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  1. Blower Conversions

    It looks cool, much more stripped than i thought. I bet it is a more involving ride thatn the R32 and lighter.
  2. Sound System

    Everyone is saying that the sound system is crap, so it was thinking about changing it when it comes. To do this i need to know what size the speakers are in the back, becaseu i was thinking about 6x9's. Also if i changed the front and back speakers do you think i would need to buy an amp, or will it have enought power. If i wanted a sub i would just get it preamped. I have been told that the sound system is exactly the same as the normal one in the golf so if there are any golf owners out there with the figures give us a reply... Cheers Woppum
  3. Blower Conversions

    Anything like the R32's???
  4. 2 weeks!!!

    Please post in what you think of the car, once it has been driven a bit, first impressions and that sort of stuff. Thanks Lucky Man
  5. Cost to run a ferarri??

    The turbo is basically the same, it has a incy bit less power, just nicer inside and 4 wheel drive. I know for the ultimate track enthusiast the 2 is better but for every day use why not go for 4. Anyway if you want the turbo to go faster there are many things that can be done.. The ultimate in super cars is defiatly the mericeligo (sorry about the spelling) the lambo rules!!!!
  6. Buying a late model or new S3 now??

    I think for sportiest drive and for bombing about the R32 is the way to go, if you order one now it will probably be the same wait as it would be for the 3.2 though... they are impossible to get hold of, production problem after production problem.. I recon the bosses have fell for hands and hands for feet, but then again they did weel with the car though...
  7. Cost to run a ferarri??

    The best is the 996 TT with the GT2 kit, looks feckin great!!!
  8. 2 weeks!!!

    LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY...... Bison you are going to have to post some pictures of the little baby. What colour and options have your ordered??
  9. Blower Conversions

    [ QUOTE ] I'll take some interior pix over the next few days.... [/ QUOTE ]
  10. rs4 vidseo chased by an e46 m3!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    [ QUOTE ] BMW M3 Coupe= 0-62mph in 5.2 seconds 155mph top speed (electronically restricted) Unladen Weight 1570Kg 252kw/ <font color="red"> </font> @ 7900rpms 365Nm @ 4900rpms [/ QUOTE ] The M3 is 343bhp isn't it. Still a big leap to the Audi though. The weight has to be taken under consideration, the Audi must be heavyer than the M3. I have driven the M3 and they feels bloody light. Also I bet the Avant would have more trouble on the track than the saloon, the M3 felt like it was built for the track. I was suprised that the M3 handled so well compared to the Audi considering the Audi is 4 wheel drive, i suppose the 19's on the BM helped though...
  11. Blue A4 with "S3 ???" Plate

    Yeah i dont know why they do it, anyone who knows what the badge is knows that it is i not the car, what are they tring to prove. There is someone near me who has an A3 where thy have put a sh1tty front spoiler on and then the S3 badge on the front grill. Pisses mie off. xxxx
  12. rs4 vidseo chased by an e46 m3!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How much power does the RS4 actually produce, in bhp and torque, and what is the 0-62 time? Also is that M3 the old or the new one, i get confussed with the numbers.
  13. SL55 vs. Z8

    Personally i think the 55 is incredible, if you havent already guessed, it can also outgun the Z8 by miles. did see a Z8 the other day in a showroom and it does look good. Also it is quite individual becasue there are hardly any of them about. Still choose the 55
  14. SL55 vs. Z8

    The SL is faster, better looking and offers better options than the Z8. On the other hand the problem with the 55 (for a drivers car) is that it is a tiptronic/automatic, whereas the Z8 is a manual. The Z8 is also a smaller car which makes it easier to chuck about B roads, the SL can be found too wide and heavy (2 tonnes). The will probably be more steering feel from the BM. Any other points and what would you choose if price is no option: - A full spec 55 or a full spec Z8 and why... (SORRY ONLY HAD A PIC OF THE SLR, close enough#)
  15. Just about to order, advice please.

    Chins, do you know what size the speakers are in the back, are they 6x9's becasue if the sterio is crap i would like to fit some decent ones.
  16. Just about to order, advice please.

    That car just keeps looking better and better every time i see it, i hope mine finally arrives, my present car is falling to bits.
  17. Blower Conversions

    Skybug, do you think you could post some pictures of the inside of the car, i have never seen it, please include the seats.
  18. Blower Conversions

    [ QUOTE ] In regards to your torque number, the Germans use nm's (NewtonMeters) but I can't remember the conversion. 165 sounds kinda low though Maybe it's the NA thing, cause my 150 hp 1.8T has a max torque of 210 nm's [/ QUOTE ] Yes it sounds very low, in comparison with the R32 in NM it is 320 and lbs.ft it is 236. I dont know what those figures are it must be a german thing
  19. Blower Conversions

    Skybug, out of intrest how fast is the the RSI. Like: - BHP - 0-62 - 0-100 - torque Sorry it is just i have never been able to find these figures.
  20. Blue delay!!!!

    I have just been told that there is a three week delay on the delivery time, which is six bloody weeks! I have been thinking deeply becasue i have been offered one this weekend in silver. What do you think of it in silver rather than blue. I need some opinions before i make my decsion????
  21. R32 delay information

    ooo What colour are you going to be looking at? Good choice though, i think i havent even driven one yet...
  22. R Polo

    Bloody hell is the bottom picture showing it with a 2.8, how the hell did they fit that?
  23. 2 doors or 4

    I havent seen any pictures of the 4 door yet (except a small one in a magazine). Is that not a bit strange becasue if they are on sale it's normal for people to want to see what they are buying?
  24. R32 delay information

    Colin i am starting to wish i ordered through you, i probably would have but the last time i looked at the site befroe now you were just offering TT's and S3's. I almost got an S3 from you though. Small World
  25. Blue delay!!!!

    Well at loeast your is confirmed where as mine is till provisional. I ordered mine just in january, when did you order yours?