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  1. Oh yeah.......!!!!

    Yeah, with VAT it comes to £998.75, i think i would want to try the differnace first..
  2. Brand New 5 dr R32 for sale today!

    JHT Been wanting a look for some time
  3. Oh yeah.......!!!!

    Oops sorry my specs must be on fire????
  4. 0-100 mph time?

    Yup he is right autocar did record it at, 15.6 secs, wish it was 11 though blue. Maybee if i stuck a turbo in it, yeah.... 3.2twin sounds good ayy!?
  5. R32 Review (compared to my last car - s3)

    GREAT REVIEW MATE: Bison, if there is anything that could be improved on the car what would it be, what is it missing that could make it a better car and do you think a turbo upgrade on it would be worth the money? On top of that do you think the chassie could cope with any more power? Sorry bout all the questions mate it is just that i have so many. I have now been waiting for my car for about 4.5 months and my build date set for week 22 which is weeks away, now if that all goes to plan add another month for building and delivery and that works out just over 2 more months. Sorry i keep telling you all this it is just that i need to share my pain. I have never even got to test drive it, but i know that it is the car for me. I just hope i can afford to fund its drinking problem
  6. Oh yeah.......!!!!

    There is no information at present on the AMD site, how long do you think it will be before they bring the conversion on to the market. When i e-mailed them they said it was definatly gonna be brought out, i just want to know when and if how much they would charge for the remap. I also have queries on if the VW dealers will be able to tell it has ben remapped, becasue of the effect on the warrenty. It all havs to be taken under great consideration, it is just that 270bhp sounds so good!!!!
  7. Can I still order an R32 from a UK dealer ?

    Have you seen any pics of the 5 door yet, I can't find any adnit is pissing me off!
  8. MADONNA number plate 4 sale

    P.S. S3bangs, i have just looked at your picture and i am in deep shock. Does your bird have a dick, fuc*in scary man!!!
  9. MADONNA number plate 4 sale

    The best plate i have ever heard of was CLA55, fuc*in cool. When i phoned up the company that had it, it was £75,000. What a rip off, could buy have bought a M3 with all the options with cash left over, some people are complete to55ers, i would have paid 1g call me stingy...
  10. rs4 vidseo chased by an e46 m3!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    An M3 is my dream car, i test drove it and i want you all to know it is the best thing i have ever been in in my life, and i have been in a Maybach!! (ierd comparison i know)
  11. Can I still order an R32 from a UK dealer ?

    Out of intrest whay do you want to order one from the Uk, is it just becasue there is 1 year less warenty?
  12. Got an R32 test drive today!

    My build date is a provisonal 22. Bet it gets moved back, for the fourth time. Good i am glad you said it was a fast drive, makes it worth the wait.. Have you ever driven an S3, if so how does it compare???
  13. The sound system

    What a rip... the car better make up for it...if it ever comes!
  14. The sound system

    Simple question for anyone listening: What is the cheapest way that i can get a good sound system for the R32 and what components should i use. I think first i will wait for the car and sse how good the standard one is, i have heard it is sh1t and i think i will have to change. Cheeky Vw bastar*s, you pay that much for a incredible car and you get a sh1t system. Could have bought an S3 with the bose, more expensice and the car was not what it wanted though, all a fuc*ing compramise!! ******s P.S. I know chins kindly gave me a link, but i would really like some direct advise from the people that know what i want, thanks
  15. The sound system

    I have heard the Harman Cardon system in the M3, that is a cool system. One problem is that i don't want to put a head unit in becasue i have the Sat Nav, i was thinking about a preamped sub, plus the best speakers that i can fit in to the car without a stelf shelf. I was really hoping that i wont need an amp.. Waht do you think?
  16. prepared to be dazzled

    Well i like th tail pipes, adds charicter, should have an M badge on though: MA3
  17. More new A3 pics (URL)

    The 3.2 looks good. Possibly not as sporty as i thought it would be, the 3.2 block looks virtually identical to the r32 block, they could have at least changes the shell a bit..
  18. opinions...

    If you can get the same colour red paint then definatly do it mate. Think how much better it would look than the brakes not matching. Coloured brakes are cool and red are the best, why even think about it?? P.S. it would only be tacky if the brakes on the front were a differant colour to the rear ones.
  19. R32 on the Ring (Nurnburgring)

    -8,37 = 143 km/h ----Golf R32 -8,51 = 141 km/h 2002 Alfa Romeo 156 GTA 250 HP Look how much faster the golf is!!! This is the link: www.bmwdeler.no/nordschleife.html
  20. R32 on the Ring (Nurnburgring)

    What does that sort of time compare to. Do you Know what the Focus RS got?? It must beat the old WRX. I know in Top Gear when the review the R32 it beat the WRX by 4secs round the track and was slower than the RS by 1sec. R32 rules the roads......
  21. Golf R32 comes last against...

    Overall the golf is by far the best option. it looks the best insdie the car (with the most options) and it also feels the fastest of the bunch (even thought it isnt). i think the adavtage with that higher capacity engine, non tubod is that the power is there when you want it, there is no lag, you can zoom out of the corners without having to be high up the rev range. The focus is apparently unpredictable the turbo kicks in when you least expect it. Inside the focus is sh1t, it looks tacky and boring. The alpha and the S3 are the only ones which match up with the golf, but the alpha is front wheel drive and i would never go for that (espeshally with a 250bhp engine: to me makes no sence) i think the only reason why they say the golf is inert is becasue of the weight differnace, it is a fair bit heavyer, but it is all a compramise. Quality goes with weight. The best all round car (no matter what Autocar says is the Golf), it looks th bollo*cks inside and has the power and torque to go with it. Even Jery Clarkson says that if he had the choice between the focus rs and the golf he would choose the gol and it was Top Gear magazione that said that the RS was the best drivers car. I fi had the coise between all of the cars on offer in the Autocar review, i would take the golf over the second best and £10 grand spare change (if on offer) May be a bit biased
  22. Oh yeah.......!!!!

    Mate, i am now not getting mine for like 2 months but i already want to AMD it! I have never even driven one yet, i am sure it will be up to my expectationas and more so... I want it now#
  23. Golf R32 comes last against...

    In the May 2003 Evo they revew the RS which has been superchipped by Bluefin to 237bhp and 262lb of torque. They say: 'If you live on a racetrack you'll doubtles have a ball in the RS, but for those who like their thrills on everydqay backroads with all their imperfections, the latest Fordis not the hero we'd hoped. At least you cant say we did not warn you'. They like the looks of the car but hate the drive with all that torque steer, but they love the R32!!! Good choice if you ask me...
  24. M3 SMG testdrive

    Good review mate, great detail. I have test driven the M3 SMG also and i thousth the car was incredible, beats the 55 overall but no way near in pace. I thought if i had the money for any car that would be the one i would take. Have to say i have never diven a porche. Think i will test drive the 996 TT though, incredible car, struck between asking for the manual or semi now though... Have you seen the new Evo, they have a review involving the Porche Ruf turbo in it, havent read it yet but it looks an feckin cool, beats the GT2 by miles;..
  25. Blower Conversions

    And burn!!!