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  1. The MkV GTI Tyre thread

    Hey folks, found my way here as I'm in the market for 4 new tyres for my MkV and wondered what people were buying and whether Eagle F1 Asym's were still considered a good buy. Didn't see many recent posts, so figured as I already have a set on my car, I'd bite the bullet and stick with what I know. That's when it got tricky... My local fitter said they're extremely rare and 'Excellence' or 'Efficient Grip' are comparable models. Wasn't happy with this answer, so I called Goodyear where a techie advised they had NOT been discontinued and as such there is no direct replacement. Apparently a shipment is expected in May, but they didn't have a firm date. Also 'Excellence' and 'Efficient Grip' are lesser tyres and not high performance. Suggested I get some F1's on back-order. So back to my local I go, who in turn gets word from their wholesaler that F1 Asym's are no longer made. Period. I had a mate who used to work for Goodyear and once gave me some of their ex-staff tyre vouchers. Great for a discount, but you can only redeem them from certain places. Hi-Q in Wolves being one, so figured I'd ask them what they thought. Hi-Q echoed Goodyear and suggested to get in touch start of May where they'd re-check stock. They also said F1 Asym's had been out of stock for at least the last 6 months. So my thoughts are, a) do I wait and see what May brings? b) are there any other places which might have stock? c) do I go with a different brand? In the case of c), what are all the kool kids buying of not F1's? I do approx 20k per yr, predominately motorway, so low noise and longevity are top of the list. I'm nervous at dropping cash on an alternate make/model when I already know and like the F1's. Rich
  2. Thanks for the tip. Car's in tomorrow so will mention water pump when booking it in. I was tempted to get them to throw in a new pollen filter but thought I shouldn't push my luck! Glad others are verifying price isn't too bad. Their initial offer was £245 for service, £520 for cam but in same breath said £420 if I had it done at the same time and £70 for brake fluid. Told 'em what I'd been quoted from a local independent, asked about their policy with regard to the VW service promise and did my best to demonstrate I had a passing knowledge of what was involved. After a bit of light banter we arrived at £530. Was pleasantly surprised as I'd all but assumed the cost difference would make using a franchised dealer too expensive.
  3. Thanks TwoSheds. Out of curiosity, I made a couple calls to central Bham dealers, one of which wasn't prepared to match it, so I have to assume it's not all that far off typical costs. Have now pulled the trigger and booked with my local dealer.
  4. £530 parts & labour for above. Just wondering what you guys think. This is from a Worcestershire dealer. I've got them to do some semi-price matching already within that figure. Wondering if I can push them down some more. Comparitive figures for independent are coming in at £220 (service) / £275 (cambelt) / £105 (brake fluid). 4yr old Mk5 2.0 GTI, current mileage 67k. This would be for 3rd long-life service. Verified with VW central that for my car cam needs changing @ 4yrs or 120,000km. Pretty sure that's acurate from reading other posts on here, plus VW cust. servs took reg, used chassis no. to check with technical, which at least sounds plausable. So, £530 good, bad or somewhere inbetween? Would value your feedback. Thanks, RJ
  5. Need to get my hands on a Pioneer CD-R11 remote for use with AVIC-800 (and similar) Navi Units. were selling them, but have since pulled the item from their site as they didn't have any in stock and now can't source them from Pioneer. So if anyone has one lurking about they'd like to sell or knows of a place with one for sale, please let me know. Thanks Rich.
  6. Woo Hoo my GTI is coming early....

    Mine also... was due for build in wk 16 but told ealier this week it's built and is awaiting shipping. It's just over 8 weeks since order was placed. Not gonna complain, that's for sure - well, as long as it turns up per spec, and in good order that is!
  7. The ideal head unit

