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  1. I may have found my car!!!!

    Personally I think it looks the best aswell!
  2. The end of "chipping"??????

    Sorry to interupt this intresting news on chipping but i have a question about it. I am all in favor of chipping a car to make it faster, nicer to drive and prove econermy. But if it does all this why is the car not fitted with it from the strat. I can understand normal cars not bieng fitted due to insurance reasons and so on, but cars like the 'S' range for audi or the 'R' range for VW should at least have the option in having a remap from either new or anytime really. So specifically, why if the car is better with a remap is it not fitted by the factory as an option so it does not void the warrenty??
  3. If you decide to cancel the order, will you choose another car to take its place or will you stick with the current one? (TT) i think.
  4. I may have found my car!!!!

    Colin, I have double checked the order and I think i will stick with it. Hopefully, if all goes to plan i shall recieve my car somewhere between week 23 and week 25, which is not perfect but OK. Thanks for the offers and keeping me informed. I now have a good idea about what is out on the market and what is starting to come through. I am now hoping that my first write up on the car will be some where around week 26. So untill then i will just keep assuming and talking crap about it.. On another note, out of intrest what are the most popular colours and specs which are opted with the ca?. It just seems like most people want either sliver, or black. When the car first came out i though the popular colour would be blue, becasue it is the trade amrk colour, like the subaru.
  5. I am hoping that the leather seats will take a bit of wear. On the bright side, everything is a comprimise, if you want such an amazing car, you have to expect there to be little faults. To me it is still well worth it. On the other hand i may be building the situation up a bit. I havent even driven the car yet considering it is still on order, but i have no doubt in my mind it will not be up to my expectations...
  6. I may have found my car!!!!

    Thanks for the info Colin. You seem to keep drawing in my attention at the moment. I will try to give a good reply later on tonight. The main problem is timing. This whole procedure sems to me like it will take a few days. Really for this to work for me i would need to leave either on a friday or saterday and get back the next day. Apart form that the whole procedure seems like a laugh and a good break from work. Thanks again and i will post a message back after 8. Cheers Woppum
  7. Well mate, i hate to be a bitch, espeshally becasue i havent spoken to you in a while but, if the cooper s can do the 60 in under 7 secs, than the r32 can do it in under 5!!!! Only joking. I have been in a Mini recently and the do feel fast. I dont know if they feel that fast becasue they are so small or just becasue they are litle pocket rockets. My mate has a cooper and wants to put on an exhaust system on which will boost the brake by 8bhp. It is made by 'Powerflow, custom exhaust' and he needs some advice. He will be shortly reged on to this site under the name of "Coopie", so everyone be ultra nice and answer all of his questions (that arnt cr*p), becasue he is a bit of a nonce... If you can, try to persuade him to get a remap if possible. I need a bit of competition.
  8. I have to say though, against what most people say, i do like the look of the new impreza. I saw the new STI the other day and it is a hell of alot better looking than the old one, and even puts the evo to shame. I am sure the evo is better to drive, but i have to agree with Adam that the extra the evo gives will never be experiance on the road. The price of the new 7 does make you think differnatly, but then the sti impreza is a bout teh same price via imports (i think). Hard choice, good price.
  9. The Evo VIII won but only fractionally. they say that the sti is faster it is just the handleing is better when going full out in the evo. they said there is not much differance between the 8 and the 7 though. Personally i would go for the 7, it looks better anyway, the seats just aren't as nice on teh bum!!!
  10. If anyone is intested in buying a new evo 7 with 300bhp, according to this weeks evo the prices have dropped to just over 20K. That is the best value I have ever seen them. Also to get eh package which boosts them up a further 30bhp is just over 1k more. Great value. For that price i am tempted to cancel my R32 order and spend the rest of the money on buying all of the options which the evo dosent have...
  11. I may have found my car!!!!

    Colin as that build date confirmed or provisonal. I am now starting to get confused what the differance is. Is a date only confirmed when the car is about to be build and is provisional untill then or can a car be confirmed weeks ahead? In regards to the e-mail. I will try to reply to you tomorrow but i have a feeling that the e-mail is down at work. It hasn't been working since yesterday. If that is the case could i send you a PM?
  12. Anyone looking for an R32

    The company are soon to get in: Porche Carrera GT Ferrari Enzo Pagani Zonda Convertible £380,000 Merc Maclaren SLR Roller Anything you want. Lots of crazy customers with vast amounts of cash.
  13. Anyone looking for an R32

    I took a visit to eurosportcars today in Stoke Poges Bucks to see a very special 'Pagani', it looked bloody amazing and bloody fast, slight turn off though with a price tag of £329,000. Anyway back to the matter at hand, the salesman there said that he had a black and a silver car coming through full spec in the next ten days. He said that any other colour or spec ordered he could give a confirmed build date of 6-10 weeks time, which i have to say is better than most. Apparently they are coming straight from Stuttguard but priced at list... Even though this is a R32 post here is a pis of the Pagani
  14. S4 Cabriolet

    Do you think this may be enough to be a ClK55 rival. What do you think the cost will be on this baby??
  15. New tunning package

    Do you think that the 12 month warrenty will cover the whole car or just the mod. Bit of a risk isn't it. It is also alot more expensive than the AMD coversion. £1000 compared to £3751. And just 30hp differnace. I suppose the supercharger will give a totoally differnat feel to the car all over the rev range. Also does anyone know if the supercharger will be working constantly or if it will just kick in at a certain amount of revs.
  16. Prescot Street - RS4

    Pritty sure saloon and the avant are both avalibe now...
  17. Picked up the new A3 brochure today

    'Dude, when that 3.2 comes out... ' Dude when the RS3 comes out. The question then will be M3 or RS3. Will be very tuf??!
  18. 3 RS6 's and a R32

    Damn, right. Waz it a blue one???
  19. Guys for some reason my e-mail is not working today. I still have all of your addresses so i wil keep trying. It may be becasue my inbox was too full. I have just deleted a sh1t load but it still wont send. Hopefully it may work either later or tommorrow...
  20. I may have found my car!!!!

    Where exactly is the place where the car would et picked up from, and how long do you think it will take to get there and back? On top of that is travel paid for just for the owner or will it pay for a passenger also?? Just out of intrest
  21. I may have found my car!!!!

    Thanks for the offer colin, that is a far better offer than any other i have seen. The problem is that i dont think i have time to collect the car, and it has no sunroof. Thanks again Woppum
  22. Jay Kay owns an RS4 and RS6 !

    Can't believe you don't know who JK is. The one who spends all of his money on cars. Must be a great life though. Taking care of all of those cars must both be a mission and also tres tres expensive.There needs to be a heated garage, people to look after them. etc. It needs alot of work....
  23. Safe Car

    Any time mate,, any time. To be honest i just thought that i could contribute to some forums which i have never done before, and i am just glad that i was in use..
  24. Safe Car

    Apparently the Audi A6 is one of the safest cars. Just thought you should know...
  25. I may have found my car!!!!

    Thanks for tha advise Colin. But will it will make a differnace considering the date is not confiremed and on a provisonal. To be honest I do not inted to change anyway now and just to grit my teeth and get on with the wait. The bright side is in the long run it may build charicter??