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  1. 993 4S (my new car)

    Blue, have you ever driven the new M3. If you have, out of intrest how does that compare with the porche. It is just becasue as far as can see the carrera (not the 4) is the main rival to the M3 for driving thrills, but becasue i have never driven the porche, how does it compare.
  2. what colour is Hell Red?

    That red is cool. I think my favorate is probably that 2 tone purple that you see mostly on the tuscans.
  3. Silver S3: S4 ADE or B4 ADE in Sheffield

    He wants your blood!!!!
  4. GT2 ....1 MED

    I change my mind again, red is f***ing cool!!!!
  5. Gary Lucy (Hollyoaks) in a Silver BMW 330Ci

    If i was Garry i would splash out and get the M3. That is the best car like ever, i would sell my soul for it!!! Spooky
  6. TVR Speed 12

    I read old Wheeler did not want to sell them becasue they are just too powerful. In Evo magazine they stated that they still havent confirmed the exact power rating and the Chairman doesnt find it at all practical infact says "completely pointless as a road car" Strong words from a power hungry Sports car fanatic Article also mentioned that they had a Speed 12 on a dyno rated 1000bhp and it snapped before a complete reading was taken. Quote "I knew within 300 yards that it was a silly idea.Over 900bhp in a car weighing just over a ton is plainly ridiculous on the road. It doesnt matter what gear you are in ,you just couldnt get to use the power" "If someone comes to us and still wants to buy one I can usually talk them out of it,given time" These are the spect which i have found, sorry about the mess. xxx Year 2000 Origin Not Available Make TVR Base Price $245 000 USD Model Cerbera Speed 12 Production Not Available Engine & Transmission Body / Chassis Position Not Available Drive Wheels Front Engine Configuration V12 Curb Weight 1000 kg / 2205 lbs Valvetrain 4 valves / cyl Length 4300 mm / 169.3 in Displacement 7730 cc / 471.7 cu in Width 1960 mm / 77.2 in Power 596.6 kw / 800.0 bhp @ 7250 rpm Height 1100 mm / 43.3 in Torque 881.3 nm / 650.0 ft lbs @ 5750 rpm Wheelbase 2642 mm / 104.0 in HP / Liter 103.49 bhp per litre Body / Frame Glass Fibre HP / Curb Weight Front Brakes Vented Discs /wo ABS Front Brake Size 378 mm / 14.9 in Front Tires F 285/35ZR18 Rear Tires R 345/35ZR18 Performance Top Speed 386.2 kph / 240.0 mph 0 - 60 mph est 3.0 seconds
  7. A quick query about availability

    [ QUOTE ] From what I've been reading, R32s seem to be as rare as hens' teeth, something which I'd never even considered when looking at the car. [/ QUOTE ] What you have heard is true if you are to be ordering one to your spec. I think at the moment there is about a 5 month ish waiting list. But it is very eary and the car has not been out long. As time goes on there will be more avalible and i think they will be easier to get hold of. If you have decided that you do not want to wait, it all really depends on if you want a new one or what options you want. i saw about 3 or 4 of the cars for sale in all the colours for second hand on some website, but not full spec. If you are looking for full spec i know euro imprort have a silver one avlible to take today. As for the radio i dont have a clue, sorry.. xx Woppum
  8. Picture for Thorney - Body kitted VX220

    Thats the sh1t. But on the other hand they are starting to look abit like the dogs bolloc*s
  9. Saturday of Joy

    I am on braodband and it is so much quicker than my oriinal setup of BT Highway. I recomend it.
  10. GT2 ....1 MED

    In bllack, red calipers would look the business, maybee blue. (i think yellow sounds a bit pants)
  11. S3 agrophobia

    Aris right, if you want the best picture take my advice: - Firstly go to google. - then do a google search under pictures of 'Golf R32' - You will then find a range of pictures for this spectacular car. - save under your pictures selection - Then opt it as your own, for tyresmoke Thanks for listening. All my love xxx Woppum
  12. Anyone else suffer from NCS?

    My friend with his cooper s spends about 2 hours washing his bloody car. It takes so long becasue after he washes it if there are any soapy stains left he will rewah, rewash and then rewash. when he has finally decided he has done enough (usually the next day), he will then wax it which takes too [censored] long. While he is doing this i am left just to watch and twidle my thumbs, waiting impatiently untill we can go some place. Does any of you know if it leagal to shoot someone with this rare condition of NC [censored] S! Lol, Woppum xxx
  13. Picture for Thorney - Body kitted VX220

    try and make them even bigger, comon lets try and beat LuLu!
  14. No RSR

    I think it may have been to flash and expencive for Audi, so it does not fit in to the market. Making a mosel to compete with its brother the Lambo may not have been the best idea also because there are bot that many sales in thsi market anyway.
  15. 4/4/03

    The Sun has a review on the R32 in the motoring column. Says that it is a pocket rocket that hurts your bum?
  16. R32 vs. M3

    You may think this is a bit strange, but i have recently read that the R32 is like a smaller (yet heavyer), less powerful version of the M3. has anyone driven both and if so could you give an opinion?
  17. S3 Quickshift

    Do think you can get them for the R32?
  18. Keeping up with the S cars

    Drillbob i am not a [censored] oil burner alright, i may be in the forum but i am not, take it back or i will take you back!! Woooooooooooo, Jerry, Jerry, Jerry!
  19. Picture for Thorney - Body kitted VX220

    Bit big don't you think???
  20. 4/4/03

    Wow, look at them all!!
  21. 4/4/03

    x 100 Dont overuse the Graemlins
  22. seamen

    Again, Piss off!!
  23. 2002 M3

    I test drove one today and it was incredible. It feels alot smaller, lighter and nimbler than it looks. I was also impressed by the sound, that metalic twang sounded great but scary! It was not as fast as i expected but the way it performed was exceptional, it reved like a bitch! I drove the SMG gearbox option, and i bet the manual is alot better. After i drove the B30 and that was not a touch on the M3. It was slower, easier and boring in comparison. The M3 was the best drivers car ever and if i had the money i would buy one over anything elce i have ever driven!!!!
  24. ** Found an R32....available TODAY **

    Don't do it! Firstly the longer you wait the better it will be when it actually arrives. Secondly after the buy you are bound to feel sick that you thrugh the extra cash away. Espeshally becasue they will soon start to trickle through the system brining the prices down. If you really want it and have to wait ages, then wait to see if the price falls on the car. 3000 over list is too excessive (depending on your buget?)