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  1. a friend local to me also has one and has a supercharger fitted - the only one so far we think. Needless to say mine can't keep up with it - I don't even bother trying now.. Very linear power delivery.
  2. Underrated Cars - Nissan 200SX

    I nearly bought one to just use as a track slag. Is there such a thing as an unmodded 200SX now??
  3. drive it and it might just change your mind.. Here is a better video showing its capabilities IMO.. #
  4. Iain Lichfield reckons there are nearer 100 in the UK and with the crap £/yen rate not much more likely to come either..
  5. but seriously I would (and have) advise him to look into the AST suspension upgrade - mine has it and it removes the (head nodding) harshness without compromising the handling.
  6. I own a silver one with a few tweaks - whilst I think its not exactly the best looking performance car on the road, it more than makes up for it with its handling/performance. Its an animal in the corners and just wants to be driven full-on all the time!
  7. CCTV System for home

    how good is the night time vision on the ACM's? I have a Y-cam solution and night vision is reasonable provided the lens cover isn't full of crap from spiders etc..
  8. Driven: Focus RS (Mk2)

    so I see from the 'other side'. well done. Mine has the AST suspension - highly recommended.
  9. Shark - new VAG ECU security?

    who is putting the restriction in? Bosch or VAG?
  10. Driven: Focus RS (Mk2)

    bingo. Enjoy the car. I'm loving mine.
  11. Driven: Focus RS (Mk2)

    does it have a K20A engine?
  12. Middle/Lower back pain

    do you sit down a lot at work/use laptops etc?
  13. Not the Ultimate Driving Machine

    hmm well as a famous quote states: Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try..
  14. Not the Ultimate Driving Machine

    even better - get yourself up to Snetterton tomorrow for a nice cheap trackday with Bjacks and myself! That'll clear the winter M3 cobwebs nicely.
  15. BA Strikes...

    A lot of focus on cabin crew but the rot in BA is deeply engrained. Little wonder the company is fecked - a while ago I worked for a software house implementing supply chain management systems at BA. Most of the BA team including management on our projects had worked on the planes as cabin crew etc prior to their admin/mgmt roles. BA back then had a policy where flight staff can 'early retire from the craft' or due to illness/mobility etc can move into admin jobs in Waterside/Compass. This was rife throughout their operations. There was no substantial management experience with real best practice knowledge. It was a nightmare getting things done. Nobody could make decisions etc, we basically had a licence to print money as frankly their staff didn't have a clue. Little wonder the company is fecked. It was amusing working there though - the men's toilets had KY jelly dispensing machines!
  16. Making a will

    depends on what you've got to leave behind and to whom. As you are married I think your estate will automatically go to your Mrs if you don't leave a will. Only see a solicitor if you have complex financial affairs or want to leave estate in trust etc etc. Otherwise if simple you can pretty much write one yourself on a piece of A4..
  17. Renault banned until the end of 2011

    what a complete whitewash as only you could expect from F1. The whole show's becoming a farce. They will only be banned if they 'repeat' the incident again - like as if they would??
  18. Tuning Box Vs. Remap

    remap all the way from me too however a full custom remap will get the best from the engine etc rather than an off-the-shelf jobbie. There are few people who can do true custom remaps now. Re: MRC - I've experienced Minhea's magic also as have numerous other people. Minhea's a true remapper who really knows the insides of the ECU - and doesn't use other people's technology!
  19. Half Decent MP3

    IIRC there is an EU directive about having FM receivers on MP3 players - I have a Sandisk Sansa and I had to get it from the US as the EU one didn't have the radio built in. I have an Ipod 30gb vid/music and the sansa has far better audio quality out of the box due to custom eq (unless you use rockbox on the ipod!)..
  20. mine just plugs straight into the cig lighter - no probs and I'd imagine the Aldi one's the same. It is also powered via 240v for hotel stays etc. Maybe they are referring to when you have a loo break etc and the cig lighter isn't powered when the keys are out and the film has to be restarted again! Divx capability was essential for my purchase.. My son likes to destroy dvd discs!
  21. The Aldi unit doesn't look too bad - what are the reviews like? we recently bought a Philips device from Halfords. works a treat. Plays divx too like the aldi one. Philips PET 712 Portable DVD from Halfords Price £129.99
  22. Are all Blu-Ray discs created equal?

    Like Chav I use a PS3 for the bluray player as well as a Popcornhour digital streamer and it fits our needs perfectly considering the price. I have mine linked up to a Sony HT-SF1300 all via HDMI which processes HD audio amongst the other formats perfectly well for my ears! You can certainly tell the difference between Dolby 5.1 sound vs TrueHD audio on some films - For example Bladerunner ultimate collectors edition - some cuts of the film are in 5.1 sound whereas the final cut disc is in trueHD. Marvellous stuff! As said, some bluray discs are crap - they're just re-issues of the original dvd with a bit better sound quality on some and more (useless) features. To get the best, get a disc that has been remastered digitally for bluray or has been made specifically with 1080p in mind. I have a link to an active list of these discs somewhere and I'll dig it out later.
  23. For Sale: 4 x F1 GOODYEAR EAGLE F1 ASYMMETRIC 225/40/18 91Y tyres - approx 8mm tread (been on for approx 1.5k miles) great grippy tyres in all conditions. No punctures - recently fitted. No Track usage. £300 ono (no silly offers please) - collection only although can deliver within 60 miles of Chertsey. selling due to me fitting OEM track tyres to my FD2 CTR. Please PM for more details.
  24. B5 RS4

    John's old one is still going strong - lapping the 'Ring regularly apparently Chris.
  25. Tyresmoke Summer Evening Trackdays

    A life sentence at Rolls-Royce Aerospace.. you?