    [ QUOTE ] Just called in at some small untidy car hifi / security shop this morning interested in info on all double din head units. I was advised that none fit the MK5 Golf as it has rounded corners - all I could do is get a din adapter and go for single din. I am right in saying this is I'm being told isn't it? I thought any double din fitted. [/ QUOTE ] It can be done. I've spent a fair bit of time looking into this myself and have just returned from a local audio dealer who was kind enough to explain the general problem with fitting current 2din units into a golf mk5. Basically, the mk5 isn't true double din. It's ever so slightly bigger. He demonstrated this by getting a double din clarion and offering it up to a mk5 facia adapter. The headunit is smaller by about 5mm. This is AFTER taking into account the usual frame that fits over the headunit hiding the unit as it fits into the cage. He said yeah, sure he can fab sometime suitable using the facia adapter but it'd mean having to fill in the gap. Offical VW adapters are great quality, but the shelf is part of the whole facia mould and getting rid of it would mean pratically destroying the adapter in the process. My audio guy had a 3rd party one where the shelf could click into either top or bottom din sections, which made it a lot easier to mod, but the whole thing is messy and you have to also bare in mind 2din units are heavy and the mk5 dash is on quite an angle. Over time there's a chance the unit would press against the facia adapter and possibly break the original mod used to get it in. It'd also make it easier for thieves. If they can break the facia, then they're 70% closer to ripping the whole unit out. In the end I've opted to go down the route of a single din unit with a motorised panel, however I'm going to have it fitted into the lower part of the facia adapter which'll have the benefit of it not obscuring the central air vents, hazard or ESP buttons. I think in general, it'll make the unit slightly more descrete when open and less 'in yer face'.
  8. The ideal head unit

    Well this just plain sucks... I was a heartbeat away from parting with a wedge of hard earned for a new headunit much like RedRobins - albeit the 5700 and now Pioneer have gone and released a new one!! I'd talked myself out of the Alpine and Kenwood double din units on the basis that though they looked the business, I really wasn't sure about the GUI not having had a chance to play with either in a shop as yet. I remember three years ago, I was hanging on for the then uber new and stylish Pioneer DEH-P77MP only to be told over and over that it's "imminent". Damn thing turned up 2 weeks after my GTI arrived and I'd already settled on a JVC unit. Now the stealer's just told me my new mk5 GTI has been built a week early and it's showing as awaiting shipping. I sooo wanted a new headunit on the shelf ready for fitting the moment the new motor arrived. Cost not withstanding, what's the chance the new Pioneer will be out to actually buy anytime soon; about as much as the proverbial snowballs chance in hell I expect. Grrr, Pioneer... you've gone and done it to me again!
  9. Yup, have used them before also. Dropped them an email to see if they can source the Nav Unit, as it's not an item that's listed on the web site. Otherwise, I'd have gone with them as there's not much in the price of the main headunit compared to the other bunch.
  10. Having decided on a new headunit for my (yet to arrive) mk5 GTi, wondered if I could get some feedback on the good folks at Thought it might be best to double check before parting with a grand's worth of beer tokens. Kit would be Pioneer AVH-P5700DVD + ipod adapter & AVIC-800 Nav Unit.
  11. and the wait goes on...

    [ QUOTE ] Snoogans what fascia adapter have you got? Does it allow double din stereos to be installed? [/ QUOTE ] AndyW, it's much like the old mk4 facia which has space for a single din headunit and the rest of the section is a tray/shelf. Looks much nicer IMHO compared to the 3rd party jobs where you just get a blanking plate for each din section.
  12. and the wait goes on...

    Hi Red, Thanks for the welcome. Yep, I test drove the mk5 a couple of times, first with one of the salesmen and a second let loose on my own. It's a good car and no doubt. Just meant that until I have my very own and get to take her out properly (after running in of course), I can't truely go by test drive alone. However, it was still enough to convince me to buy one My main decision right now is what to do about aftermarket headunits. I couldn't stretch to the sat-nav as an option and as I already have a fairly good aftermarket JVC and ice-link iPod adapter, I'm thinking of moving that lot right over to the new car. But, I'd REALLY like a nice new aftermarket unit, praps a 2 din jobby although the missus probably won't be liking the cost much. I remember reading something about aftermarket headunits needing more than just a loom adapter. Do you know if I'd need one of these can-bus thingies? Already got the pukka VW facia adapter for mk5, so I'm part-way there. If only I can convince myself that paying upwards of 600 quid for a nice new unit is out of the question! RJ
  13. and the wait goes on...

    Hi folks, Been lurking in here for a while now and I just wanted to say thanks to all the informative people who post on this forum. Four weeks ago I placed an order for a new GTI and the info on here really helped me decide specs and all the other details that go into choosing a new car. Not totally new to GTi's as I currently own a mk4 and I've got to say it was tough to make the decision to move on. It was the first car I ever bought from new and three years on I still have a smile on my face everytime I get to drive her. I'll be a happy bloke if the mk5 does the same. Gotta say, I didn't much care for the look of the mk5 shape to begin with but that was before I saw the GTI So, with a build week of 16, I guess I should just sit back and wait patiently... or more likely, pass the time by buying all the things I want ready for when my new motor arrives! Big thanks to all those that contribute... with your help I've compliled a comprehensive pre-delivery check list as well as lots of other useful info. Cheers, RJ