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  1. New tunning package

    For me the 300bhp package sounds perfect , i think this will be worth waiting for insted of just going straight in to buying the 270 upgrade as soon as i get 2000 miles on the clock. Then again,is it easy for VW to notice there is anew chip installed, and therefore invalidate the warrenty? The beauty with the re-map is that it is indetectable, is this not the case?
  2. the r32... is for sale!

    I still think you should go for a speed12, or possibly a pagani to be differant
  3. SL55 vs. PORCHE 996 TURBO

    The Sl may be fighting phisics when it comes to the corners, but i am telling you it does it very very well. Did you see when the Stig drove it in Top Gear. It was a wet day which obviously slowed it down, but it was not far off ther Mecielego..Now that is an achievment for a limo! The 65 will not be far heavier than the 55, i think the chassie could take the extra power and the engine is under 500cc more and uses a bi-turbo insted of a supercharger.. I think the car overall will be faster than the TT but the extra width it has will be what causes it the problems on the road. My point is the the SL is a supercar but in a league of its own... I mean who can compete, the TT is just an example even though they are totally different.. Even the mags say the only competitor to the 55 is the 600 but i have driven both, the power and the set up fell totally differant despite what the specs say..
  4. New tunning package

    What do you think the differnace will be between the remap and the chips avalible?
  5. the r32... is for sale!

    The 996 does the 0-30 sprint in 1.4secs... All i can say is bloody hell, i need a ride!!
  6. SL55 vs. PORCHE 996 TURBO

    I dont think that i would be in any position to complain with 612 horses under the bonet. Damn right about the Ruf though that is an incredible car with no compramises. I know performnce is not everything but that old far/womans car will prabably get to 62 in around 4ecs and to 100 in 8ish. Now that is bloody fast and not far off a Zonda. Now fopr 120k that is not bad considering what elce the car will offer in terms of comfort as well..
  7. R32 for sale - big price cut to raise cash

    "Reduced to £25,995 which is £1,500 off list." Answer your question...
  8. the r32... is for sale!

    0-30 in a R32 is supposed to take 1.8secs whcih is 0.1 off a RS6 and 0.3 off a Mclaren if i can remeber right. That is the benifit of the 4 wheel drive.
  9. SL55 vs. PORCHE 996 TURBO

    I have seen i bright orange one at goodwood last year. Incredible looking car. I think in the summer it will pretent to be a superstar and ask for a test drive at H R Owen. I have phoned them up and they have a demonstrater avalible. Also on the list for a test drive is the 996 TT, 360 spider and SL65AMG (when it comes out). I have already tried for a test drive at Pagani but sadly none avalible (i suppose not supprising considering it is a £330,000 car and there are only 5 in the country!) By the way Blue that SL65 i have h=just mentioned has 612bhp and 739lbs of torque, how do you think that will do in competing with the 996TT round the track??
  10. the r32... is for sale!

    Bison, if you are worried about the insurance, why don't you just opt for the Speed12!!
  11. I may have found my car!!!!

    Do you actually think that my supplier is slack becasue the impression i am getting from his is that there is a big waiting list and the car will come through. They say thatey can not confirm the delivery date untiln they have had the call from the factory, and when they do, the car will be in my hand with in a couple of weeks at the most. It seems hard for me to belive that they are bieng slack becasue they will want my money and the sooner the car comes the sooner they can become richer!! It is not that i dont want to do business with colin by the way, it is just that i cant be bothered to keep changing delers, i hvae been with this one for a number of months and the car is bound to come through and hopefully soon. I am fed up with bieng negative so hopefully the build date will stay on week23 so i will get it within a month or so. Then i will get my brand new car with the perfect options, and then i will be happy
  12. I dont think the 3.2 will be nearly as fun or sport to drive. I twill probably be more luxuary orientated and more expencive. I suppose whatever floats your boat.
  13. Oh yeah.......!!!!

    I have been told that if i do not want the miltek system then the upgrade will lower the performance to arount 10bhp and torque less than normal. On the other hand if i put on the system and keep the old one in case they may still not except that the warrenty is still void. Even if it is not, they will still charge me to take the new exhause off and put the old one back on. I have herd though that some friendly dealers will still acept the car for warrenty with a couple of mods. I suppose before taking any action i should ask perticualr dealers polocies on the subject, becasue i can not afford to lose the warrenty.
  14. SL55 vs. PORCHE 996 TURBO

