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  1. Book Price Please?

    2014 BMW 330d Touring (63 plate) 24k miles FSH Pro Media Thank You in advance!
  2. Car Valuation

    My sides hurt....
  3. Car Valuation

    Can anyone help me with a Glass's valuation?
  4. Hmmmm

    This has been covered over on F30Post also He is an utter knob and deserves a very big slap....
  5. New family motor

    I just cannot get my head around how an organization with depth of VAG cannot sort the offset pedal issue......
  6. GAP - ALA vs Others

    I'm working on the basis of me purchasing gap insurance in the first place with the added flexibility of being able to choose a different car of the same value. I don't think that's unreasonable.... Of course - but there's a big difference between being paid VRI value and RTI value. I want to be 100% clear on that figure and, with ALA, it's far from clear unless you ask the very specific questions.
  7. GAP - ALA vs Others

    VRI is only available on new cars....
  8. GAP - ALA vs Others

    That is the argument Frank Pickles made; Replacement means just that - the means to replace your vehicle with an equivalent model irrespective of the figure you originally paid....
  9. GAP - ALA vs Others

    You are basically confirming what ALA have told me...and contrary to what Frank Pickles and Car2Cover have told me.... However, see below.... : Chat Transcript from Car2Cover: Matt: I have read your policy details for VRI Gap and I have a question Let's say I make a gap claim and I prefer a cash payout If I have VRI Gap rather than RTI Gap, What figure will the shortfall be based on? The invoice price of my car, or the replacement cost of the car. car2cover: Return To Invoice Gap settles on the invoice price, but if you opted for the Vehicle Replacement Gap that settles on the cost of a like for like replacement car...... Our VRI policy does not physically replace the car for you (as we have seen many circumstances where the policy holder does not want the same car) - so the shortfall is paid to the policy holder. Matt: OK - even though that figure would potentially be considerably more than the value I originally paid? car2cover: Yes, VRI is designed to cover price increases - so potentially could cover more than the original invoice price you paid. Matt: OK - that's very helpful. Thank You
  10. GAP - ALA vs Others

    They've been selling general insurance for a long time, but only selling gap for a year or so.... But I agree, they do seem very good and they're only a few miles from me so any problems I can call around and make a fuss
  11. GAP - ALA vs Others

    I don't agree. Three years down the line and I might have fallen totally out of love with my current car and want something different. How may people do you know who always buy the same model car when they change?
  12. GAP - ALA vs Others

    It's a total minefield. I'm having a 'mare.... I took out Vehicle Replacement Insurance with ALA a month ago. I subsequently discovered that with their VRI, if you make a claim and decide you would like a different vehicle, ALA will give you a cash payment, but only based on the RTI (invoice) figure. I wasn't/am not happy about this as it obviously then limits you to either the same car again or a potentially inadequate amount of cash if you bought your vehicle at a discounted figure. The scenario is this: I buy a £42k car but I only pay £32k for it. Therefore, I need VRI as RTI would potentially leave me short. My car, now valued at £15k, is written off, I need to make a claim. My GAP provider offer me another identical car delivered to my door I tell them I would like an Audi next, please can I have the cash instead. They offer me a cheque for £17k. I was expecting a cheque for £27k...... I spoke with ALA about this and the asserted that all GAP works this way. They claim, if I was to get a cheque for £27k I would be in receipt of "issue of betterment" which is in breach of various insurance/financial regulations. I put this to Frank Pickles who tell me it's rubbish and something ALA have dreamt up. So, I set out to cancel my ALA policy today, and haven't. I don't know who to believe and I can't seem to find any independent advice on it.... I don't suppose there's any insurance ombudsmen in the Tyresmoke ranks is there??!!
  13. Sounds like a case of your word against theirs.... and you haven't helped yourself by signing the taxing form docs relating to the wrong car. Good luck.....
  14. Help Me Choose

    Yeh, I think they have the same wheelbase as the 7 (obviously all based on the same 7 platform). I'd have no problem getting 2 Isofits and a middle passenger in one of those bad boys.....
  15. Yet Another GAP Thread...

    Yes, I understand that... I'm on PCP and VRI... That's my point!! With VRI from ALA, they will be buying the car - leaving me with no choice. With VRI from another (Car2Cover), they give you a cheque to the value of your VRI and you can buy whatever you want.... WRT the ALA pricing, seems to be a funny with their calculator. Knock the value up to £36k and the VRI is £25 more expensive... VRI is the more expensive package...