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  1. Engine noise, any ideas

    Nope, now totally duck free!
  2. Engine noise, any ideas

    Found this video on YouTube which is exactly the same problem I am having with my R32. Does anyone have an idea of what it can be? At first I thought it might be starter motor but I am more inclined to think maybe belt tensioner on auxiliary drive?
  3. Engine noise, any ideas

    Haha yeah rachel will do. I found out what it was by meticulously listening with a bar to my ear and putting the other end on each item like a stethoscope. To be honest after checking everything else that's all that was left. It now sounds so quiet when ticking over which the neighbours now appreciate, as the aircon pump was also faulty so had that done. Thanks all for the help and my sanity!
  4. Engine noise, any ideas

    Just to let anyone know who may have this problem now or in the future. It is now fixed and it was the water pump. There were no other indications that it was failing. Even moving the pump by hand with the belt off revealed no play or restrictive movement. But for the sake of £35 for a new part it was a no brainer for me.
  5. Engine noise, any ideas

    Yeah good plan, I thought of doing that with wd40 but didn't want to get that stuff everywhere, water on the otherhand will just burn off. I'll give it a try. Thanks.
  6. Engine noise, any ideas

    Yeah it's a new belt and tensioner, plus when I took the old tensioner off there was no real difference between them. I read on vwvortex that the water pump could be faulty, as there's a plastic piece on the inside that wears down and then causes the pump pulley to rub. Think I may have to resort to a garage with this one, think I've narrowed down to the water pump location. Such an elusive noise!
  7. Engine noise, any ideas

    Yeah I thought that but the belt is brand new. Can't narrow this thing down. It also only seems to happen when the car is warm and the ambient temperature is warm too.
  8. Engine noise, any ideas

    I guess nobody heard this one then? The mystery continues.
  9. Engine noise, any ideas

    Ok, I've replaced the tensioner and v-pulley belt. So It wasn't that, I'm inclined to think it's the starter so may take it out and clean it. However I have another noise (not having much luck here) which only occurs when the car is hot and sounds like it's coming from the water pump. When I inspected the pulley it seems fine with no play etc. also checked the other two idler pulleys which both seem fine. Alternator is ok too. I'm out of ideas. I did find a YouTube video which has the exact same symptom albeit more frequent;
  10. Engine noise, any ideas

    Haha thanks for the duck suggestion, they usually follow me after a curry! Think the tensioner is the culprit, may take a visit to a VW specialist or dare I say stealer? Thanks guys...
  11. Engine noise, any ideas

    Yeah it's the squeak sound just when the engine starts. I've only just picked up this MkV after missing my old MkIv so just going over it initially. It's only done 27K and all checks out apart from this noise. There's also what sounds like a slight bearing noise coming from same area when running so maybe it is the pulleys like you say.
  12. Engine noise, any ideas

  13. Speaker Grill - Removable?

    Does anyone know if the front Speaker Grill is removable on the Golf Mk4? I have managed to crack mine, and am unsure if I need to renew the whole door panel in order to replace.
  14. Speaker Grill - Removable?

    Aha... thanks riz, i'll get myself down to the dealers when I can then. I hope it is true, as I might have to leave it if it needs a whole new door panel. Thanks again for checking.
  15. OSF Light Washer Cover Stolen

    Well, it has been fine for nearly four years of ownership. There were no cracks on it either. I have looked at the washer jet itself and the tabs that hold the cover in place are still ok. The other side one seems very difficult to remove. I suppose its always a possibility. It just seems too hard to remove, and the car was in the car park for some time. Do you think it is possible? I don't have faith in the 'younger generation' these days, they seem to be getting worse...
  16. OSF Light Washer Cover Stolen

    Just to let you guys know, I had my driver side light washer cover stolen over the weekend. I have reason to believe it happened whilst my car was parked in the XScape car park in Castleford, West Yorkshire on Saturday night. So keep your eyes open if in this area. Got a quote from VW - £12 for the part, and about £15 for painting at a reputable body shop nearby, so not the end of the world, but it's 30 quid I didn't need to spend!
  17. Wanted: Mk4 r32

    No problem, thanks and good luck on the purchase.
  18. Wanted: Mk4 r32

    I was looking at selling mine earlier in the year, but after the dealer gave me a ridiculous price for part-ex I ended up keeping it. I would be willing to sell it for the right price It has become more than just a car to me, but it does tend to have a drinking problem; as they all do! The sensible thing would be to get a more economical car. Mine is a 3 door DBP (Deep Blue Pearlescent) with Cruise, Full Leather, Sun Roof, Climate etc. Winter pack. But does not have factory sat nav. It does have a Pioneer DEH-P85BT with iPod connector in glove box which I would let go with it, but again for the right price. It has done 63,500 miles. Still in tip top condition. Just recently had new rear tyres with the fronts with loads of tread left. There are no marks on the paint work as I have babied it since I bought it when it had only 20,000 miles on the clock. I have serviced it at every service interval, as I don't trust the dealers. I have only ever used genuine parts though. Any more major things that have needed doing, I have had done at the dealers. All receipts and parts used have been logged etc. Let me know if you're interested?
  19. Hakdex service confusion

    That's a ridiculous quote. I've only just done mine a couple of months ago; Haldex Filter - £27.93 Haldex Oil - £12.36 Takes about 15 minutes to do, I would seriously get them to lower that cost. Even with VW charging £90 per hour, it should take a competent engineer at most 20 minutes. That works out at about £65!
  20. Hakdex service confusion

    My local VW didn't even know what a Haldex was! I had to educate them before they knew. Needless to say, I did the service myself. Its actually very simple to do, once you have the removal tool.
  21. Advice needed....Brakes

    Dude definately the best place to buy pads and discs is this guy; eBay.co.uk Shop ? Dsgwagen VAG Parts And Accessories: Search results for. He works for VW in Doncaster and has always managed to get genuine parts for a lot cheaper than most dealers. He did used to list the discs and pads on eBay, but I can't see them there now, I would give him a ring during office hours. I've bought from him lots before.
  22. I know this has been done many times, and have found lots of info on the net for doing the mod. But has anyone managed to do the Flapper Switch mod (courtesy of the guys on VWVortex) without the emissions light coming on, and without the resistor in place? I would ideally like to not have to wire in a resistor, like the DIY thread implies, as I am not liking the idea of wiring a 12v line to the ECU - resistor or not. Any help/ideas would be appreciated.
  23. Anybody with the famous 'Flapper Switch Mod' without Emissions Light

    Haha ill look out for you That's what I've noticed about this car - its the only one I've ever owned where people wave. Suppose it is a rare beauty. I have reverted back to standard now. I think what VW should have done is wire the flapper up to the ESP switch. That way when you're playing with it off, the exhaust note is playing the right tune too. Never mind.
  24. Anybody with the famous 'Flapper Switch Mod' without Emissions Light

    Thanks for the reply... I already have done the old fashioned way of disconecting the hose before. But I went for the switch because I would ideally like to be back to stock when driving late or early etc to keep the neighbours happy. Mmm the solution doesn't look simple then. May have to just opt for the always on route the old fashioned way.
  25. A Little Advice Please

    Ooops sorry, just Googled ETKA - its the parts manual. Ignore me!