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  1. Help Speccing my rs6

    Assume the iPhones lack of SAP still causes a problem....
  2. Help Speccing my rs6

    Something to do with rear blinds. How have you only managed 85k?! Carbon pack at 4k is your black optics.
  3. Help Speccing my rs6

    Rs6 is on the UK Configurator but you need to navigate directly to it via the links at the bottom of the page. Get ready to bend over.
  4. Help Speccing my rs6

    I understand the Daytona matt requires special care. And at 6k I think I'd swerve it because of that. I am interested in this car too, but I think the pricing is a bit rich. It's 100k of car with reasonable spec, I'm not sure I can bring myself to spunk so much cash knowing it'll plummet. Given the mixed comments on the S6, I.e. undoubtedly fast but a bit boring I'd absolutely want to drive one before even thinking about it. The price does make the RS4 look far better value!
  5. RS3: Have you ordered one? Have you received a build date?

    400ish, same as TTRS.
  6. RS3: Have you ordered one? Have you received a build date?

    There are a few floating around, generally crap colours, stupid red wheels or some other noddy add on. I don't see hundreds littering forecourts. Numbers were always going to be limited given the new A3 production.
  7. 2nd thoughts...

    A mate is looking at an RR, I described it as a grandfather clock. Free slippers and pipe.
  8. RS3: Have you ordered one? Have you received a build date?

    Sepang with Alu is even better!
  9. Hamilton & McLaren - you fools!

    Looks like there may be a couple for airlift to hospital, even so, that's extremely lucky.
  10. Hamilton & McLaren - you fools!

    Confirmed as smoke inhalation by FI COO. Great job by the teams mucking in. Sky cameraman helped out a guy with his trousers on fire, though not thought to have caused injury. EDIT: this guy was one the Williams fuel rig guys and he does have some burns. Plenty have said it smelt electrical. Problem with electrical fires is that oxygen starvation doesn't do the job due to the extreme temperatures involved. Frank W out OK. He's just been good enough to confirm to the Sky guys that as far as he knew all is OK, he was off to confirm. Just showed a replay, big fire ball, it was big and quick.
  11. Hamilton & McLaren - you fools!

    FI mechanic taken to hospital. I suspect that'll be smoke inhalation. There was a lot of acrid smoke. Cavalry now arriving, about 20 mins too late.
  12. Hamilton & McLaren - you fools!

    Interesting, direct coverage on Sky F1, right at the garage. Looked like the mechanics got it out, Spanish fire brigade rather slow of the mark, must have been siesta time. Garage wrecked. Importantly they say no casualties.
  13. RS3: Have you ordered one? Have you received a build date?

    ....in brown. With cream and red interior.
  14. Car Vacuum cleaners

    I was thinking more Rhianna.
  15. Car Vacuum cleaners

    I use a George, Henry with wet vac gubbins. Not found anything that takes the abuse whilst maintaining the suck.