    [ QUOTE ] (well I'd take a Murcielago actually) nuff said [/ QUOTE ] No shi1t that is my dream machine!! Now that is in a totally differnat league!!!
  15. Thanks mate i have had problems trying to send at the mo. What a wieght off my shoulders!!
  16. I read an article on someone that had recently taken delivery of the focus rs. She said that her friend had just got the R32 and she felt it was far better than the focus. She then sold the focus and orderd the R32. I thinkt he probelm with the focus is that: a. it has a very boring interiour with low comfort levels. b. the turbo is supposed to be unopredictable which can get tiresome c. the torque steer can ruin the driving experiance on the road and would be far better left for the track d. the front wheel drive with all of that power cant be good, espeshally in the wet. the golf has a better engine note, a more desirable immage, better looks (i personally feel), great seats (apart for the baggyness). Anyway if i was going to go for power and drivers experiance over the overall compramise, insted of paying 20k on the focus i would pay 20k for a new evo 7. In my head there is no reason why to go for teh focus over the evo, except it does look better.
  17. Wibble, convince yourself. save the 2k on the seats if you are not convinced but do not worry about the speed. AMD are offering a conversion for 1k to boost the power 30bhp to 275bhp. On top of that there are many new conversions which will appear on the market including superchargers and bi-turbos which will considerably increase the power (the most powerful 512bhp, but this will not be cheap.) It is a great understated car and i want to convince you. On the negative side i have to say that i have never driven the car but from what the reviews say it is presently at the top of the class. Mine is on order and i cant wait and there is no chance in my mind i will be disapointed. Just remember this, if you keep waiting then there are always going to be new and better alternatives out on the market, but then you will always be waiting. If i were you i would go with the flow and get the best car in this league with no comprimises (except the baggy leather, which may be better than you think anyway).
  18. the r32... is for sale!

    Fair enough. Tuscan is a good choice, great looking and bloody fast!!
  19. the r32... is for sale!

    Bloody hell, and i thought Chins was quick to get rid. Why are you selling it. Have you changed your mind on the car and do you wnt a revo S3 again?
  20. Golf R32 It is very rare and looks good. It has understated looks. A big N/A engine. HAs a very nice interior. Good for everyday use. Makes a great noise. Good handler with 4 wheel drive. On the other hand it could be considerd a bit pricy (unless you compare it with an S3). May have a harsh ride (dosent bother me). This is my choise.. VX220 Turbo This looks like it will be a very cool car. Very fast and better looking than the elise. On the other hand the interior is bare and there are virtually no options so it may be irritating as an everday car. Renaultsport Clio V6 It looks incredible and probably has a nice engine to go with it. On the poor side I dont like the steering wheel or the interior (leather is 4000pound option). Apparently the engine sounds very nice, but car is not a good handler in the wet but then again i suppose it depends if you want to push it. Second Hand 993 Ask blue he seems to think it is the bollo#ks. Mitsubishi Evo VIII The inside is not that nice but i bet it is the most incredible ride. My mate has the 7 and it really is very very fast, but you do sacrifice looks and practicality for ever day use. Second Hand M5 They are rated to be the most fun drive out of the competition (E55, RS6, Jag), They look good on the inside and out. On the bad side they are soon to be replaced by a 500bhp sucessor (but may not look as good). Also will be a second hand car so if the warrenty has run out, it could be the most expencive option in the long term. P.S. MAy be stating the obvious but apart form the performance this is what i would look at.
  21. SL55 vs. PORCHE 996 TURBO

    Recently i have driven other powerful sports cars apart fromt he SL55 and i would agree with you that the porche would be a better drivers car. For me if i had the money it would be the ultimate (996 turbo with GT2 kit...ummm). But that is not the point, you have to agree that the SL55 if you ever drive one is a very powerful fun car that looks incredible and makes a great noise. Regards to close competition i think it really has none in that perticuar segment of the market, due to the plush interior, heavy kerb weight, machanical floding hard top roof and overall looks. It is a very good looking car which is not flash like a ferrari but slightly not as understated as a porche. Yes i think it could be more of a womans car or a blokes pulling machine. Answer me this.. If you want a car which is a step up from the 55, but has all the options of it (except obviously the hard top folding roof) what do you go for. The 360 dosent feel as quick, not as nice on the insdie and possibly too flash. The porche is the businessmans sports car and uis understated in the looks department and is not as striking as the 55 (but still good looking). There is the new lambo gallardo but i have a felling like the 360F1 shift will be jerky and not smooth and espeshally in automatic mode. The only actual competitor would be a convertable version of the new Bently GT coupe (which is definatly a no!) or the SLR (with a price tag of around £250,000). Sorry i have probably gone slightly of my point but what i am trying to say is that since i first made the post i have changed my mind. The SL is not a down and out sports car like the porche, which you can tell as soon as you step inside, due to the lower position. Anyway I was up all last nite and probably not making sence but the SL is still an incredible car. If tehy make a 65 version with the 612bhp, then it will eat all of your hearts out..
  22. A question for Bison

    So Bison, I take it uou would prefure a revo s3 to a AMD tunned R32? If you wernt to modify the car and you are not allowed a Tuscan, which do you choose?
  23. A question for Bison

    "So Bison.. On the left you have a brand new S3 On the Right you have a brand new R32 What would you choose, now you have had both? " Paul S3 first posted this question, but i am dieing to know also. Let us assume you are choosing the cars with the specs of your choice.. P.S. this question is also for anyone elce who has tried both cars.
  24. The Touareg...

    If you are going to buy a propper 4x4 wait and then get the remaped cayenne turbo with 500bhp. That will be a propper stonker!!!
  25. New A3 - Prices and Details

    Do you think it is still possible for there to be an S3 made avalivle. I mean the surrent S3 is virtually the same price as the 3.2. If they brought it out it will appeal to a different customer base becasue further options will bring the car price even higher. I mean it would be way out of the R32's league (what a turn around!!)