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  1. Monza II alloys in the future...

    Does anyone know of a wheel refurbisher who can refurbish GTI 25th Anniversary alloys to the same finish as the originals? Most Anniversaries out there have had refurbed wheels. You can usually tell them a mile off - the ones I've seen seem to have a dull silver finish which just isn't the same. The Anni wheels aren't quite full-on chrome and they're not flat silver either. I've heard the term 'ball-polished', whatever that is. I had mine replaced under warranty but, surprise surprise, they've gone rotten again! I'm obviously well out of warranty now and VW want £2000 for a brand new set! It's a pain in the ar5e that you can have wheels that look as good as these and yet they just rot no matter how much care you take of them. I used to Autoglym mine every week but it makes no difference once those white worms start!
  2. New R - complete lack of interest here

    I've just seen on Pistonheads a Golf R20 in silver for £37,499! And it's done 1500 miles! What a ridiculous price. It would be too expensive at £27,499!
  3. New R - complete lack of interest here

    No one seems to be fitting bump strips any more. They're not on new Audis, BMWs or VWs anyway. The side of a car needs something to break up all that plain metal IMO. It just doesn't look right without them. A parking ding (of which there will be many with the number of clumsy ar5eholes out there) will stand out a mile. It's just another example of corner-cutting and penny-pinching. It probably saves manufacturers millions each year. Great! Shame it looks rubbish.
  4. New R - complete lack of interest here

    Completely unlike the MK4 and MK5 R models, I've paid hardly any attention to the new one. I've seen a couple advertised on Pistonheads but from the photos posted they look surprisingly shite IMO. And at £35k, you must be blummin well joking. Soulboy, I'd be sticking with an S3 as well.
  5. Warning: Watch out for VW cost cutting.

    I haven't heard of anyone else flagging up problems with shoddy paint on the new GTI. Could this be a one off of are they all finished like this?
  6. Very nice but not very nice, if you know what I mean. For the best part of £30k you'd expect a full coat of paint (!?).
  7. Big Power??

    That's why I like sleepers - keep 'em looking relatively standard with HUGE power. There's a clip on Youtube of a Supra and a Porker having a bit of a spat and an inoffensive-looking MK1 Golf shows up unexpectedly and greases them both.
  8. Big Power??

    Very interesting Mook. It's a lot of money but it's a lot of power too. I know there are those who say that this sort of money gets you into Porsche territory etc. but there must be something immensely satisfying about owning something as 'ordinary' as an S3 which will obliterate most hot hatches and show a clean pair of heels to a lot of super cars! It's just not what anyone would expect. Awesome - that's what I say!
  9. Big Power??

    How much do you reckon it costs to make an S3 go that fast?
  10. Big Power??

    That thing is quick and what a sound!
  11. Info and spy pics of R32 replacement

    You're not wrong Muppetboy - I went to my VW dealer the other week to buy a bulb and they had a MK6 GTD in black with leather for no less than £30k! B O N K E R S !
  12. Info and spy pics of R32 replacement

    S3 for me anyday. A better car for less money IMO (although admittedly I've never driven either!!!)
  13. Deep Sea Blue

    Understated and classy. Looks great in that photo, Soulboy - you can see that nice fleck on the back end. Thanks for posting it.
  14. Deep Sea Blue

    You're exactly right about seeing a colour in the flesh, Mr Man. I've been searching on topmarques / trovit and the like but you can't really appreciate a colour from the small thumbnail photos that are posted (which are usually taken in poor light). Deep Sea Blue seems to be one of those colours that looks amazing when it's clean and when it catches the sun but, I agree, it possibly borders on dull on an overcast day. I'll have a butcher's on Audi sport-net though. Cheers.
  15. Deep Sea Blue

    Does anyone happen to have any decent quality pics of a Deep Sea Blue Audi A3 Sport / A3 S-line / S3?