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  1. Monza II alloys in the future...

    Well, I agree about the regular care and attention needed - but surely there is/has been a QC issue over 'Monza 2's et al? Hopefully now resolved with the continuation of this finish of rim on the Mk 6? If there were ongoing issues with durability then I would have expected VW to revert to a painted finish - rather than risk a further plethora of warranty claims? There is no way VW - well known for it's parsimonious attutude to warranty claims would ever have authorised hundreds - if not thousands - of wheel replacements if it thought it could blame it on owners not being anally protective of their diamond cut rims? They are quick enough to repudiate claims, I hear, if there is the merest hint of 'kerbing'? If you get a stone chip on your bonnet that untreated develops into a festering sore, would VW replace the bonnet then? (Tongue firmly in cheek here!)
  2. Monza II alloys in the future...

    Just to take this a tad OT.... My GT 170 came with the optional 18" Charlestons - which are diamond cut/anthracite finished. At coming up to 3 years old (17k) they are still factory mint; I notice that for the 2011 MY Golf GTD they are now the 18" option again - I'm rather hoping this indicates that VW may have sorted the previous well documented QC issues over this diamond cut finish? As an aside, I was in my local dealers a couple of weeks ago, waiting for an exhaust sensor warranty fix, when I spotted a very high spec Tiguan 'R' series - 0 miles - both offside rims (19" diamond cut) had been very seriously 'kerbed'. I'll check up next time I'm in to see if the dealer replaced or repaired them (or heaven forbid the customer never noticed!)
  3. Bit of a dilemma there for you Geoff - especially as you've been right royally messed about over this car? Options? 1. Reject 2. Get Dealer/VW to correct poor external paintwork and risk a unacceptable job. 3. Accept it as 'new normal' If it were me I'd be looking to get rid - as it'll never be right in your eyes now? Good luck - and such a pity that this happens to some who actually cares - rather than a fleet user who couldn't give a toss
  4. More noise required!

    "a buzz vibe" Hmmmm..... You do get a lot of 'pleasure' out of your car don't you, Robin
  5. edition 30 splitter

    Surely that can't include parts - isn't the front splitter £300+? If it does - grab it quick!
  6. GTI Mk6

    Given your astronomical annual mileage, T_T, it should be possible to present the car to the pumps fully detailed the twice a year you add fuel?
  7. Bike Rack

    The Ateras to go for if possible are the wheel support ones - not the 'hang ons' Some folks have used 'strap ons' I believe
  8. Worrying "clankering" noise...

    ? Wishbone bush?
  9. Bike Rack

    Picasa Web Albums - Merlinman - Atera Strada ... This is my set up. Tow bar was £365 fitted with 13 pin electrics Rack was £270 But I do use it several times a week and have two Border Terriers who need to be in/out of the boot
  10. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    See the guy further back waving his arms about? I thought he was the 'Y' of YMCA
  11. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    Well Brian has trumped us both Robin - 63 here and my crown stolen Welcome Brian
  12. ED30 Wheel Paint code

    Have a pint of Broadside in the Nellie for me ;-)
  13. The 6 CD changer just pulls out wit the VW keys. (About £4 from your dealer) The ipod shelf replaces it and the wiring just connects. I have an new ipod shelf removed from my car - £100 sterling posted. PM me if interested?
  14. GTI for sale....

    Crikey. A £5k hit for 2 months ownership It'd be nearer £10k if a dealer were bidding