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  1. Golf GTI Monza Refurb

    That looks nice and not a million miles off the original finish. Does it still have a high gloss (shiny) finish?
  2. Golf GTI Monza Refurb

    Unfortunatley it's out of it's warranty by 2 years. I did get them replaced previously when it happened the first time round and now just the one has come back looking worse than ever.
  3. Golf GTI Monza Refurb

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can get 18" Monza 2 alloys refurbed in or around Leeds? I've got some serious corrosion on one alloy in the form of the dreaded milk effect - no curb damage or scuffs though! Thanks
  4. 2007 Golf GTI MK5 Cam belt change???

    I'm definitely getting the cam belt and water pump change next week. After speaking to a few garages and the replies on here, it's a no brainer to get it done.
  5. 2007 Golf GTI MK5 Cam belt change???

    I'm going to do that. Daft not doing them at the same time.
  6. 2007 Golf GTI MK5 Cam belt change???

    Just got a few quotes and they vary by just over £100. The cheapest is a garage near my work and quite a few of my guys have used him and say he is good and best of all... honest! When speaking to him he says it's a grey area and something that doesn't need changing asap, but something to seriously think about in the next month or so. That said, I'm gonna get it booked in next week and get it changed. Don't like the idea of going without beer for a month - I'm gonna pertend I didn't read that.
  7. 2007 Golf GTI MK5 Cam belt change???

    I appreciate what your saying. I'm gonna let the current garage do my service today and meanwhile I'll ring round a few other garages to get some costs. I'll get the cam belt and water pump changed next week. Thanks to the both of you for replying.
  8. 2007 Golf GTI MK5 Cam belt change???

    It's now 4 years old. It just seems a bit odd that on other cars I've had it always gone on miles, but with the GTI it goes on miles and age. I'm just thinking that not many people will rack up 80k on a four year old GTI and it's a way to make money on people that don't do that sort of mileage.
  9. Hi, I've just put my car in for a service and now being told that I need to fork out another £300 for a cam belt and water pump change. The car is four years old, but only done 37k. I've been told by the garage and looked on the vw site that it needs to be changed after 80k or four years. I want to change it as I take care of my car, but can't afford another £300 on top of the service and MOT. I am worried though that if I don't change it, then it will go and I will have to pay out a lot more if it does. Does anyone have any advice or thinks it will be ok for another x amount of miles? Thanks Ben
  10. Climate Control/Fan Noise

    I've also found that when I put ECON on, the noise disappears and it runs fine. Is this something to do with the a/c compressor/dehumidifier?
  11. Climate Control/Fan Noise

    I've got an 07 golf gti. Yes, it's got the three knobs on the climate control with the little lights on each. The middle one has got few to show the amount of air through.
  12. Climate Control/Fan Noise

    Over the past few weeks I've been hearing a little noise coming from the fans for the climate control. You can only really hear it when the fans are on low and it's not very loud, but is annoying. Its a whining and sort of rattling sound. It seems to follow the revs of the engine - if I rev the noise gets louder and when the revs drop, so does the noise. If the climate control is turned off, the noise disappears. Does anyone have any idea what this might be? If so, what needs to be fixed? Hope someone can help me with this, as it's starting to annoy me. Thanks
  13. Monza 2 refurb

    That must have been what the dealer was on about. I didn't think they could just be replacing wheels that were well in their warranty with refurbs! I know I wouldn't be please getting a refurb when my car was only a year old or so. Mines in its last few days of warranty, so I'm just pleased to be getting it replaced.
  14. Monza 2 refurb

    Its a joke how much they charge for a wheel from the dealers. I'm lucky enough to be having one of my monza II's replaced under warranty. I did find out a bit of info from the dealer though, not sure if its totally true though! Apparently Volkswagen don't make them anymore for the mk5, they just refurb faulty/corroded wheels sent back to them under the warranty and then send them back to the dealers claiming they are new. Surely this can't be right?
  15. Tinted Windows on MK5 Golf GTI

    Oh, and thanks for the photos.