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  1. X6 with new 306HP 600NM Diesel !!

    Golfer, which means the new engine will return at least 390BHP more importantly i read that it delivers max torque not at 1750 revs like the current engine but at 1500 revs! Sweet! have u tested your top speed?
  2. X6 with new 306HP 600NM Diesel !!

    haha yeah, except i know in my mind that I would probably be able to remap the new 306HP engine to 370HP and 815NM of torque! Now thats irresistable! I plan to go to the frankfurt motorshow to see if they know more there.
  3. X6 with new 306HP 600NM Diesel !!

    thanks for the heads up man. I agree with you. it will be good to wait. I JUST WISH I KNEW HOW LONG I HAD TO WAIT !! Cause then at least i could start planning when to sell my current 535d etc and get my mind settled !! anyone else have any ideas?
  4. X6 with new 306HP 600NM Diesel !!

    Hi Guys, I am ready to buy a brand new X6. And since i am in europe its going to be a diesel. Now i currently own a 535d with the 286HP engine. And i would be very very dissappointed if I bought the X6 and then few months after, they released it with the new and improved 306HP \ 600NM Diesel engine!! Does anyone have any idea when this engine will be released for the X6? It is already available for the 7 series as a 740d. i would really really love to hear your responses. Should I wait? Does anyone have any inside info on the release of this engine into the X6?
  5. First ride in my 535d

    Well, if the 745d uses the same gearbox !! (realy?! ) then that makes me feel much much better !! i know that the gearbox is more the issue than the engine iteself. With the tuning,. do youknow if the increase the already high 2.85bar? the guarantee sounds good. however i wonder how that is in practice because if the car has issues, getting it all the way to germany would be a big problem!
  6. First ride in my 535d

    ok the site works now. i was using OPERA and it only works in Explorer. Do u think 350HP is really safe for the 535d?
  7. First ride in my 535d

    Excellent tip Gizze !! Is there any end to what u know? i hadnt heard about these guys in koblenz. 700NM !!! and 350PK? damn! i thought DMS was the highest? i googled it but doesnt work. Do u have a link for me? Ronald
  8. First ride in my 535d

    By the way, Gizze - and others - my old e39 had 2 water resevoirs where the 2nd one was for concentrated solution for cleaning the windshield. My new 535d doesnt seem to have it!! Any ideas? Did they just abandone the idea?
  9. First ride in my 535d

    ok Gizze, I am fully convinced. The problem is that i have to bring the car to the UK with the ferry so I will waiti till I am ready to do the quad exhaust as well then do both within a span of 2-3 days. I work in the UK as well so I shall combine it. Did you say that the exhaust alone is 500GBP from M-style? i know a place where they spray very professionally for only 80 euros per body part - but its in poland. So shipping will have to be added. M-style do not seem to want to sell me the exhaust alone so i can put it on myself. You mentioned earlier about group purchases? i am always in for that.
  10. Hi guys, i may be the only one with the PHONE PROFESSIONAL option rather than the bluetooth option in my 535d E60. So it has a built in handsfree phone under the hand rest. Now funny enough, the connection between the phone and the car is done via Bluetooth. Via iDrive, i can see a bluetooth setting and it see the cars handset but it doesnt give me the option of connecting another blutooth mobile phone. Does anyone have experience with this? i would ultimately like to use my mobile phone as well with the car.
  11. First ride in my 535d

