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  1. No RSR

    Knowing Audi it will be a great car and with those looks and that engine, it will better the competition.
  2. How to ruin your S3/A3/Audi

    Don't worry only joshing, i am a bigger man (trust) than to get angry about something as petty as that. xxx
  3. DSG

    Never seen anything better mate, manual anyday though.
  4. How to ruin your S3/A3/Audi

    Well I am a member and proud
  5. No RSR

    I think i prefur it, the RSR is great looking but a bit flash for me. The Nuvolari hits the spot
  6. How to ruin your S3/A3/Audi

    Drillbob, don't get cock or you may turn in to one of these!
  7. No RSR

    Sorry, you are right, well spotted, well here is the correct image:
  8. How to ruin your S3/A3/Audi

    I thought i was good when i made the 100 mark, thanks for ruining it with your thou!!! Cheers mate!
  9. No RSR

    Yeah mate whimpy, i reon it will still make the 60 sprint in sub 5 secs with 450, the 600 should be f***ing fast!!! Hers a pic of the RSR, you probably already have lods but anyway:
  10. No RSR

    Yeah, no RSR but the Nuvolari Quattro sounds amazing. You get a good choice of engines, starting with the 450bhp biturbo from the RS6. The best engine will be the one form the new baby lambo but with the brake upped from 5 to 600bhp. Comon that sounds good. It is also set to be practicle fitting at least 2 in the back, sounds good to me...
  11. How to ruin your S3/A3/Audi

    Heard it all before. xxx
  12. How to ruin your S3/A3/Audi

    Not funny Drillbob!!! Just realised, sorry no offence 'Teejoo'.
  13. How to ruin your S3/A3/Audi

    What the hell is a teejoo?
  14. They are good at my garage. they clean the car inside and out. They even put a little air freshener in it, how sweet,
  15. How to ruin your S3/A3/Audi

    Oi, that is my car!!!!

    http://www.webcg.net/WEBCG/webcg_news/0917m/020917_n_vw1_m.asx Need windows media player

  18. http://www.vf-engineering.com/vw_r32.htm
  19. DSG

    Actually don't worry, i think the TT was already moving when the R32 started, they were not racing.
  20. DSG

    Here is a video showing the car using DSG, i think i will stick to manual. http://www.gute-fahrt.de/gf/video/R32DSGgross.html I can't belive it got shat on by the TT, i recon the bloke was just a sh1t driver! Anyway here is a picture of the car with DSG

    This is what auto express thinks audi will do with their range: "When the new A3 range goes on sale in spring 2004, petrol versions will use the current 100bhp 1.6-litre and 150bhp 2.0 FSI. Diesels will have either a 100bhp 1.9 TDI Pumpe Düse engine or a new 2.0-litre 16v unit developing 135bhp. The performance flagship will initially use a de-tuned version of the Golf R32's 3.2 V6 engine, developing 215bhp. The R32's 240bhp unit will appear in the three-door-only S3, while 2005 will see the introduction of an RS3 Avant model, powered by a twin-turbo version of the V6 engine and kicking out 280bhp." Lots of bollocks out but what is true?
  22. SL55 vs. Z8

    So, you still prefur the Z8 to the SL55?
  23. DSG

    Heres a picture of teh DSG. xxx
  24. SL55 vs. PORCHE 996 TURBO

    Look yeah, when push comes to shove i would take the turbo, but not becasue the other car is a merc or becasue of the so called GAY image which goes with the car. The porche would be more of a drivers car and it is younger. Bieng a young guy, i would choose the porche. But what you have to admit is that the merc is an exceptionally good car and that there is alot of people out there who would choose the merc becasue to be honest it is a better looking. I am also not contadicting myself becasue all i have been saying is that the SL is a great car, which it is and there are very practicle reasons why it could be perseived as better.
  25. Well the company e.g. www.mini.com states: "With 163 bhp, 210 Nm torque and 0-62 mph in a mere 7.4 seconds, the engine of the MINI Cooper S certainly has an advantage in numbers. Thanks to the supercharger with intercooler, the power kicks in exactly when you want it. What with the grizzly engine sound too, the message from MINI Cooper S to its drivers is crystal clear: get ready for an adventure!" This does state that is it is good and fun to drive but it does not say that it does the 0-62 in 6.8/9secs. Let me tell you again, i like mini's but it just would not beet an r32. xxx