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  1. chimaera power steering getting stiff

    car is now perfect, nothing to do with pump or rack, having further checked uj,s on intermediate shaft having removed column found top uj totally siezed up. 50 quid for a new one though and the car is better than it has ever been.
  2. chimaera power steering getting stiff

    pressure test done pump does seem to be producing pressure as oil came out banjo on high pressure side of pump at quite a rate. both ends of the rack did produce oil but not at the pressure I was expecting. I suppose if the rack is working though not at full capacity that was the kind of result you would get, So still inconclusive as to fault to9 some extent. I believe TVR car recondition the racks so thats probably the next step enless anyone has one for sale?
  3. chimaera power steering getting stiff

    Thanks for the info, I will give it a go hopefully its going to be the pump thats faulty
  4. TVR Chimeara Doors

    forgot to mention there is also 3 or 4 screws buried in the carpet holding the panel on
  5. chimaera power steering getting stiff

    my 4.o chimaera with power steering has started to get stiff more so in the straight ahead position. have checked possible causes like knuckle joints,upright bushes, steering column and the like all of which appear ok. which suggests faulty pump or rack. power steering oil level is correct and no excessive signs of air. any suggestions please before I waste any money thankyou.
  6. TVR Chimeara Doors

    onece once you have removed the speakers you will need to get your hand right inside the door through the speaker hole. there are 3 10mm nuts one at the front and two further back it is fiddly but easy one you know how, further screw behind ash tray, and the wiring will need disconnecting from drivers side door.