    A Very good morning to you guys ! I posted a topic earlier mentioning that I was to pick up my 535d from hamburg last saturday. I was in Hamburg at 8am sharp, just as the dealer opened !! The car was chilling in the showroom shinning and eager to meet its new owner. After the paperwork and checking that I had everything, I set off home (which is 600km's away - Den Haag, Netherlands). I begun cruising because I wanted to get used to the car - and besides I was playing with all the gadgets as i cruised on the autobahn. the Heads Up is just the coolest Toy ! Shows the speed, navigation, route and cruise control - very nice. And the Navigation is so so fast compared to my previous e39 CD based navigation where I had to wait for every zoom change. this one is instant! Also recalculating the route due to a missed exit or traffic is instant. nice. The ride was very very comfortable. At 140 i felt like i was doing 60 (km\h). So time to speed it up a bit. i joined onto a 3 lane autobahn from 2 lane, and I slowly pressed the GoGo Juice Enhancer (exelerator pedal). T2 (thats her name - its a long story) simply amplified the speed without as much as a wimper. 200km\h , 220, 230, 240, 250. easy. and it felt solid on the M5 wheels\tyres. The Active Steering seemed to be doing its trick. oh dear i am going o love this! My last e39 even though tuned, refused to do above 240. Perhaps it was the 275 wheels? On Sunday i found every excuse to go and visit friends - that was after i spent 2 hours cleaning T2 on the outside from those pesky german insects ! Those buggers splatter into a sad green goooiy smudge! Cant they go and fly somewhere else? Damn! i must say i am impressed with the Active steering. i figured out that it is not to try and check the difference in turning between when u drive fast and when u drive slowly - cause u will never do a half-turn in one go when doing 100 !! but what to notice is that simply at low speeds small turns react much quicker than the standard car. feels like a Mini at times. Its a very very precise feel and lovely feedback when driving in town. Excellent option to have. 0-60mph. oh yes. i tried this from a few traffic lights. And my experience is rather strange. I sat at the traffic lights. Gear in D. It went green and i floored it. Now i expected to be pushed forward but i wasnt. The back went crazy with a touch of wheelspin (even though the DTC\DSC was on) and i was THROWN off the start line. i then got myself together, focused again ahead of me and begun to expect the rush to 100km\h. But it never came. why? Cause i looked at the heads up display and i was already doing 100km\h ! Ok now thats wierd. i cant imagine its 6.5 secs. it felt 2secs quicker. This car seems to use its torque to show off, and simply throws u to the target speed. Wondoer what it will do when DMS blows into it! mmhh. It was only today that i figured out why the 0-100 above felt as it did. i was doing it while on Drive, and due to the torque change when the 2nd turbo kicks in, if u even slightly lift off the throttle at 2500 revs, the car will change up gear. I tried again today the 0-60mph but this time with SPORt mode on. yup! this time she pulls all the way to 5000rpm then changes,...oooohhh thats nice. i could do that over and over again all day! Ok for the more experienced 535d owners,.. any tips on what to try next? And where did u guys say the Nurburgring was?
  12. Auburn Brown or TERRACOTTA colour ???

    Hey Gizze, Thanks for the tips. Please do give me the contact in germany so i can call him Now ! I plan to buy the Leather from Belgium and have it done in poland. total cost is 1500 euros. so yours is cheaper. i am getting the saloon - have a look at the pictures in my other TOPIC - see 535dM user. looking forward to receiving the contact details from u
  13. Finally bought a beautifull 535d M-Sport !!!

    ok it is on now. thanks
  14. Guys, YES! I would like some more opinions on colour. We (my girl and me) have a slightly used Carbon Black 535d (to be picked up tomorrow) - and as crazy as it may seem, we would like to change the colour of the Black Leather interior (komfort Seats) to either AUBURN DAKOTA or TERRACOTTA (only an option on the BMW X3). Please have a look at the link to view pictures: AUBURN :;btnG=Search TERRACOTTA : What would you choose?? Your opinion is very valuable to me because i am going to have it professionally changed in 2-3 weeks.
  15. Hi Guys, We just bought a lovely Carbon Black 535d and it has beautiful Dark Wood Trim on the inside. However we would like to change this to Aluminium due to colour combinations. It costs 1000 euro new but I would like to give it away free to anyone who want to exchange it for the Aluminium Wood Trim. Anyone? Or Anyone with ideas on how to get the Aluminium Wood Trim?