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  2. WTF a decked Allegro

    Was so shocked I got the wife to take a picture of this Allegro estate. It was decked to the floor and sounded like it had a V8 installed in the back.
  3. Opinions on Virgin Media.

    I must do more mates rates deals
  4. Anyone tried hypnosis

    Interested to know if anyone has tried it for any of the multiple areas they seem to offer solutions for, weight loss, drinking smoking, confidence etc. i am doing more presentations these days to big audiences and feel it's one area I would like to improve my confidence and reduce nerves? Lots of apparent success stories.
  5. Corbyn

    I fear Corbyn will win so have this link saved the gap has closed so much and so many people seem happy to be getting free money or more free money from Labour
  6. Bloodbath....

    I have had the M235i for 1 year now and very pleased with the overall package dominated by the engine and driving experience. Happy with all the options I chose also although HK sound system is average but couldn't live with the standard audio. The only downside which can be managed with less lead in the foot is the MPSS tyre performance in cold and wet conditions due to the very small drainage channels, in the snow it's a joke as I found out. Over the last few weeks with warm, dry and sunny days they are amazing and all is forgiven Need something bigger when the lease runs out in 2019 and seems the new 3 series will be out then with talk of an M350i
  7. M135i

    M235i here and my 8 year old also likes sports mode and full power
  8. Car wash pain

    Car was filthy and covered in salt and the car wash in our village BP is quite good for the odd wash ! Super wash covers car in a foam bath, under body wash then high power water jets and the new style non-nylon brushes. This time the foam arrived then no water so the brushes were rubbing in the foam without water. I called BP customer line and they were very apologetic and said they would pay for any repairs, bit shocked they didn't say at customer risk etc. Susp cut the process isn't that simple Its almost dark so I can't tell and I am not the sort of person to try and get a freebie or lie about damage but I wonder how much swirling this will have created and if so I should push for a full detailing ? Thoughts.
  9. Couch commander

  10. I am loving every press of the start button of the BMW M235i but in the colder wet mornings it has to be treated like any RWD car with 330BHP. I live out in the sticks and new responsibilities now mean more European travel from Heathrow. One of my fears is getting stuck in the snow at one of our UK offices or somewhere like Heathrow after flying in late at night. Its a shame that the rear tyre size is limited to 1 winter tyre in the UK but the reviews are good and I will get 3 winters out of them before the car goes back April 2019. Spoken to several colleagues with BMW's who have advised that with winter tyres they were getting out of places the pretend 4WD Chelsea tractors were getting stuck on summer tyres.
  11. About to order these winter tyres, thoughts

    The MPSS will be super sticky then i am considering a second set of summer tyres but ones with better wet weather performance for the winter and keep the MPSS tyres for April to September. They are simply shocking in the cold/wet icy weather unless you drive like a Honda Jazz driver Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 seems the choice
  12. About to order these winter tyres, thoughts

    I think the issue is my lead food and more power than my old 520 D To be honest its all about the tyres, the MPSS is great in the warmer dry weather but wet and cold weather or both they keep you awake. Show them some snow, ice and slush and they just want to spit you off the road. I do work in media
  13. Car wash pain

    Desperate times using the car wash, usual use the local Polish guys who do a great job for £7 but they had a huge queue and my car looked like it had been in a rally. Its a lease car but I do treat it like it my own but not on this occasion
  14. About to order these winter tyres, thoughts

    I was feeling all smug still running with -7 in the mornings on a few occasions and MPSS tyres, taking it easy obviously. Then last Thursday the wife called to say it was coming down heavy. We live near the highest point in a Hampshire and it seems to have its own weather system lol The journey home on slush and snow on the MPSS was scary as hell, they don't like the cold, prefer the dry and felt just wrong. I had 2 scary sideways moments at 20 mph that definitely got my attention Got to our road which is on an incline I was met with this toboggan run. The snow remained 2" deep and turned to sheet ice on Friday and wasn't gone until Sunday afternoon, then the car moved The wife's Tiguan on winter tyres is amazing traction but boring after a day.
  15. 2017 Fitness Thread

    I bought one bought one of these 2 years ago and they are very effective. I have been doing dry January, celery and carrot soup for lunch in one of these and reduced carbs, 6 lbs lost since 1st January so slow and steady but all good.
  16. Half way on a 45 mins trip to friends and the car started steeming up badly. Tried all the obvious things but the climate control fan is not working. Climate control fully active with lights and temp dispaly etc but no fan despite any setting. Had to do the last 20 mins with the windows down about an inch.Not impressed but hopefully something minor as wife and you get child weren't too happy with journey here with windows down it was a tad chilly lol. Guy arrived in 1 hour and diagnosed the rear stat in the compartment under the dashboard which will need to be ordered. So no fan/heat for a few days. I was offered the take to local dealer and hire car but the drive home with 1cm open each side and jackets on with guaranteed fix by mobile BMW technician at 6pm on Wednesday was more attractive than it sitting at a dealership until after xmas. BMW guy was superb but was also realistic that part would arrive Wednesday/Thursday and suspected post xmas resolution with busy lower staffed dealers aroud xmas period.I am working from home next few days so fortunate. If I had journeys to do the. I would have taken the take to dealer and hire car option
  17. Boo had to use BMW Mobile assistance

    Very impressed the mobile technician arrived at 6pm as agreed and it took him 1 hour to replace the module and run the full diagnostic checks after.
  18. About to order these winter tyres, thoughts

    Problem is it becomes 225 all round and feedback from forums are the traction control light is very common lol
  19. About to order these winter tyres, thoughts

    The only ones that fit properly on the M235i are £1050 and are runflats so I am going to brave it out and if it snows work from home or take the wife 4x4 PM sent
  20. About to order these winter tyres, thoughts

    Two days in a row I have left home just after 7am and temperatures have been very cold BUT I haven't ordered winter tyres yet The Michelin Pilot Super Sports definitely don't like it that cold with some wiggles on acceleration to wake you up. See attached and this was after 30 mins driving !
  21. Genuine VW 18" wheels

    Following our move to the newer R Line Tiguan I have 4 wheels for sale, without tyres. They are in excellent condition as all 4 were replaced by VW 2 years ago due to the old ones having water ingress on the diamond cut edges. Open to sensible offers via PM
  22. Nots sure what it was

    It was very clean though
  23. About to order these winter tyres, thoughts

    looking at the latest Evo tyre tests I think I have done the right thing, the Michelin Piliot Super Sport is clearly a tyre that likes, warm dry weather ! oh and Costco have £60 off all Michelin sets of 4 tyres in November
  24. About to order these winter tyres, thoughts

    These seem to be the best performance winter tyre with great reviews. I am going to drop 1cm on the rear as per the recommendations on the forums.
  25. Brawn to replace Ecclestone