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  1. My RS Update

    Unfortunately on the whole they drive with an unrivalled edge, the brand is wrong like no other and if you buy the right piece in recent years values are protected. I can't see the demand deminiahing, if anything sadly it make certain people want them more. Luckily they let me buy the best car they have made in recent times for me, the Speciale.
  2. My RS Update

    They are happy to sell to 70 year olds to put in their collections at the end of their buying career rather than the longevity. The tdf is nice but I don't loose sleep over it. Apparently an awkward handler and a big old car. I had a look around one the other day
  3. My RS Update

    Ferrari... My a Accountant would. E fairly happy me virtually doubling my money
  4. My RS Update

    I'm not allowed a tdf. Let's keep it tbc for the time being
  5. My RS Update

    It's a bit embarrassing really but it's nice to see the appreciation for such a lot of people's hard work
  6. My RS Update

    Thanks for kind words chaps. I'm so pleased it worked!
  7. My RS Update

    Haha been busy driving 200 miles and counting. On IG if you go to pictures of me, not the ones I have uploaded myself there are some good shots people have taken of it while it's on the move. My pictures are sadly too big to post on here so I'll just keep updating my IG... I have so many pictures. I am off to Austria for detox on Thursday for a week and a half. I will have some time then to get my thoughts together. I keep comparing it to the Speciale, which I think is the right thing to do. After Austria I'm in the US on business for 10 days. There are two last modifications left before the car is complete. One will get done while I'm away, the other will get done once the car is full run in and been used hard on track a couple of times. Keeping under 5k revs is such a pain but it's still pretty quick. I'm not sure I will manage that for 4K km though! Glad you all like it anyway, it's turned out way better than expected. Awesome experience and what a car!
  8. My RS Update

    Me too! Want to use it as much as possible this wk end
  9. My RS Update

    Friday! Car is ready and paid for, being road tested tomorrow!
  10. It just got serious

    Picked this up last night. Whole new world of epic, seriously! I plan to do some good mileage this weekend and will review as soon as I have collated my thoughts ! *sorry for shitty pics not had time to take proper ones.
  11. It just got serious

    I gave them a weeks extension. Got to be perfect!
  12. It just got serious

    Just over a week until collection
  13. My RS Update

    I'm sure my main man at guildford will want to pop along, my designer will come with me and maybe a few friends and everyone who has been involved in the project will all be signing the car under the bonnet!
  14. My RS Update

    Everything will be wrapped. Over the next two weeks you will see the extent of the work. I made a bit of a big decision last week and I'm waiting for the revised bill for it. In any case here are today's pics, no stickers on these parts!
  15. My RS Update

    Under 2 weeks and counting
  16. My RS Update

    Yup now needs to be stripped back and painted again. Just need to approve the new metallic black and silver painted on a Worrange bonnet before they can start. They are driving it up for approval at my office
  17. My RS Update

    Wow that is close. The designer is not employed to tell me what I like at all. The designers role is to translate my vision to cad, then scale, then help implliment the best way.
  18. My RS Update

    Well it will be seen a lot in London. I have spa booked second week of April so will need to be my daily run around as I need 1800 miles on it before I can take it on track!
  19. My RS Update

    Yes ?
  20. My RS Update

    The car is called Wopsy as the plate is W10PSY. I thought if it all went Pete tong it would be a little ironic... Anyway some pics:
  21. My RS Update

    I have loads of pics on my IG now, have a look
  22. My RS Update

    apparently that one is painted but it is a mock up. I'm not quite sure how man we are testing today, I requested 2 but I think my designer has asked for some other options too. I will fill you all in more later. I am about the leave the office to go and see the car!
  23. My RS Update

    It certainly is!
  24. My RS Update

    Yes - Porsche GB are doing all the work. They have done an unbelievable job. Tomorrow is the big day. Car will be orange, drivable and ready to put a few livery options onLoads of pics, vid on my IG but:
  25. My RS Update

    I turned down the only Huayra BC for Europe a few months ago. Pags not my thing, they all overpriced and old hat.