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  1. 1997 A6 *C5* Quattro headlamps question

    The brand new hella lamp turned up today, identical to my original lamps. Next thing will be, what's the easiest way to replace them? Bumper off?
  2. 1997 A6 *C5* Quattro headlamps question

    Thanks. Looks like the design changed in 99 So the headlamps should fit, but the internal are all different. The other one I bought, a brand new lamp, is the same as my 97 design.
  3. Hi All My lenses on both headlamps are opaque, and I've bought an HID kit to give the car some extra light at night time. I bought a couple of headlamps off eBay, and the first one that turned up, a second hand item, is a different style to the one on the car. The (halogen) Quattro lamp units on the car, have a series of dots surrounding the circular lense (chrome surround), and the indicator bulb is exposed. The halogen lamp unit that turned up today, has no dots on the lense surround, and there is a reflector infront of the orange indicator bulb. The side lamp bulb is also in a different position. It's a Hella unit. I'm thinking now to just replace the lense as thats mint. But it depends on what the second lamp looks like when it arrives. If they both share the same internals, I'll use them. They were both advertised as 97-00 for the year, so can someone tell me if there was a facelift at any point, or does the Quattro have different lamps to other models (which I doubt) TIA Graham Existing lamp on the car Replacement unit
  4. Found the connector, its at the foot of the steering column, housed in the plastic dashboard cover. Turbo scoop gives it a side nice profile :D
  5. Picked up my 2008 Diesel Boxer last week, and I'm damned if I can find the ODBii connector to allow me to plug in my ScanguageII device. Anyone know where its hidden?
  6. [ QUOTE ] it's had new brake discs and pads all round about 1000 miles ago [/ QUOTE ] Why? I'd be very suspicious of the real milage if the brake discs and pads needed to be changed in 6000 miles from new. Has the car been hammered for 6000 miles?
  7. Had the unenviable task of chaning the rear brakes yesterday, and had to buy one of those piston rewinders, which screws the piston back in to the caliper. I couldn't actually get the piston back in to the body without undoing the bleed nipple to allow the fluid somewhere to go. Is this typical, I'd expected the fluid to return to the reservoir, but she wasn't budging a single mm till I undid the nipples, both sides were the same too. The pads were down to approx 4mm so the pistons were right out. All reassembled, the car stops on a sixpence again, and the sponge doesn't feel spongy at all.
  8. a8 re map

    Stick a Diesel Power Tuning module on it. It should fly then.
  9. A6 TCA Ball Joint thread

    Yes, twas M12x1.5 Part nos N908 484 01 £1.59 each
  10. MOT Test on Quattro drive train

    My MOT tester always places an electronic gizmo on the passenger footwell, then has a quick blast up and down the car park, to test the brakes. He quite enjoys it! The brake testing machines at MOT stations, would need an additional set of rollers, to allow all four wheels to be turned at the same time. And the second set of rollers would need to be adjustable to take in to account the wheelbase of the car. = very expensive. So most MOT testers instead, take the car out for a quick test ie roadtest. AND... My MOT test station has just bought all new test equipment, and not only does the brake tester test the brakes, it also weighs the car, and tests the shock absorbers. So if you have adjustable dampers, you can now get them setup identically, if you speak to your MOT tester nicely.
  11. A6 TCA Ball Joint thread

    Changed the NSF TCA this morning, after an MOT Failure on worn ball joints. The nut that held the bottom ball joint in place was trashed whilst getting the arm off (siezed to the thread). Anyone know what the thread is of the ball joint shaft? I reckon it could be M12x1.5 but I'm not too sure. For some reason, Audi dont supply nuts with the arms, despite the £99.80 price tag. (each) I've to do the OSF on Friday when the part comes in, but if I dont replace the nut, I cant drive the car until then.
  12. S6 Fuel Consumption

    Park and Ride. The salvation of Audi UK. Just take 6 of the injector leads off to leave 4cyls running. It may be a tad lumpy, but think of the economy.
  13. S6 Fuel Consumption

    10mpg average around town. OMG, I'd walk away if I were you.
  14. My A6 is now 10 years old, still on original shocks and springs, and I'd like to change for new items. Has anyone done this before? Can anyone recommend a make/model of damper/spring? I'm not looking to lower the car as I tow with it and dont want to scrape the jockey wheel over speed ramps. TIA Graham
  15. Flooded

    [ QUOTE ] I'm thinking the fact that there's a drain hole there is a clue [/ QUOTE ] Smart alec!