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  1. My RS Update

    He will not do any more new zondas. The only way to do one and pay for the latest upgrade and spec. I got offered a zonda f not long ago, would be well over £2m to make right and would still have the worlds shittest infotainment system. To be totally honest I love the collection I have, each one makes me smile. When I go to bed at night an have car dreams I am not driving other people's cars but my own. I am trying to get a TDF but it's virtually certain that I won't. I would love the 911R but I think that's a slim chance. My idea may be an impossibility. Either way I'm a happy chappie!
  2. My RS Update

    Reading back I sounded more flippant than I actually am. If someone offered me such a juicy price for one of my cars I would have to think very carefully. Anyway. GTSnow day today!
  3. My RS Update

    Haha I zonda has crossed my mind but they are very antiquated by today's standards and looking after them or indeed upgrading them seems to be a massive pain. Plus for course they are now 4-5 times the price they were when new!
  4. My RS Update

    It does and to be honest that was one of the main reasons why I bought the GTO, I thought relatively it was cheap. Then the price went up and I fell for it so what does it matter now..
  5. My RS Update

    Viability as in will this manufacturer in question make one for me!
  6. My RS Update

    F1 is £10m plus now, I'd be in at list price but we are a long way from that! Out of your list CGT is the only real possibility.... However I have a crazy idea for the next project but need to understand its viability.
  7. My RS Update

    Yes, love it, so automotive
  8. My RS Update

    Best place to look is on my Instagram page. There are hundreds of them. Check the link in the bio
  9. My RS Update

    The fat lady not sung yet, still a lot to do!
  10. My RS Update

    And a happy chappy!
  11. My RS Update

    Sure Thought you may be interested in an update. There are literally hundreds of shots now so I will just show you a cross section:
  12. My RS Update

    I actually keep them all in my secure underground car park below my flat in London. Over the last year I have been slowly renting extra spaces. Looking to move in the next two year to a bigger flat. Part of the negation on the property is getting to 4 dedicated parking spaces, all with their own electricity supply. Over the next year or two if I take on more cars which is a strong possibility I will have sort a secure storage unit close by to start hoarding. The idea would be a storage service that can drop off and pick up the cars with notice so I am prepared for the weekend. I have a plan!
  13. My RS Update

    GF Williams actually did some great shots of all the cars in the summer but yes can't wait to get my hands on this filthy machine!
  14. My RS Update

    The designs I have shown are the ones my designer have put together for me. They are being made in to vinal as we speak ready to be put in when the car is painted in Jan. Then they will be painted on
  15. My RS Update

    Hi matey - thanks for the kind offer but I'm sure I will find a way to run her in before Spa... Even if I have to stay up a few nights! A geometry is basically fine tuning the rake, toe and camber of the cars wheels. A road geo isuasually fairly safe when you push it, a bitundersteery plus when you drive a car hard you just burn the outer edge of the tyre. I like something more pointy and gives even wear across the tyres. Speciale is an easy fix. The 918, turbo s and RS all have rear wheel steer and no one dares try anything except factory settings. That said I was amazed how evenly my 918 chomped its rubber... Seems they are pretty good out the box.
  16. My RS Update

    Hey Scotty - yes IG has proven to be the easiest channel to push my passion! To answer your question the cars are in and out of Porsche/Ferrari the whole time. Speciale has gone through 2 geos, 5 Sets of tyres, a wheel hub and a set of pads this year. Ceramic disks were 20% worn all round a trackday or two ago. That's something over 6k miles since end October last year when I collected the car. Had the oil changed 3 times in that time. 918 has just munched its first set of tyres after 2 trackdays and 5.7k miles, two were down to the canvas (since end June). Had the oil changed 3 times in that time. It's been back to Reading (PSO, the only guys allowed to touch the car in UK) 4 times, every time it gets checked over to make sure it's ok. Because us 918 owners to some extent are all g pigs there are a fair amount of updates that need to be doing regularly to the car. They are always tweaking this that or the other. So they send a truck to pick the car up do the update and send it back. I tend to tie in anything not urgent with those so 'my precious' isn't gone too long. The turbo s I have used on track a couple of times but only on wet days so that car has wanted nothing, not even a drop of oil, 8k miles and tyres got loads of life in them. GTO has had a set of tyres and pads this year but I've only done about 2k miles in it so that was really an inherited position over the last owner. The car has actually been with Ferrari for the last 4 months because the front air bags keep turning themselves off. There is a gremlin in there somewhere and they have been slow to fix. I haven't been rushing as its been free storage while the car has been luckily appreciating in value. Will be very interesting how much the RS costs to track compared to the Speciale. I'm guessing a lot less. Pads and consumables are eye watering in the specialie. I want this to be my fave track car because it has the roll cage and harnesses. As it stands the 918 is my fave car road and track. It's an unbelievable machine but it really has taken a trip to France and a couple of trackdays to really fully understand what it's all about. For Xmas I'm treating it to a new suede steering wheel, the valves unplugged in the exhaust (first in the world to try this mod!) and of course it's new tyres and a check up. Looking forward to hearing how she sounds when I get back!
  17. My RS Update

    And some more
  18. My RS Update

    And some more......
  19. My RS Update

    And some more......
  20. The Hyper Car Test

    Really enjoyed that
  21. Wopps @ Snetterton

    Thanks matey have indeed ! Time to get back to work though...
  22. Wopps @ Snetterton

    I have been staying in St Tropez but driving all over the place
  23. Wopps @ Snetterton

    My spaz gets its arse kicked on track days and honestly has never missed a beat. In fact I don't know of anyone's that has. Bit concerned about this Porsche now tbh...but I won't cancel lol !
  24. Wopps @ Snetterton

    Apparently oil leaked (from somewhere) and caught fire when it touched the red hot exhaust.... No news on where the oil came from or what Porsche are doing about it!
  25. Wopps @ Snetterton

    Yes they are the ones ! I haven't heard anything regarding further delays yet. After all the fiasco with the 991 gt3 engine issues these two cases were surprising.