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  1. I've got a 2003 TDI Sport and i don't find the suspension hard at all. I've just put 18" RS6 wheels on it aswell which has made it slightly more "crashy" but then again i've come from an M3 with 19" so the ride is super smooth compared to that.... I missed cruise control for about 2 weeks. Now i don't miss it at all. Hate not having a auto dimming rear view mirror though. Really like the 140tdi. The older 130bhp golfs and Audi's can gain a lot more power thru engine chips as their turbos are bigger than the 2.0tdi. But the 2.0tdi has lower emissions.
  2. Sport Button

    [ QUOTE ] A lot of M3 owners go through the same start up procedure as each other. 1. DSC+T Off 2. Sport On 3. Drivelogic 6 [/ QUOTE ] yes but if i do that i end up with: 4. Sideways.... 5. In a ditch......
  3. New M3

    Can't say im at all impressed.... Lost all the E46 character
  4. Sport Button

    Been driving my car about with the sport button on all the time and i have to say it feels horrible when i turn it back off...... The car is so much responsive in every situation.... Anybody else leave the sport on all the time??
  5. Honda Civic Type R

    [ QUOTE ] Dont ever diss the Civic, there is nothing else quite like it its a very pure sports hatch...be grateful it exists or you would have to put up with crap from Ford and Vauxhall that did 0-60 in 10 secs and that was fine........until the civic set the benchmark! Noticed how the new Golf GTi does 0-60 in 7.2,VXR 6.2,and Focus ST 6.5 we have honda to thank for that they set the benchmark with the Type R in 2001! [/ QUOTE ] APPART FROM THE COSSIE...... Or were you asleep through that era.... Anyway a Honda is similar in build quality to a Ford and Vauxhall these days.
  6. EVO 8 FQ400!!!

    Would be interested to hear any reviews from anybody who has actually owned one ( FQ400 ). I was offered one in exchange for my M3 today but turned it down as i need a DIEsel.....
  7. Is this for real?

    I also got this today.... Not sure if its for real but also got deleted straight away
  8. Dumb XBOX Question

    Most small computer shops will chip your xbox for you..... Don't pay more than £30 as the chips are pretty cheap and it doesnt take long to do..... Then you need Evolution X installed and it will pretty much play anything you can throw at it
  9. M3 warranty

    Personally i wouldnt buy an m3 without the warranty. Had suspension problems with mine which would of cost a fortune had i not had the warranty..... Totally agree about the warranty hike.... its disgusting... but if you bought the warranty before 1st feb its still the old excellent warranty