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  1. convertible ?

    "However some torque junkys on this site think it`s a fag mobile!!!! A convertible would be fun but it`s a bit of a haidressers car." Welcome to the site mate. Well nice point but i have to agree with you about the fact that it is a hairdressers car (even though i can not really talk becasue i have a slight passion for the SL55 which is described as both a hairdresses car and a fag mobile, shut up Blue!!). I dont know wha the insurance will be like for this sort of car in France, but i would assume the cnvertable will be higher. There may be a clause that will state that if any items were in sight (like left of the seat) then they may not be covered (but then these sort of instances can usually be blagged). I have seen adverts for bespoke mini convertable, so i dont know how similar they will be but, for what they are they do look good. I think there is a fashion at the moment for small sporty convertables and they are considered the things to have at the moment. Another example of the Ford Ka convertable, which would be more feminine. I have now probaly gone totally off the point, it has been a long day, but i hope there may have been some help in there somewhere. And welcome newbies. I remeber when i was a newbie, those were the days... Very recently i have become and addict and i feel like celebrating so if you dont mind....
  2. If the deal goes to pot!!!

    Yes, i recon GTA also, front wheel drive is a big turn off though, espeshally with that amount of power. Also there are so many places which tune them up, and they are often connected with withg the deals so warrenty issues are nou always a problem. Bison, Blue or any of the other rudies on the board, how about offering an alpha forum. I recon they are starting to look up in the world with the new model and engines thaey are bringing out e.g. delta. They look cool and are european, and there is plenty to talk about. ????? Any other enthusiasts got an opinion??
  3. How often do R32's come through

    First of all the factory I think is in Wolfunssburg or something (i will find out) I am sure but not certain about the fact that the company buys the currency ahead. I remember reading it in the material sent when i first placed the order. I may be getting confused with another piece of information from work so again i will check these details. The company i am ordering through is Euro Imports. When talking to them on the phone they seem very professional and i do trust them. It is just that i was first quoted a provisional of week 14 and now it is back to 23 (which may have gone back further, i will find out tomorrow) whcih is strange considering you were offering me in the past a confirmed build date for 6-8 weeks ahead (i think, cant actually remember now). Colin do you know any reasons why there has been this delay becasue i cant work it out, i mean is it likly that VW got carried away at the launch offering build dates which they could not fit in with production. Or have they recently decided to concentrate on getting rid of the current standard models, so that they can get on the with the new one?
  4. the r32... isn't for sale!

    I am glad you have decided to stick witht eh R32. At the moment it is an ultra desirable car and is the best in the class. Speed and performance is not everything (even though it is alot of the pleasure). if you want the car to go faster, you could always go down the AMD route, with either 274bhp or the 300bhp chip coming out in the future. You could buy a supercharger and get the car well over 300bhp or go for the ultra extreem with the bi-turbo and go for the crazy 515bhp!!! Of course these options will invalidate the warrenty and cost a small fortune to buy and maintain (which probably will not make that much differnace compared to the TVR). AMD sounds veryy appealing and as soon as i have worn in my car 300bhp is first on my list. Wait untill the R32 is slightly less rare and desirable before you decide to change. At the moment it is a cool as ice. Stick it...
  5. New A3 - Prices and Details

    Like it mate, moving pics are the way forward.
  6. the r32... is for sale!

    Snez22 How about an S-class in diesel form??
  7. How often do R32's come through

    Importer, but i dont think that it is due to a weak pound, becasue the company would have bought fixed currency beforehand. Any ideas?
  8. New tunning package

    I think what i should do is try to find a dealer that wont mind before i make te decision. If i can find one and be sure they keep their word, then i can see the matter further. Anyway i have some time becasue a) my car keeps getting delayed and b) i want to wait untill the 300bhp chip is on the market. Then i will buy a system at the same time.
  9. Remaps vs. chipping

    What are the pros and cons of chipping or remapps? How indetectable are they? Could they reduce the reliability of thec car? Will VW (for example) refuse to let me use my warreenty? Are they always woth the money and do they make that much difernce? In what circumstance would the dealer reset the ECU? What even is an ECU? Can it put the engine under too much stress? I know that it mcan make the car perform better, but i am new to this and do not fully understand everything about the conversion. What i cant get my head around, is if the conversion makes the car perform better, then why does the car not come with the increase power and performance from the start? Thanks for any assistance which can be givern..
  10. VW Customer Services phone number ?

    me too.
  11. Euro Imports?

