too scared to buy new but get round the overs position. I have sadly done it with both the 918 and P1 in the last year. The good news is the 918 is still worth slightly more than what I paid for it (although irrelevant as can't see me ever selling it) and I see upside even from today's value with the P1. Let me explain why: A year ago if you asked me Ferrari or McLaren I'd laugh, Ferrari any day. I now think they are really on top of their game and now Ferrari have turned turbo I see an even playing field......but it's not! Carbon tubs, more trick suspension, made, built and serviced in the UK. I now see a real future with McLaren. The Ferrari love I think be dampened unless they really up their game. They are now behind. The 675 is a much better car than the Speciale and 488. I can't see Ferrari making the 488 specaile better than the 675, plus by the time it's out McLaren will be offering something better! A lot I suppose depends on what Ferrari replace the 488 with but if they think a pretty new body and upping the boost is going to do it they are seriously lost. What does all this mean. I believe McLaren love will build among enthusiasts in tern classics like P1 could go up in value. They only made 375 of them, plus 10 prototypes. They made 599 LAF and 918 Porsche's. If you look at what the big winners have been it's as simple as a numbers game. A RHD 4.0 997RS is now 400k......400k!!!! They made 600 of those. So yes I'm slightly stock picking as well as buying in to a dream. Head and heard decision at the end of the day PS-(I still love my Speciale, it's last of its kind and is least a classic worth 35% mo than what I paid new). Where am I with the purchase? I put down 10% yesterday. I'm looking at it later this afternoon when I am back from Austria. If all good, which it will be I will pay the rest Friday morning. Which will hurt lol. Because in needs all the work I mentioned above though I will not get to drive it for 2-3 weeks. Once I have seen the car an 100% committed later today I will add some pics Dead excited!
  15. Some pics on my IG now. What a ****ing car!
  16. My RS Update

    Don't worry chaps it will be tidy
  17. My RS Update

    Coming along nicely. Probably another week to go
  18. Plus vat and fitment. Laf is about £100k and parts can take 6 months. At least that's not the case with McLaren.
  19. they are a little temperamental. Owners all know that. They put up with it because the car is so good, and usually have other toys for when things go wrong. Factory are very on it.
  20. How much? They will update the batteries in due course,mightier and more powerful.
  21. I believe with me in it over 1500kg but stil 650bhp per ton. New battery tech will be lighter and more powerful and be offered as an upgrade in due course.
  22. The Vulcan...

    They are making a v8 in limited no's as well now
  23. Just been sent this by a friend. Looks like my little darling has arrived at ascot!
  24. 911R

    I take it you all know what this is? LTD to 991 cars for the world 500bhp 4.0 RS engine manual box Light weight
  25. The p1 sweets your hair on fire!