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    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] ( I think this is an Audi ) [/ QUOTE ] with SMG... BMW M3 I believe [/ QUOTE ]
  2. Robin's Pioneer Gizmo

    thanks for that Red... the latest Pioneer DVD NAV unit the AVIC-X1BT ( is up for £1495 here and i think that's what i may go with, along with some model specific aftermarket speakers from Pioneer to. I'm not a boy racer but for the quality sound i may go for a (not too loud) active sub in the back... i still have to get the car though...
  3. Robin's Pioneer Gizmo

    [ QUOTE ] I ordered my GTI without satnav, then had a change of heart and tried to get the order changed. Stealer said no, the build was planned and Germany would not budge. Fair enough, their loss I was only trying to give them £1,500 or so ... Have done extensive research on finding a double-din Satnav that won't look like a Halfrods after-market managers-special. Have found this one - might be of interest to others in the same position (i.e. lost): Er .... its basically this one with the optional Satnav gubbin ... [/ QUOTE ] hey rob... problem i have with pioneer is that their iPod module is apparently shockingly bad to use, unlike the alpine, which provides access to the music on the iPod through the 'glide wheel'. All reviews on the Pioneer interface are pretty terrible...
  4. Aftermarket ICE

    i just wondered whether you'll need spacers to fill out the gap left by a single DIN unit... i'll have to look at pics of the interior again to refresh my memory
  5. Aftermarket ICE

    can aftermarket head units be installed in the GTi? does anyone here have an aftermarket HU? if so, could we have a look at the pictures? thanks
  6. iPod Connector

    excellent. thanks for that. I now know the spec for sure. Manual, 5dr, Black metallic, 18" Monzas, Xenon, Armrest & iPod connector... oh baby... no i just have to have a bite on my RS from a willing buyer. Used car market is poo for selling...
  7. Now she's run in - a DSG question

    so glad i'm speccing manual...
  8. Polish Bliss - Car Care Guides

    guys... go to... amazing stuff!
  9. Manual vs DSG

    Yep, this is definitely a horses for courses type situation isn't it. It would be my only car and i would definitely miss the manual. Granted, I know that in heavy traffic i'll be rueing my decision and eating myself up inside, but, again, every time i bang home the perfect third to second downshift while hard on the brakes and pointing the nose at the apex before hammering it (left foot braking if i get a little carried away) out of the corner and into the next sweet turn i'll be patting myself on the back for keeping in touch with that essential part of driving satisfaction...
  10. POLL on Wheels, Gearbox, Trim etc

    [ QUOTE ] I'm suprised 3dr/5dr is 50/50. Obviously many people ordered the 5dr for practical reasons, but on looks alone surely the preferred option would be 3dr. No? Oh well...! Also, amazed to see that Steel Grey is in 3rd place - I've only seen one in that colour! Oh and good to see that 1/3 of us are happy to admit we prefer the 17's... without considering budget or anything! [/ QUOTE ] funny that cos all my cars have been three doors and, limited though my reasons for speccing a 5dr Gti are, i felt the car looked (in black (metallic)) better than the 3 dr. There's no accounting for taste is there...
  11. Love my GTI...

    took mt RS to the dealer (he's selling it for me, see what i can get for it) and the schmuck who was given the job of washing it should be shot. I took the RS back for the weekend and felt like crying when i saw what he'd done to the paint i had so lovingly cared for for two years! bastard! i called the dealer and have instructed him not to allow the monkey or any of the other fecking usual suspects near my car with a sponge, much less some polish, on pain of death. I've also told him that when the car arrives i don't want it valeted pre-delivery.
  12. Manual vs DSG

    I think i may be putting the cat in amongst the pigeons with this one. I today test drove a mate's Audi 3.2 V6 Quattro (good mate) cos he has DSG and i can't get a test drive in a GTi here in Gib. I liked it, but don't think i'll be going for it in mine, even if it does improve (marginally) the benchmark (unrealistic) 0-60 run. I'll be happier to be able to continue to use my heel and toe technique (which i have been mastering over the last two years in my RS) as well as having the satisfaction of achieving the perfect down shift every time and spend my £1,300 on Xenons and 18s. What do you guys think? cos i know this post will go crazy!
  13. 17s or 18s

    Well, i didn't think this post would be quite so controversial. Its certainly an active forum...
  14. rowley, what iPod kit have you got?
  15. 17s or 18s

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] ....Absolutely! . Who wants an essay written on the back of their car? It's been very consciously considered....To the point where "GTI" is the brand rather than "Golf". And it's a brand to be proud of. [/ QUOTE ] Shame no-one has a clue what GTI actually stands for! [/ QUOTE ] Gran Turismo Injection isn't it? or Grand Tourer Injection in English...