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  1. What about R32 vs Audi S3??

    If we are not considering the chipped car, hjow much faster do you think the R32 is?
  2. The R32 Factor....

    Carl, any chance of posting some pics??
  3. Brand new 5 door

    Ero Imports have got a black 5 door which is fully loaded coming through in week 22 and i think it may be under list. If there is anyone with any intrest give them a call on: 01243554477
  4. The R32 Factor....

    And Blue, why is every car that i am intrested in have to be a gay car. I hope you dont fancy me becasu i am just not that way inclined...
  5. The R32 Factor....

    Yeah, the act that it is understated appealed to me also. I still think that it is not that eyewatering and the people which will find it of intrest are only people who know about cars and have an intrest. I think most the public wll just think it is an amazinglooking golf
  6. Brand new 5 door

    It was a few days ago now when i checked, but i have a feeling that it was slightly below list. Laso i think the actual delivery is week 22 and the car is now built and on the way over. It is week 21 now...
  7. Porche Ruf

    Does anyone know anything about the tunning company Ruf and if they have a website. I have found a picture of a converted targa which they have done and it looks incredible. If anyone know any details about this car please post back. Woppum
  8. If the deal goes to pot!!!

    Guys i know this is very negative but if the R32 order goes totally fuc**d up what do i do? I know this will never happen becasue i will get my car,,,.. touch wood! But if something happens what do i go for. the way i see it ia have the choice between: Alpha 147/156 GTA, but they have front wheel drive and a sh1t load of power. The inside is nice and they will be, new rare and sought after for a while. then they would be much harder to get hold of quickly compared to the S3, i am sure they would have a similar lead time to a R32 (147). On the other hand i could get the S3, which would be fine but does not have the power i would like unless i go for the mod from revo. On top of the compared to the R32 the price is considered not cheap to say the least, taking most the options in to account and the 18 inch wheels to make it look the bollocks. The suspension is soft in comparison and the image is not as sporty. Just so none of get the wrong idea, i in not mind want anything to happen to my order. But if something happened and i never managed to get the car for some reason what should i get. Basically what i am saying is, what would you prefure out of the 2 cars. Now there is to be no biased behaviour consdiering this is a website which does not deal with Alpha. Just a topic of conversation
  9. Well, Ive ordered the damn thing.

    Be ready fopr a long wait my friend... There may be delays around the corner,, or i just may be an unluky one. Hopefully I wil get a confirmed build date any day now and then it will be just around the corner...
  10. If the deal goes to pot!!!

    I can well believe that but if we compare price wise, the new S3 will be far more expencive than the current one which will no doubt be a deturant, possibly pushing people who are thinking of the S3 now to the R32 or to order the A3.2, which i believe to be around the same at a starting price of 24k. I think that considering the new model is out there will be less demand for the old shape, which i am sure will be the same for the R32 when the new golf is out. But then it all depeends on what you want out of the car...
  11. What do people make of...

    I think for the money i would prefure the M3 with all the bits. But then i am a practicle kind of guy. I would love to drive one though and wouold consider it if i was thinking of buying a 2 seater. In regards to the looks i think it is cool and does remind me of the E-coupe. ALso there are little of them on the road and that makes it that bit more special. The inside looks alright as well, from what i can remember...
  12. If the deal goes to pot!!!

    Well, when the new model come out, wont most S3 buyers want to wait for the 3.2 in the new shape??? Resulting in a fall in demand.... And then lower prices??
  13. The end of "chipping"??????

    Thats right merc drivers only!!!
  14. New tunning package

    Are revo consiered to be as reputable as AMD or more so? I have heard alot of praise about them on the sight, so if ther performance gain is worth it then this will be probably a more attractive option.. I will send them an e-mail and ask when the conversion will be released..
  15. New tunning package This is for both a supercharger and a bi-turbo. Be interesting if anyone on this forum wants to buy a package liek this. Bison, what do you think??
  16. z4m

    We should proabaly open up a dealership.. probelem is we would proabably end up keeping all the cars!!!
  17. z4m

    Why is that we always seem to know so much more than the bloody salesmen. I mean if they chose that job, would you not expect them to take some pride in it. It is not as if it is a boring subject!!!! When looking for detils on the SL65, no one new anything and never even knew there was an article on it in autocar. It took them 3 days to find out that it may or may not com and and that they are not taking orders.
  18. New tunning package

    Revo sunds like a more expencive option than AMD, is this so???
  19. If the deal goes to pot!!!

    I thnik the S3 would be the better option also. The Alpha i think would be just that but too loud for me.. The S3 like the R32 is perfectly understated which is what drew me to the car in the first place (with the looks and performance). I dont think price would make too much differance soon either due to the new model. My guess is that Audi will be ofering the S3 along wiht the A3, cheaper due to a flall in demand. But then aain this is never going to happen becasue i will get the R32!!!
  20. the r32... isn't for sale!

    I think the Z4 will be aspeshal car, and hopefully nothing like the Z3... If they do an M version recon that will be amazing with a bodykit to match.. Any contenders??
  21. Mercedes Secret project workplace

    That must have taken ages... Bet that car would be worth a small fortune to collecters. To be ultra penicity i dont think i like the wheels. Nice car Blue??
  22. New tunning package

    "Woppum - you make me laugh, you're such a worrier!!" Thanks for noticing.. I guess i am just one of those people that really dosent want to throw money down the bog With AMD i thought that they just repaped the ECU, i didn't know that they actually changed the chip. What will be the differnace with the revo project?? Worry worry.
  23. New tunning package

    It just seems a bit of a risk considering the consiquences. Yes i would probably love more power, but if tere are any serious problms with the car and my warrenty would no longer cover it then it would en up costing a bomb!!!!
  24. I am just wondering if anyone knows how many cars are acutually coming through in to the country a week. Obviously production is slow on the car for some reason and i can only think that this is becasue the factory is making far less cars than what dealers have thought per week. DOes anyone know if this is the case becasue i cant understand why my car is at the moment 11 weeks late, and probably soon to be more and just for the build date, which is provisional. If anyone has any information from about actual production please post a reply.
  25. How often do R32's come through

    Thanks for the advice Colin, sorry if i am wingeing.... So you buy from the actual factory do you, know i understand why Euro are never on top of the situation. Youa are right about the way they do it. From what i understand they are reliant on a delaer in germany and they simply wait for it to come through there. They say they can usually confirm the date within 3 weeks of the build date. Then when the car goes in to production, it takes one day and then it is built. After then the car will be delivered to the Uk within 1 week. At the moment the car is just less than 3 weeks before the provisonal build date of week 23 (we are in 21 now), so i am really on my toes and ready for either a confirmation (touch wood) or a delay.. Thanks again Woppum