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  1. R32 VS. CURRENT S3 (225)

    If you want the R32 to go any quicker it can just be remapped
  2. R32 Resale Value?

    How much do you think the the Alpha GTA will devalue by in comparison?
  3. UK delivery Time??

    Colin, out of intrest how much are they with all the options, 3 door and what is the delivery time?
  4. My mate has a cooper s, he loves it but he says bollocks that it does 0-60 in 6.8, 6.9, he recons about 7.4. We all love mini's but there is no point comparing it with an R32, there is just no comparison. xxx
  5. New S3 confirmed!

    Apart from the last S8, all of the S's/RS's have used turbos though, what makes you think they will change to NA? And what would they use the same 3.2?
  6. R32 VS. CURRENT S3 (225)

    Good answer I agree, and definatly about the sound system, Chins describes the Golfs as [censored]. I think the Golf has a younger image, the S3 seems that bit posher, great car but in the end i chose the golf. xxx
  7. "It would take in a 1/4 mile about 14.4 in a regular run with a bad reaction time". I believe that the cooper S can be fast when tunned but 14.4 secs on the quater mile sounds very fast considering the cooper S works does 0-100 in 17.2 secs according to Autocar. The Works is 200bhp does 0-60 in 6.8, Hartage 210bhp, 0-60 6.6... Possibly the Hartage will stand a chance, depending on the top end, on a dry track against the R32 but in the wet, no chance. I don't belive for a second that a hartage can beat the focus RS in the dry.
  8. R32 VS. CURRENT S3 (225)

    Is the at becasue you are biased Riz S3. Please at least back yourself up, it it the looks or what elce? I don't see what is not to like;
  9. New S3 confirmed!

    I don't see why they won't do the s3, they do an s for all the other ranges, excpet 2 and 8 (the new one). Espeshally considering the market for hot hatches is growing.
  10. New S3 confirmed!

    Colin, what price do you think that the S3 will be, and do you recon an rs3 will be brought out? Also how fast. xxx
  11. please give me some help here

    for all wheel drivve you can get one of the new 4matic s-classes. (up to 500), i would rob a bank skip it and go for the 500bhp monster of the 600!!! Powerful merc lover, woppum! xxx
  12. New S3 confirmed!

    i' alright golf r32 in the mean time. xxx
  13. SL55 vs. PORCHE 996 TURBO

    Blue, what hapopens when you ask a girl what they think of an Evo, they say, 'Boyracer', a porche is more discreet but it is still more racey looking than the SL. The SL is a designers car, it is a car a girl would be interested in, it is fuc*king good looking, the only problem is what you said about the gay thing, but then it all depends on the driver.
  14. SL55 vs. Z8

    Firstly girls do not know if it is a gay car or not, they just see it next to the 360 (even a spider) and think that it is the sexiest car they have ever seen espeshally with that bloke in it becasue i am also a sex bomb, you would have to be like a superstar to make a girl want you more in a 360. P.S. the 360 spider in red is fuc*ing georgious xxx ; but people may think it is a bit flashy?
  15. Lack of drivng feel?

    Is this true becasue in most magazines they seem to say the car is great but suffers from very little feedback. R32 drivers is this true? If any of hou have drien an S3 what is it like in comparison?
  16. Barry this mini sounds cheeky, but it is not a cooper S, works or hartage is it?? Is it even a mini??
  17. New S3 confirmed!

    What sort of power do you think that wil;l develop, must be around 300bhp!!!
  18. SL55 vs. PORCHE 996 TURBO

    Blue, have you ever driven a porche turbo or a sl55? I have driven the sl but not the porche, i have have been in one but not driven it. the way i see it is that the porche on one hand is the ultimate in b road storming. it can handle very well due to its 4wd and big tyres. it is also very light so it can be flung about. the sl on the pther hand is just as fast in a straight line (give or take), but not as quick on the b roads. it is tiptronic so it is sporty, but heavy so it ca't be flung around as much. If i was a bird i would find the sl alot sexier than the porche, she doesent know how many horses it has or what the car can do, she will go for looks and comfort. so as a conclusion, all round the merc is better, except on the b roads.
  19. Wooow Salvi, i think you may be going one step too far here, i agree that i was wrong to mention the sti, but the mini would not stand a chance against the R32 with 240bhp, and 4-wheel drive traction. On Top Gear when the Sticg drove the Focus RS it ended up 4 secs fater on the lap than the impreza wrx, the R32 was only 1 second slower than the Rs and 3 secs faster than the impreza. With 3.2 litres naturally aspirated, there is no turbo lag, so the second you toch the accelerater lift off. this will have be a huge benifit for the r32 the pull out of the corners. No chance mate, sorry xxx
  20. SL55 vs. Z8

    Ari is right!!! Today i had the chance to drive a 360, and to me it was not as nice as the sl55. If i got the choice of the two i would choose the 55. And image is not everything. It is a car which is an incredible pulling machine, and its great to drive. IMAGE IS NOT EVERYTHING and it is old fashioned to steriotype one model just because of the majority of the range. the only problem i have with it is the width and the weight
  21. Do the hartage it is 10bhp more than the 200bhp works, and here it is only £1495. Look when i said how do you think it would do agianst a focus rs or a r32, i was just interested becasue you said, " I've beat already a RX7 with exhaust system and a Camaro Z28 that brings stock 310hp a VW GTI 1.8T 180hp, A Jetta GLI that has 200bhp" I just thought if you can beat a 310bhp car then you may have a chance about one of my two suggestions, but obiously not!? (P.S. i don't understand myself why i put the STI, i must have been pissed)
  22. I agree it is a nice fun car which is better than any other car of that size and price (except for the works S, it may be considered over priced compared with the harage) If i was choosing i would choose a mini, handles like a go-kart (except with front wheel drive) My only problem with it is the inside, i think it is nice on the outside, but the inside is a bit placky.
  23. So salvi; what sort of chance do you think it would have on a track against a focus rs, golf r32 or wrx sti, Or is it not fair to make that comparison, without arguing? (don't get me wrong my best mate has a cooper, they are great fun cars)
  24. Not one vintage VW is better than the R32!!!!

    True, True; Want a bud???
  25. SL55 vs. PORCHE 996 TURBO

    OK then, what if it uses a merc amg engine like the Pagani Zonda. IF pagani made a cheaper, smaller (better looking) model to copete with the 911 Turbo, would you consider, or a are you hust a brand junkie that would choose a Rolls over a Maybach???