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  1. I may switch my turbo s for the mk2 991 if they give me a decent deal, then next year a gt2 Apart from that my brother really fancies a classic so may buy a project together. Really though I'm done! I have all my dreams covered!
  2. That Tom Jackoneli. Romans is a family business founded and run by the father Paul. Tom mostly works on sourcing the cars but as he is a mate I came to him. Lucky bugger with all that commission! The car is mint fellers, brand new. 450 miles on the clock the tyres are factory fresh.as I said on IG it needs a few bits and pieces done to it before it's ready to be driven. It's such a focused thing thou. Hard to get in and out of. When you are in there it's like a race cockpit. I think I'm going to like this car a lot!I have pics but he forum won't let me upload as apparently they are too big they will trickle out of IG don't worry.
  3. Anything very special is left hand drive
  4. 911R

    Guys this is getting odd now. Filthy buggers. I'm going to start anew thread!
  5. 911R

    New bug a very different proposition. My guess it's a great big continent blasting cruiser than a proper sports car.
  6. 911R

    I get requests through IG every day asking to film or photograph the cars. In fact my RS is in with auto audio at the moment getting a new sounds system. Someone turned up there asking to film my car (in pieces) and Greg told him not now as he hadn't asked my permission. He told Greg to tell me he has well over 100k followers! Lol
  7. 911R

    Marriage is such a strong word....
  8. 911R

    I'll pay for the car this week, then it needs to go in for a 100% health check at ascot. I think I'll get harnesses and Tropheo tyres fitted instead of the corsa's. This isn't a car for we weather driving and with summer round the corner might as well get it in the best shape possible. I am abroad so I have agreed to buy the car unseen except for spec and pictures, but there are a couple of MSO touches I am considering yes. I know the guys at MSO already, I went to go and have a look at one of their XP cars last year (prototypes stripped back to the tub and made new, new engines etc) but by the time I got there it was sold. MSO were great though showing me around their operation and what they do. Over the last couple of weeks we have been whatsapping each other, I have been firing questions, he has been answering at all hours. I think there will be a couple of MSO things to personalise the car... Hopefully later today I can show you all pics of the car.
  9. 911R

    We have a winner. I'll let you know more details tomorrow once my dosh has cleared! foooking excited!
  10. 911R

  11. 911R

    Stop trying to cheat!
  12. 911R

  13. 911R

  14. 911R

    Let's forget what I'm getting rid of first as I might not. You have to guess what I have bought!
  15. 911R

    Nothing is outgoing yet.... You have to gues!! Play the game!
  16. 911R

    Well deal agreed
  17. 911R

    yes..... take it back! google mint ferrari speciale to see what it looks like. total and utter shiteballs!
  18. 911R

    I would have had bumblebee
  19. 911R

    wondered where he was too. he racked up a lot of posts very quickly then left!
  20. New, more powerful, better looking Bugatti

    Face only a mother could love Didn't like the first car, does not look like I'm going to like the new one either
  21. 911R

    I'm saying nothing.
  22. For literally months now when i press View New Content i get hit by - "No New Content" which is obviously absolute hogwash! Its a right pain in the arse i never know whats going within this forum besides my own infrequent thread because of it. Does it work for everyone else?
  23. View new content.....or not!

    Fixed, thank you Daz I can see it was the 'other' which was the issue