    "What specification did you order ??" Blue, black leather, sat nav, sunroof. It is not that i doubt that they are a good reputable company, it is just that I cant understand why the date keeps going back. I would be very supprised if the factory were that late on building.
  12. Euro Imports?

    Has anyone had any trouble with thiscompany? As most of you know i originaly had a build date of week 14, now almost in week 21 i am still on a provisional date of 23 and i think it may be set to go back again! I am just wondering if antone has had any trouble in teh past with this company regarding an R32 or indeed any car. I am now wondering if i am bieng played about or if there are other reasons. Thanks for any replys??
  13. I may have found my car!!!!

    Colin, thanks for that piece of information, that is very intresting and sounds mre logical than other rumers that i have heard. It also could make sence considering the UK dealers do not seem to be having too many probelms with delivery..
  14. I may have found my car!!!!

    It is bieng built at present, is blue, black leather, cruise control, sunroof and sat nav. The date i could pick it up is the first week of June. This is almost the perfect spec except it has cruise control, which i did not want and to be honest do not understand in a car like the R32. It is made to be driven, not driven for you. On top of that they are offering it at a slight premium, which is at £28,000. Do you think that is worth it, i think list is just over 27. But then my currently ordered car is around 26 Considering i am planning to keep the car for a long time it is important that i buy it with the right spec and i do not wish in the future i bought a differant colour or option. My other order is constantly bieng delayed (first build date was week 14, now 23 and still provisional. On top of that my hunch is it may be delayed further) I really want the car but for that price it sounds alot of money, do you think it is worth it...
  15. Anyone used the R32 Sat Nav

    I decided to order the Sat Nav through an import company for 1,500. I was advised by friends and familly to spash out on the factory fitted one . I think it also looks neeter and better looking. For me a after amrket one may end up lookong a bit cluttered considering i have also bought a touch screen camera detector from morpheous.
  16. I may have found my car!!!!

    It is the perfect colour, but it does not have the right options.. If i am to keep the car for a few years i want it to be perfect. It is worht the wait if i get it all factory. On top of that the company would be happier if it was a new car rather than a second hand one...
  17. FK that Sportec 996 TT is fast

    Thanks mate. Do you know any companies in the Uk which either import the cars or have any on show. I have to see the Sportec
  18. Just Back from my R32 test drive

    Chins, are you going to think about ordering the 3.0 Z4, therre is a 12 month wait i think so you will probably have a chance to get around 8 cars in between now and delivery??
  19. My AMD remap and Milltek exhaust

    Would you say that it is worth the £992.88 for the conversion? You say the car was aat 233 befoer the conversion, this is less than the usual 237, so i take it that there is a bit of leyway in the power quoted. Also i was reading another post on another forum which stated that after the concersion he gained 274bhp and 271lbs of torque, this is some differance. With the conversion is theere a chance it may make very little differance at all?? With your car, how much faster do you think it is now, i mean at a guess 0-60/100? Also how many miles were there on the clock were there?
  20. Remaps vs. chipping

    So when i finally get my car and i have driven it for a couple of thousand miles. What do you think i should ask AMD when i take my car to them so that i am sure it is worth it and they will not bugger up the car??
  21. My mates Focus RS

    Srikeing (is that spelt right), the wheel arches look potent. What does the engine sound like i have heard it is a little dull. I have only seen one in the flesh which drove past me in Berkhampsted, i almost crashed i was so intrested! Even so i still think the R32 is the better car looks wise and i probably will never know drive wise. I hope one of my mates decides to get the RS, then i will get a run for my money..
  22. Just Back from my R32 test drive

    Good review, but i still feel the R32 is a great looking car with a chunk more uniqueness than the S3. I also agree that the new 3.2 will no way be as harcore as the R32. But then again i still havent driven the bloody car yet, hopefully 5 weeks though...
  23. New tunning package

    Do you think that they would be likly to tear up the warrenty if the exhaust ssytem was added. And do they ever turn a blind eye???
  24. SL55 vs. PORCHE 996 TURBO

    Whilst considering this, you have to take in to account: - the looks - the fact that the SL is 500bhp (not 476 like the conspiricy says) - the 55 can go 208 miles an hour derestricted (i think the porche can go just under 200) - the fact that the SL 55 has so nany more options inside the car - the Porche is tiptronic/manual, the SL 55 is automatic/tiptronic - the SL weighs just over 2000kg, the porche ways (obviously less) What elce is there to consider? I know that this is a porche forum, and that also the two cars are really entirely differant, but please give fair decent views, and consider whatever points you have.