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  1. No RSR

    Does anyone have any pics of the rsr from the inside?
  2. Revo S3

    What I don't understand is that, why do Audi remap cars without screwing up the warrenty, whilst at VW, the warrentty dies as soon as you even repaint your car?
  3. New M5

    Did you see the spy pics in this months AutoCar. It is going to use a 500bhp engine, sounds tasty. Do you think it will be better than the current M5, or less of a drivers car? Does anyone have any pics on what they think it will look like?
  4. AutoScout24 about the new A3

    Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blahxxx.
  5. New S3

    I think from what i have read there are no plans as yet for the new S3, there is talk about a 2.7turbo for it if it does appear. With the 3.2ltr that is not due out for ages so i doubt there will be any reviews on it of yet. There have been first reviews on the new A3 though, maybe that was it? For the full details ask either Colin or Riz S3, they seem to know it all.
  6. Keeping up with the S cars

    Silly Drillbob
  7. R32 delay information

    Ihave ordered mine through improt with a provisional build date close to the end of April. Do you think this will efect my order?
  8. New S3

    I think they will mean the newest one, i.e. 225 not 210.
  9. MG TF 160

    What does an S3 have to do with it? I would look for a second hand S2000. Went for a drive in one the other day, they are incredible cars, rev all the way to 9000rpm.
  10. How to ruin your S3/A3/Audi

    'You gonna bark all day little doggy, or are you gonna bite!? '
  11. R32 Waggon

    I don't know, the language was all in spanish, i think
  12. R32 Waggon

    Whaile i was looking for pictures of teh R32 5door found this, what do you think:
  13. Waht is this?

    Waht is this, the wheels look like audi, but i think the website (it was forign)staed this could be the passat r32? Again what do you think?
  14. www.honestjohn.co.uk/road_tests/ He thinks that the 3.2 will have 250bhp and will replace the S3. Is that right?

    What about the 3.2, does anyone know what sort of price this will be?
  16. me and my dog

    Is that supposed to be a joke. I don't think it is funny, there might be something wrong with the dog!
  17. seamen

    Piss Off
  18. How to ruin your S3/A3/Audi

    Dont't get so excited yet you still have to pay for the 200,000watt sound system with 30 subs, to listen to your drum and bass. Wicked!
  19. How to ruin your S3/A3/Audi

    This keved up Nova, Congratualtions
  20. Say it like it is my brother
  21. How to ruin your S3/A3/Audi

    I gave up with my VW dealer, i ordered it at christmans but they gave me a date of August. Feck that, 8 months. I then went to euro-import who have given me a provisonal date of the second week of May. I hope they stick to it becasue i just can't wait. It sounds the balls!!
  22. How to ruin your S3/A3/Audi

    Don't worry TonyD, give yourself another 50 odd post you will go just as barmy, when you get the the grand you go [censored] nuts!
  23. DSG

    I think with DSG the whole driving experiance may get a little boring, I can't see it bieng much of a hit. Do you rememeber the Evo VII GTA, that was a flop and i can see this bieng similar in the UK. This could be popular in places like the US whewre everyone is used to automatics, but here I recon the majority of people want the manual.