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  1. GTi wheels on a GT TDi

    Anyone got some pics?
  2. GTi wheels on a GT TDi

    I've been led to believe that the ride height on the GT TDi and the GTi are supposed to be the same?
  3. Hello all, I have been told that there is a subtle difference (quality wise) between the RCD300 that was fitted in 2004/5 and the 2006 model. Please can anyone tell me if this is correct. Many thanks.......
  4. I just paid £150 + VAT from Awesome GTi.
  5. GTi wheels on a GT TDi

    Its a MK5 but da only thing i am worrying about is da ride height i.e. will it look higher than da Gordon?
  6. GTi wheels on a GT TDi

    Its a black 3 door GT TDi.
  7. GTi wheels on a GT TDi

    Hello everyone - first post so go easy one me! I really dont like the stock 16inch wheels on my GT TDi, i have been offered a set of replica GTi wheels for £475. Please can i have anyones opinion on how these will look on the car as i will be unable to try before i buy. Any pics would be even better of a GT TDi with GTi wheels. Cheers in advance........