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  1. Got it!!

    Loddrik, do you have the manual gear box or the auto? I took the auto for a test drive and it was an incredible car, would like to try the manual version. The sound is great too.
  2. Blue delay!!!!

    It looks like my grudge is with VW then, it doesent really matter I suppose it will build charicter waiting and i am sure i will instantly forgive them as soon as it arrives. Colin, out of interst is your week 20 R32 still on a provisional date or is it now confirmed?
  3. Help

    Show me the money
  4. rs4 vidseo chased by an e46 m3!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The RS4 seems to look better ever time i see it, bloody fast too!!! They were a good match.
  5. R Polo

    With the power matched with the weight and size it sounds like it will be very fast. I just hope not more so than the R32 If anyone couls make a graphical image of what this would look like it would be very interesting. xxx
  6. Blue delay!!!!

    P.S. if anyone who works for euro import reads this no offence it is just i really want my car. xxx
  7. Blue delay!!!!

  8. Blue delay!!!!

    Thats what i thought i just needed backing up. I will just be bloody happy when it finally appears. Then i can think about that bute of an AMD conversion. Sex on wheels
  9. Do you think it'd be too "Max Power"-ish....

    DRILLBOB! (If you put them in can you post some pics i really want to consider it if my R32 ever comes) xxx Drillbob
  10. Blue delay!!!!

    The colour is unique to all golfs which make even more special. The silver is very nice and the temptation is great considering i could be driving it on the weekend, but i know that if i get it i may regret it in the future. It just means that i have to accept that the golf is now on a provsional build date of week 21. I think the greatest problem is that it is still provisonal and not confirmed, which could mean the date could go back further! If any of you want my advice when buying the R32, buy through a UK dealer, they may give you a later date and a slightly higher price quote but at least they wont play you about. I have orderd mine through a company called Euro Import, and at first they gave me a privisional build date of week 16, now it is 21, it may go back more. This is now the third time they have sat my date back! *****RS!!! The main reason why i have convinced myself that i want the blue is becasue they will charge me £27,500 for the silver (full spec) which is list price, but if i wait for my full spec blue i will only pay £25,500. I suppose they know i am desperate. Never mind i will just have to grit my teeth and wait, blue rules anyway (if it ever comes).
  11. Do you think it'd be too "Max Power"-ish....

    I think the red looks a bit too ish. The blue looks good though, if i were you i would give it a try> Drillslinger, i hope you are starting to like the name Drillbob, i think it really suits you
  12. keyring's

    Hello David and welcome. I like the idea of the keyring, out of intrest would you be able to make an R32 version or would that be too difficult?
  13. 993 4S (my new car)

    How waz it. Close, not so close bear all, i want a full report by the morning. xxx
  14. Do you think it'd be too "Max Power"-ish....

    Don't worry drillbob, i think i like the idea i would consider it also on the r32, but becasue it is already blue maybe the lights may be too much. I think if you like the idea get it becasue boy racers don't get s3's, if they are spending that money they will get the WRX, but they never do they will just stick with the keved up nova's: Bigit Ya All!!!
  15. Tame Easter Pic

  16. New A3 3.2litre update

    Yes, i think that Audi will find the S3 hard to price becasue if the 3.2 is gonna be around £25k and the RS3 would be what £35ish (with decent options) the S3 will have to be somewhere in the middle which is quite a close bracket isn't it?
  17. Oh yeah.......!!!!

    R32 270. I love the ring to that.With VAT it comes to just under £1000, bit steep for me at the moment, gonna be handing in that cheque for the car in about 3 weeks hopefully, if i still want it then, i could consider just the remap and screw the amazing exahst (bolloc*ks). AMD charge £350 for the remap on the 2.8 my guess is it will be similar. Also will 30bhp make the car that much faster, and will more power and torque be avalible from lower revs. It all needs for me to take it under great consideration. I have just looked on the site and there is no more information on the development as yet. I think i will give them a bell tomorrow.
  18. Blower Conversions

    I saw that i think it is even unreged
  19. DSG

    I think with most of the importers they offer a 2 year warrenty rather than 3. I think VW Uk will be able to deal with the DSG also. Worth a phone call.
  20. Just about to order, advice please.

    I know euro import can get fast deliveries ish now
  21. New M3 or the current

    Apparently the new M3 is going to be 400bhp, but i dont't know when it is going to be brought out. Do you think it would be worth waiting or not becasue the current one is pritty fuc*ing great!
  22. Anyone else suffer from NCS?

    Don't worry, i couldnever do it.