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  1. I have the file saved on to my computer at work. Tomorrow i can locate it and i should be able to send the files to the users who asked. For some reason the file sends to some e-mails but not to others. I think TonyD may have redieved it, so Tony if you are out there post reply so i can see if it works.
  2. I may have found my car!!!!

    In regards to loosing my deposit, that is not an option becasue when it was first placed a deal was made where i could get the monbey back at any time. The price on the other hand i think you are right about. i am seriously excited about the car and these delays are killing me. But i do not think i am prepared to pay that price when my car could be so close. I would be seriously kicking myself if i later found out if i waited a further three weeks i could have got my import prices R32, considering each closer week would have cost me £750. Recently as Colin know i have been contacting dealers and locators all round the country to see if i can get any improvement on the delivery of the car of my choice. Apart from the over priced there is nothing. They have all told me that there are delays for reasons which to me sound like rubbish. I have been told that on one ocasion they ran out of blue paint? and another they ran out of leather?? Has anyone elce heard about these rumors and do you think they are likly to be true becasue to me it just sounds like sh1t!
  3. Jay Kay owns an RS4 and RS6 !

    I kow where it is, just incase you are interested. It is just outside Princess Risborough in Saunderton. I pass it every now and again when i go for drives. I think the other day i even saw his enzo. He had all of his cars outside his house, but could only really make the old bently and the enzo from the back. The utimate bat mobile. Lucky bastard anyway.
  4. I may have found my car!!!!

    Yes but i would rather own the car from neww. Also They do not have the specifications that i want. The price over list is around £600 but the issue is that i was payin £2250 less via the imports. This is substanchal but i dont know when my delivery will come through. I have been continually put off and to have a confirmed date is like music in my ears..
  5. Safe Car

    It is safe,..., don't ya know!!!
  6. If you give me a PM with your e-mail address, I think i can send it to you. You may have to be on broad band though..
  7. R32.. Please read

    Yes, those are the correct initials. I will send a detailed reply tommorw stating if i am interested. Thanks SL (AKA Woppum)
  8. R32.. Please read

    Colin let me think it over and i will give you a better reply tomorrow. I have to consider this very wisely. Do you know if there are any other conteners for the car. You don't have to say if you dont want.
  9. R32.. Please read

    Tony it wont solve half the problem unformatunatly because i will then have a new one on my hands...
  10. R32.. Please read

    Does the car have to be collected from Germany or can it be sent here for me to pick it up?
  11. Seats?

    All kinds mate!!!!
  12. R32.. Please read

    My blue one has just been delayed in production from week 22 to 23, and it is still provisional. The problem is that i have set my heart on the blue car but i may have to wait months for it if this continues. In the back of my mind i think it may be wotrth the wait becasuse i dont want to be constantly thinking i wish a i got the blue one. But on the other hand is it worth the wait. Also the sunroof is a slight necessity for me becasue i smoke, and opening the window can just blow the ash everywhere. A sunroof can also be nice on a sunny day for drives. When are you placing the advert in autotrader, becasue i really need a bit of time to think about this major decision.
  13. Seats?

    The main reason why i chose the leather is becasue there is less chance of it getting dirty. If something got spillt on it then it can just be wiped off where as with the alcantara there will be a stain...
  14. R32.. Please read

    Do you know the exact price and when the delivery date is. I might possibly buy it. It really depends on if my blue one is confiremd yet, and if it has been moved back at all. And of course if i want to trade from the amazing blue to the adiquate black...
  15. R32.. Please read

    Colin M is there no sunroof on the car?
  16. [ QUOTE ] Many thanks to AZ , [/ QUOTE ] Damn right!! When he blips the throttl you really can see what they mean how incredible the engine sound is. It even sounds great high up in the rev range, like a fighter jet. I never thought that the car would be able to wheelspin like that considering the 4 wheel drive. AZ did you see that in the flesh or did you just find the video. Thanks for the clip mate, only problem now is that i have to wait 5 weeks (provisonal) for my car. You have just made the wait seem twice as long. Thanks again Woppum
  17. Seats?

    When i briefly sat in the car i found it really supportive and i would not say i am a big bloke, very comfy also. On the other hand i havent sat in the car when moving so i dont know about the slippy status.
  18. Anyone looking for an R32

    Apparently the 5 people in the country which own one of these babies. Unformtunatly there was no chance of a test drive!!
  19. Test Drove my first R32 today....

    Cheers mate that was exactly what i wanted to hear>>
  20. So is there no way it can be sone then??
  21. A few more miles a few more opinions......

    With similar options..
  22. Seats?

    I cant believe that those seats are so much better than VW made out. When i came to specifying my car they told me that the majority of people chose leatehr seats becasue the general feeling was that teh clother were not up to much. I expected them to be like the cheap multi coloured ones you get as standart on a citroen saxo! They never said thet they were puttting black cloth with black leatherette. I bet those seats are more supportive aswell, i could immaginge the leather one bieng a bit slippy. Do you thin it is worth me changing my mind and swapping the leather for the cloth, and save the money, are they worth the premium?
  23. Seats?

    That is the first picture i have sean of the standard seats. they look a [censored] load nicer than what i thought. Bloody hell i am paying 1.9k just for a bit of leather in the middle what a bloody rip off!!!!
  24. RS3 Badges ??

    That is one cool looking car. I bet it sounds better than the standard exhaust, still dont know if i would put a phony badge on it though. Possibly a debadge?
  25. Test Drove my first R32 today....

    So Tony, what do you think, does it need the AMD remap, or is cool anyway?