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  1. SL55 vs. Z8

    You can hate the brand as much as you like, but the fact is that they have the majority of market share for all of their car models in comparison with BM with the exception of the 3-series. The only two BM's which i have serious love for are the M3 and the M5. But then again i have tried the 55 engine and that with a combination with the E-class may be enough to put me off the M5. The M3 is incredible in every way, but have you read the new Autocar, they show the new slk and they say they will put a 55 engine in it. that would be a similar price to the M3 (my guess is) and that may drive me away. Having said that both the M3 and the M5 are due for replacement soon and they are said to be gaining a 400bhp for the M3 and a 500bhp for the M5, if they keep their great driving feel/looks/gearbox, then yes merc have no chance.
  2. Not one vintage VW is better than the R32!!!!

    I uderstand what you are all saying (except the butt boys). When i said better i just meant: - faster - nicer looking - comfortable - sportier - sounding - etc. I understand the old GTI is an icon but Clarkson was not really right to comapare the two in the first place becasue they are so differant, like the new and old mini.
  3. Lack of drivng feel?

    Also apparently torque steer is not the same as driving feel. For me R32 anyday.
  4. Photoshopped RS3

    Love the front grill, probably right about the wheel arches.
  5. Lack of drivng feel?

    That review was amazing. I just don't understand why evo hate the focus rs so much when all the other mags seem to vote it as the ultimate hot hatch, (e.g. Top Gear & Autocar)
  6. Found a great Golf/R32 site!!

    Drillslinger; i think it may be a joke???
  7. SL55 vs. PORCHE 996 TURBO

    [ QUOTE ] no matter how powerfull it is, the general view will always stay with the MB image mate i'm not denying they built top motors, the image will always stay the same [/ QUOTE ] In that case please explain the immage of this car:
  8. DSG

    I don't know about the current R32, but when the next generation golf is brought out, they have said they will probably do a 250bhp R32 using the same DSG as the new TT..
  9. SL55 vs. PORCHE 996 TURBO

    [ QUOTE ] the MB will always be an MB!!!! no character!! for lazy old ppl or very old woman!!! [/ QUOTE ] Waht about the SLR, is that for old people and women, and if so can they handle 612bhp of bute!!!
  10. It's here !

    Sorry Lagoo!#
  11. I AM A NEWBIE!!!!

    I just thought that i would tell you that since i have joined in 14/3/03 (12 days), i have made 25 posts and i am now a newbie(!?). I thought i would tell this forum becasue you are the most interesting considering you all love the R32. xxx
  12. Bora R

    Surly the Bora R will be the VW rival to the S4 considering it is smaller than the passat, or am i confusing myself???
  13. Old 911 Turbo

    I wish they made the same 911 Turbo shape like they did 12 years ago with the flared wheel arches and the big spoiler. The closest thing they have to it now is the GT2, but it just is not the same. They should make a retro shape, but with all the new luxuaries of the current proche. Reply if ayone wants to join in the with the pertishion.
  14. should I get the 2001 A8L?? Help

    I am afriad i am going to be no help, but the best car in this catagory is teh merc s600 bi-turbo. It is just so fu*cking quick (500bhp). It is also so much better to drive becasue: - It is firmer, which gives a more solid feel whcih gives you confidence when driving. - The steering is weightier - It feels faster than an M5 and Arnarge T, SL55, and it is!! - 0-60 in 4.6 secs!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Photoshopped S3

    How the hell did you paste and cut that???? Chhers for the pics by the way they sre al making good desktops. xxx
  16. Photoshopped S3

    can not be as bad as this
  17. It's here !

    AUTOCAR gave the Works S an amazing report. "It's so rapid in the intermediate gears that even a well driven 911 would now have dificulty putting clean air between itself and a Works S on a decent twisty road". The only problem is the price of £18,000, espeshally when you can buy the 210bhp (10bhp more than the works) Hartage engine tuing package from Birds for only £1,495 +vat. P.S. the number for Birds is 01895 810850 www.birds.uk.com
  18. Photoshopped S3

    If you are going to attempt the RS3, then can you do me a favour and try to do the new golf in r32 form. xxx WOPPUM
  19. Yeah, it is nice to drive but it is just too small and tacky inside and out for me. My best mate has a cooper and his only complaint is that it does nothave enough poke. He wishes he bought the cooper S, but i wish he bough the works or harrtage, then at least he MAY have a chance against me in a R32! Then again the cooper s works cost £18,000, if iwas going to spend that sort of money iw ould prefur to spend the extra grand and get the ultimate driving hatchback (apart form the r32) the focus rs. what would you prefur the focus rs or the works cooper s
  20. All political cartoons

    Lots of Sadam and Bin Laden!!!! www.madblast.com/politics.cfm

    I just got back from France where i saw a Cayenne Turbo. I was suprised becasue i thought it was going to be [censored] ugly. It actullay looked good. I 5thought the combination of moderate looks and the beat 4x4 engine in the market (unless maserati make a 4x4), make i the best in that catagory. Much better than an ugly posh faggot range rover, and even better than a 4.6 X5. I think it can only be beaten by the RS6, but it is in a slightly differnat league.
  22. Photoshopped S3

    Is that supposed to be the new S3, it looks [censored] great. i have to say that the front spoiler looks remarkably like the golf r32's!#
  23. Found a great Golf/R32 site!!

    Arsehole, i got all excited, then you [censored] me! xxx
  24. Golf R32 Takes To The Track In UK

    i made bad!!!
  25. It is now an officail racer!!! www.motorsportvortex.com/artman/publish/printer_2073.shtml Still the best Edit - URL Fixed