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  1. Dealer finance at the moment

    That is the deal put together on the E46 M3 i bought a few years ago. 10k part ex, 4 years, 1k deposit, 25k financed. Monthly payment was £491 a month i think.. (it was a while ago though)
  2. S3 (I'm going to upset some)

    I went to look at the S3, and went for the MKV R32 instead, i didnt like the shape of the audi A3, and the interior felt all "squashed" up.. the Golf won it for me easy, and having the noise is a added bonus.
  3. Just had a call from CarData - SCAM!!

    i am one of the sad gits that actually got done!!.. I was selling my car about 7 years ago, and the sales pitch sounded really good, and i had never heard of them, so parted with my £75. and of course i sold it through autotrader not cardata. A few years later i was selling another car, and got the call, and i told them, if you sell my car, on completion i will give you £150, they didnt want to know!.. weird!! He got REALLY arsey with me, and hung up the phone!! pr**k!! Such a scam, but donuts like me (back then) sign up, they make a killing without doing anything!
  4. R32 TO M3 E46

    I have gone the other way, from E46 M3 to MKV R32 (via MKV GTI), and have no regrets, strangly i dont miss the BM!.. This is totally my own opinion, as i prefer smaller hot hatches, each to their own i suppose!
  5. Dangerous locations only ....

    As far as i am aware, thats what was happening, overtaking into oncoming, head on. I agree, the visibilty is great and you can see very well, and its a very wide section of road, sadly people do totally gun it down that road, and will do so on the corner under the bridge which i think is so unsafe!
  6. Dangerous locations only ....

    I have seen them using the yellow lights on when changing the film of a fixed camera in bicester.
  7. Dangerous locations only ....

    Quote: "As you can see, it is a dead straight A road on which I've not heard of a single accident." Probably one of the worst that aylesbury has had to deal with! "SPEED cameras are likely to be installed along the Wendover bypass after a safety review of the infamous road is carried out in April. Last week The Bucks Herald and the families of four men killed in a horrific high-speed crash on the bypass last September launched a campaign to see a permanent camera installed." That crash was horrific!!
  8. Sat nav guy L.Buzzard?

    I was handed a business card of a guy in Leighton Buzzard (i think) area, who installs VW satnavs, I.C.E etc etc, but i have lost the card, dont suppose anyone knows who this maybe?
  9. New Tyres (Are VW dealers any good?)

    cool, thanks for the tip!, maybe if the backs wear i will change over and put the dunlops on the back
  10. New Tyres (Are VW dealers any good?)

    TBH i have only had my R 4 weeks or so, and its been raining most of the time so havent had chance to get to know the car. I was going to put something else on, but the backs look almost new, so i didnt want to put different tyres on. So i stuck with what is on there. Thats the only reason, They not very good then?
  11. New Tyres (Are VW dealers any good?)

    Definatly dont go to VW. My car went in for a check, and they noticed i had 2 front tyres needing a change. They quoted me 147 each. Was recomended etyres by someone on the R32OC, so i quoted them online, and they were only 113 eah for the dunlops maxx. I booked them on friday and they came this afternoon and fitted!. Cant recomemend them enough!! great service and price to match!!
  12. Parrot

    parrot LS3200 colour!. awsome bit of kit, i was impressed so much when i fitted to my gti, i also got one fitted in the missus's car. Now i am searching for a decent fitter local atm so i can fit another in my R
  13. Grey Ferrari 599 (with pics)

    looks like we are not charging enough for our parts we supply to them
  14. MkV Rear wiper mind of own

    exactly the same happened in my GTI, but havent had it in my R32 yet!
  15. Can anyone recomend a garage to fix my E36M3? give them a ring, i hear good things about them