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  1. Anyone looking for an R32

    Sorry just one pic showing the price, almost unbelievable isnt it. Apparently there are only 5 cars in the country and there is one more allocation left for the year!! The owners have between 10 and 20 cars and one owner has reportedly said that they have changed their everyday car from the Mclaren to this becasue it is both so nice to drive and user friendly. Never mind lottery next weekend!!!
  2. 0-100 mph time?

    You are right i was reading a post on a different forum about the AMD re-tune and one guy quoted this.. 'Well, if it's anything to go by - last year with 282bhp and FWD I managed a 12.3 0-100....' I must have simply misread it and stated poor information. Sorry i think i was bieng a bit hopeful considering a porche twin is just under 10..
  3. Oh yeah.......!!!!

    I really want this conversion, apparently it makes one hell of alot of differnace to their performanance. Apparnetly the 0-100 time is bettered by over a couple of seconds. My probelem is that the exhaust system may effect the warrenty. I recon i could get away with the remap alone, but with the exhaust, i recon i could wave it godbye. Doe anyone knw if the warrenty will be torn up if i tell them about the exhaust system. Also even if they do allow it, do you think they may get suspicious that there may be other mods done to the car like maybee a remap?
  4. 0-100 mph time?

    Also apparently with the AMD coversion the gold can rocke to 100 in 12.6ish secs, bit of an improvement over the 15.6... The exhausts look great also and apparently make a much better noise. I am seriously considering it.
  5. Quickshift

    Does anyone know if there are nay quickshif boxes out on the market which would fit the R32? and if so who makes them???
  6. R32 Noisy??

    I really, really want the AMD. Breasts (.) (.)
  7. 0-100 mph time?

    There we go it is that gear change which slows down the 0-60 time. the question is what is the 0-55 time? Da da da
  8. R32 Audio

    I wanna klnow why the DSPO was so fecked up on my car.... thye said it would further delay the delivery, why do they keep doing this to me???? I just want my car...
  9. You no stupid , if the vid works i will personally give you a diploma
  10. R32 Noisy??

    That noise plays a big part in why i bought the car in the first place. That with the speed, the looks and the understated immage make the it second coolest think on the plannet, just after me!!!
  11. R32 Resale Value

    That is true but there is a threat to the price becasue of the new model coming out in 2005. this will deacrease the residuals
  12. 0-100 mph time?

    I think 55ish probaably sounds right. Do you remember what the S3 redlined at in second gear??
  13. We need a super IT geek, where can I get that vid. I really want to see it. I will try to send an I.T. support technition from my office. Any better ideas....
  14. R32 Noisy??

    Or a toyota Avensis!!!!
  15. R32 Audio

    I have been told that there are big delays on cars with the opted DSP. i had the choise to wait and wait for it or hopfully get the car soner if a droped the option. I dropped it so hopefully i will get the car sooner.
  16. R32 Noisy??

    I rekon i will like the boom, noise dosent botther me, all it does is inform me that i am driving a feckin cool car!
  17. 0-100 mph time?

    I don't get that every review of the car states that the R32 is a faster car than the S3 even 0-60. I have heard that the ratios are very short ranged in the early gears which makes the 0-60 times slower. I want to know what the 0-60/100 times are for the AMD conversion car. Bet thats the bollo**s
  18. Photos wanted

    JHT i have to say that i agree with everythig you have t say. I also chose the blue and a black would be close second. On the other hand they have said they are to bring out a bright red for the car which looks good in the pictures. I think the blue is still better but the red could beat the black. I think the brighter colours like this suit the sporty undiscreat image which the ar portrays. P.S. I want my car now....
  19. RS3 Badges ??

    I must agree with Ari, there is nothing worse than seeing a 1.6 a3 with the s3 badge on it. It obviously is not the car so why bother with the bullshit. The car looks fu*in good anyway. lol
  20. Oh yeah.......!!!!

    Please mate can you do a small write up onece the conversion is done, i really need to know how much better the car is. 274bhp sounds great!.... Also do you think you could take a picture of te miltak exhaust system, wanna know if it worth the extra money, i recon the standards are good and with the remap, f'in cool.
  21. R32 Noisy??

    Naah, best sounding engine in the world. If you are unsure i think you. should opt for the AMD conversion, will sound even better and go like a rabbit on fire
  22. Finally, pics of a 5dr R32......................

    It looks much better than i thought. Cool colour too, but i will stick with the Deep Blue. Can't wait till mine comes...
  23. My advsie is take the car. I have so far been waiting almost five months and they are now quoting me a PROVISONAL date in two months time. At the moment i would pay 3K over list to get my car now if i had to *****ers. You may end up regreting it if not...
  24. 0-100 mph time?

    How much do racetechs cost, and is it possible to rent them?
  25. Sat-Nav System

    Mo-S3, i have ordered my R32 with the Sat Nav system, which they charge £2500 for. Do you think i should stick to that or cancel my sat nav order and a a sat nav like yours, or one similar??? Your pics make me want to change my mind