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  1. Apple iPhone's 32gb

    3GS now SOLD!
  2. I have two iPhones for sale; Brand new 3GS 32GB Black, only two weeks old, replaced in the apple shop. Complete with box, charger etc Unmarked. £200 delivered ono 6 Month old iPhone 4 32GB Black, two tiny little marks top right corner, and bottom left - can't be seen -always had a cover on, will get pics up. Complete with charger £400 delivered Ono Both phones will be sent special delivery, and will be available 14th
  3. Thanks for the comments. Loads of companies doing splitties, I can personally recommend Vanilla Splits.
  4. ....is 95% finished, just a bit more text to go in and some more pictures. Take a look and see what you think - Feedback welcome. The VW Campers are available from March 1st BMVS VW CamperHire:One stop shop for VW Campervan Hire in the Southern UK Enjoy
  5. Was this anyone's from here?

    Just seen this. Yes it's mine, thanks for the compliments. Still up for sale and reduced now
  6. Foc for the first year, then only £20 per year. Can be picked up S/H in the early twenties now. What's your budget?
  7. What about the 320ED, It hits sixty in under 8 second as as standard, and can be mapped - Comes with proper tyres as well, EVO gave it 5*'s. I run one on my fleet and its a great drive, for a 2.0D, and just seems to run on fresh air!
  8. Audi about to dump 130 R8 Spyders

    BMW did a similar thing last year with the M3 saloon. They registered a load just before the number plate change, and then sent them out into the market with delivery mileage as a S/H car, and a nice 10-15k discount - Naturally they sold like hot cakes!
  9. What would you do.

    I had a copy service book with my B7 RS4, but the key thing is a bit more serious - tell them your position regarding what you carry etc, and that you want the locks changed. Once you've been driving it for a few days, this will all pale into insignificance anyway - Enjoy it, and get that Milltek on there!
  10. Kona mountain bike - FREE

    Ill take it if its still available - Perfect project bike for the bread knife
  11. I've taken the plunge on an air cooled 911

    That is a car of beauty - Stunning! - Massive congratulations
  12. My new ride

    Looking very nice. I have a set of Eibach springs and an intake that will fit on if you are interested
  13. Renualt Scenic (timing belt broken)

    What model? And how much ?
  14. Renualt Scenic (timing belt broken)

    Whats the mileage, age and condition? I am local. Let me know Oli
  15. O Dear!

    So my point is correct it is not an Audi warranty, but Car Care Plan - as youve stated, and I said Audi warranty. Just because you purchased it from an Audi dealer doesn't make it any AUDI wattanty..............Oh and we're talking RS4 which quite clearly you are not - DOH