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  1. R32

    I have been looking for a bit. Take it you didnt see that depressing 5th gear epesode...
  2. CLK55 AMG

    My dad wanted a new car so today i went with him to the garage. He has had his eye on the CLK drop head for some time and when i told him that a new one was coming out we wnet straight to Romans (the dealer that can get the car the quickest). They had the coupe in stock and they let me take it for a test drive. i thought becasue it didnt have the same supercharged engine that the SL55 had that it may be a bit , but to my surprise it was really potent, and with i nice growl when i planted the throttle to boot. I would say the power in it is the same as the M£, i couldnt say there is anything in it, but with a totally differnat feel. Merc really makes the refined sports car. Anyway, if any of you are thinking of choosing between the M£ and the CLK55. The 55 delivers but in the smoothest and easyiest way. The M3 is a little animal and is the most rewarding to drive. It can be a little harsh but i would take it anyday over the 55. My dad on the other hand ordered the drop head 55. I didnt complain as i will be borrowing it..
  3. Cararra GT

    I went in to Romans today and apparently they are getting two in!!!! I wonder how much over they will charge. If you take in to account they are getting an Enzo in and gonna charge between £600,000 and £700,000. This is what people are willing to pay!!!
  4. R32 - Colours - Please Vote

    What, barbie pink would look the [email protected]! Maybee brown would look a bit odd.
  5. R32 - Colours - Please Vote

    Ok... To be fair what colour does not look good on an R32
  6. 2005 BMW M5 Picture

    That will definatly be a bute. I woudl take that over a E55 any day or an RS6, supposed to have 500+bhp also.
  7. R32 Number Plates

    I could do with that plate
  8. R32 - Colours - Please Vote

    I voted for blue becasue i personally and fractionally think it is the nicest. The Black and the red are very close second. The red may be loud but i think it will really flatter the agressivness of the car.
  9. Mini Cooper S Alloys

    Salvi what do you have now. I thought you loved it??
  10. Finally, pics of a 5dr R32......................

    Thats a good picture. Best i have seen. It is actually a very good looking 5 door. I think they should make an M3 5 door.
  11. Anyone have a brochure they will give up?

    Apparently she can really make her eyes come out. What a freak. I new this one would get some attention... And i was sort of joking about the bed thing
  12. New 7 Series Sport Pictures

    TO be honest i dont mind the car, but when you put it up to the competition like the s class, it just looks like a stretched ball sack .. Espeshally the 600 that is one fast motor
  13. Top Gear

    Lucky bastards. If i could afford a second car... It would be an evo6
  14. Anyone have a brochure they will give up?

    I have one next to my bed. Not bieng stingy but i would hate to let it go. I would be happy to copy the pages and fax it to you though if you want..
  15. The R32 Factor....

    I have seen one in the back of sparkscars.com for i think £29k. For 50k would definatly choose the M3 full spec. MY dream car...
  16. Top speed?

    Well i think it would be strange to limit the car at 153 when all of the other german car manafacturors govern them at 155 (par porche). Maybe they just wanted to be different
  17. Well, Ive ordered the damn thing.

    I will have to come and see. I know i alwayys wanted to go to nivada for dune jumping when i used to do motocross. Now i think i could go to Tenasse for road surfing
  18. Sold S3 got 96C4S

    Mate.... like the red
  19. Not one vintage VW is better than the R32!!!!

    I have to say that i was pissed when i first posted this strange statment. But to be fair, what ould you prefure an imaculate corrado vr6 or a golf r32
  20. Well, Ive ordered the damn thing.

    You do have crap roads though...
  21. BRABUS SL V12 Bi-Turbo

    What about a Noble, can get much more of a drivers car than that. The new one is supposed to be better than the old and the convertable that is coming out looks the balls!!
  22. Black R32 3 door pics

    Colin is it bieng delivered to a customer in the UK??
  23. What about R32 vs Audi S3??

    It is gonna be alot quicker than my current car (318ti compact ), but considering i am a speed i am still saving for the AMD... Gonna wait for the 300bhp conversion though
  24. The R32 Factor....

    I think there is not much in it at all betwen the black and the blue. They both look the [email protected]!!
  25. Well, Ive ordered the damn thing.

    I think that 30k sounds good. The basic price here is £22,340 which i think works out at $35,744... A full spec car works out at about £27.5 which i think is around $44k!! What options do have avalible out there, and what does it come with,, just want to see how much us britts are conned out of the cash..