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  1. RS6 cambelt change and other questions

    [ QUOTE ] Do you have their mobile number? [/ QUOTE ] Now I'm lost, can you explain please, after all
  2. S4 Cab Manual v Auto

    What I find good about the S4 tip is that when you use the tip mode when the car is in drive then you have 6 gears but when you use it in sport mode you have 5 and much more responce
  3. RS6 cambelt change and other questions

    [ QUOTE ] Thanks. Was or is? [/ QUOTE ] If you mean was or is still for sale then I'm not sure if the ba$tards that stole it have it sold yet or not
  4. S4 Cab Manual v Auto

    I've got both and love the tip in town and manual in the country If I had to go for one then it would be........ tip ............thinking about it, it would be manual
  5. Even if it doesn't work out ..thanks

    If you drive a 750iL then your fuel bill will go down for sure Welcome to TSN
  6. Anyone know where to get full bumper re-spray

    I use a guy out in Earlswood, doesn't look the best paint shop in the would but he is very very good at his job. He has done stuff for me in the past including bumpers and even with laying down on the ground I could not see any spots where he didn't get it spot on. I can PM you his number if you want
  7. R8 Billboards in London

    [ QUOTE ] TT was a good example...sold out prior to official launch...R8 wait is two years now... [/ QUOTE ] I bet I could bring you into a dealer today and within an hour come out with a delivery this year
  8. RS6 cambelt change and other questions

    I'd be looking for a lot off of the 33k for a start I was going to sell my plus for not a lot more than that and it's on a 54 plate although on something different now I'd say
  9. Bugatti Veyron - Smashed up

    Pitty they don't get their storys right, it wasn't the drivers fault and it wasn't rented
  10. rear lip spoiler

    [ QUOTE ] That looks just right on youor car Will, Happy Birthday [/ QUOTE ] Cheers
  11. rear lip spoiler

    Bought it from a BMW dealer, it's from the last generation M5(the V8 one)
  12. brake upgrade

    [ QUOTE ] for those of you who have uprated your brakes on A8s did you feel a massive difference over your standard brembo stoppers? [/ QUOTE ] A8's don't have brembo brakes
  13. New Brakes

    [ QUOTE ] Talking of S4 brakes - Does anyone know how much the new 2007 S4 brake calipers cost (painted with S4 logo on)? [/ QUOTE ] I'm selling mine I think
  14. rear lip spoiler

    No not at all I did it