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  1. Pirelli or ED30?

    Opps..... Struck a nerve with the P loving public. Well aware of the P editions of the past and the naff alloys they were shod with also. For me the campaign models have always appealed. For me also the feel of throwing a lever appeals in cars of this ilk and yes I have driven DSG, S-tronic cars. I am sure you will enjoy either of the cars and the benefit of the KO4 blower. Enjoy Pitch
  2. Pirelli or ED30?

    Wifey has an ED30 and I love the thing to bits. IMO, ED30 will always be a very sort after car and has the heritage as other aniversary editions. Pirelli, I am sure is great and will always hold its value but it is just a special.....and the wheels are naff. Pitch
  3. Welcome matey, Looks great and loving the wheels. Pzero's..........start saving the scrub off very quickly. Pitch
  4. Im back and got a new car so happy.

    No mate. The Westie has been laid up for a while needing an engine rebuild. Have you had the Vortx long? They do looknicd bits of kit Pitch
  5. Im back and got a new car so happy.

    has the 2010MY TDI been cracked yet for the STS unit? Ta Pitch
  6. Im back and got a new car so happy.

    And another welcome. Yep I remember as I was sorting mirror caps on my B7 the same time as you. Although I use a main forum for both the B8 and ED30, I always return and check my first love TSN. How are you finding the new motor? Pitch
  7. Golf GTi Edition 30

    I would have thought it would have flow out of the door for that money. They are still holding money well and have increased above ave after the drops 12-18 months ago. I paid £13,750 for wifey's Feb '09, same age although spec is a tad better. Good buy I know and I have seen it steadily increase during last year and would still have thought it would be worth 15k. But its all about the right buyer with the right money at the right time. Good Luck matey and I hope it goes well. Ta Pitch oh......Hi JonC and trust all is well mate.
  8. That seems a lot for a car of that spec. Have Audi prices increase that much since last year ? Certainly you method of purchasing is spot on. Pitch
  9. B8 A4 2.0TDI Tuning????

    Chaps, Well 5k under the wheels now and time to sort some extra ummmph. I have been zipping round North Norfolk most of the day on A and B roads and the gearbox in 'M' with 8 paddle shifting ratio's to play with, is great great fun. Anyone mildly thinking of Multitronic, do it, you will love it. I know the correct and prefered manor is a proper re-map but I am wanting to go down the self tuning route either Bluefin or Spider ilk. The appeal is not having to trol across the country to have the work done and being able to return to standard for servicing, etc. (I do realize if the dealer wants to hunt he will find that I have had a play) Any recent experiences would be greatly appreciated of products that have been tried, power and increased MPG, etc...... Ta Pitch
  10. In market for a new A4 : 143 S - Line Executive

    Lowestoft Approved Audi (Norwich Audi branch). Build the spec you are wanting on the internet sites, to get to a low low price and then hit the dealers with 'this is what I want to spend and I will place order in (?) days'. Do this towards the end of the month if poss or better still at the end of a quarter, when they may be desperate for the last car to make the target they have been set. Given you are wanting to finance you should get a better deal as they will make money here also. I was fortunate that I only needed a very small amount to borrow so did this elsewhere so effectively paying them cash, and the three I emailed were all very close and very keen. Having said this it was July when I placed the order and slaes were not great and vodka and tonic was at 15%. Last year was certainly the year to buy motors....Wifeys ED30 I paid £13.5k cash for in February when things were real gloomy. Really good spec and got to be worth £16k minimum now.......... Good Luck matey and drive a hard deal....they need you ta Pitch
  11. In market for a new A4 : 143 S - Line Executive

    Oh..... As a guide I paid £27k and a tiny bit for my S-Line exec inclusive off..... Multitronic 19" 7 -Arms Lava Parking Plus Interior Light Pack Hill Hold Assist 3G MMI ta Pitch
  12. In market for a new A4 : 143 S - Line Executive

    here goes...... 1. sounds good but me thinks you could do better 2. don't understand 3. Try Dealdrivers, Drive the Deal, Uk New Cars All good options to add, try and drive the price down to add. 4. Exec added....cruise, alcantarra seats, BT low, and reduced cost for MMI and other bits, but standard sound. B&O is only included in the Special eddition. 5. Yes as Scotty says MMI control Trust this helps matey. Enjoy
  13. New soon to be A4 Owner - with a few questions

    Cheers Matey. Its that cycle of looking, reading, learning and chucking back out again. When sorting my previous B7 and wifeys ED30 GTI TSN was superb. Like yourself, I find it great to help folk out. Right now off out to have a major clean.
  14. New soon to be A4 Owner - with a few questions

    You are one haven of Knowledge Scotty. Good Work. I just twigged you can change route preference to fast, short or econ. which is nice ta
  15. New soon to be A4 Owner - with a few questions

    This is what Norwich looks like with 3G. and DVD's