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  1. Pirelli Edition GTI.....

    Check out the "updated" official VW website to see the Pirelli Ed30 hybrid!
  2. Pirelli Edition GTI.....

    No, I didn't manage a discount. I'm pretty rubbish at that sort of thing, mind!
  3. Pirelli Edition GTI.....

    Here goes...! Just ordered a Pirelli in Graphite Blue. Was going to go for an Ed30 but was too late so waited, looked at the pictures, talked to the Dealer & decided that although I don't like the rear tints & am slightly concerned about the seat fabric I love the rest of the car & the standard spec so took the plunge. Order is in with delivery round about end June/early July. Extras are Xenons, parking sensors, highline & winter pack (love those heated seats!). Just have to wait now.....
  4. Pirelli Edition GTI.....

    Just spoken to local dealers. They have confirmed there are no more Factory orders for the Ed30, but there are still some cars "in the system." Orders for the Pirelli edition are being taken, with deliveries beginning in June.
  5. ED30 - VW Website

    Yup, the Ed 30 has gone! Just had a look. No change to the GTi spec, though.
  6. Coming up to 2 years & 28,000 miles.Apart from 2 front tyres & 1 service it has only been to the dealers once to fix the (sometimes) folding mirrors. Compares well with my previous A3 which had brake light problems (scary, they went on & off at random) & a failed aircon compressor. Dealers were rubbish too!
  7. US Golf Gti

    Have just read Car & Driver fom December & they have a Mk5 Gti on long term test. It arrived in March 06 costing $25,065. It has DSG box, metallic paint & sunroof & has done 41437 miles. They really like it but they complain about servicing costs. Apparantly VW in America recommend a 5000 oil change, 1st service at 10,000 miles & then every 10,000 miles! The cost to date works out at $1461, which is seen as very expensive. A Mitsubishi Eclipse GT (?) also on test has cost just $432 over 40,000 miles! Their average mpg is 25 & the performance times are interesting. 0 to 60, 0 to 100 & the standing quarter mile, all at 40,000 miles, are virtually identical to the times when new. Variance is 0.01 seconds at most! So much for the engine loosening up!
  8. GTI + Dynaudio Possible ?

    Slightly off topic, but I see the Tiguan has an option for an RCD510 which includes a "Dynaudio soundpack". I would guess it's too late for the Mk5, but may point the way to an upgrade for the Mk6.
  9. ED30 or "Normal" GTI ?

    They have 2 Ed30's at Lakeside VW in Stoke, both on an 07 plate. One in red, a three door manual for £21700 & a black 5 door with DSG for £24000. The red one has a little over 3000 miles on the clock & the black one around 7000.
  10. facelift / Mk6 golf and gti

    The Mk6 is supposed to be getting the same "face" as the Eos so I doubt that they'll do much to alter the front of the Mk5. It would be a good move to give it the Golf+/Passat rear lights,though. I just think the current set up is not very safe as the indicator "disappears" into the brake light on the current set up, when indicating a turn & braking. Apart from that, no complaints after 22,000 miles. I still love it;wish I had the 18's though!
  11. facelift / Mk6 golf and gti

    Hi and welcome to Tyresmoke! Autoexpress this week state that the Mk6 will not be available until 2009. It will be on show at Paris in September 2008 with orders being taken by dealers from December 2008. No news on whether the GTi will be available from launch or whether it will be delayed like the Mk 5 was. There is a rumour that the Mk5 will get the Ed30 engine next year, but no confirmation about that.
  12. Tesco 99

    I've been using BP Ultimate in the main as Shell stations are scarce in sunny Stoke. I've also used various other "Super" versions from Sainsbury's, Morrisons & Texaco. Having now used Tesco 99 I can say that I've noticed the biggest difference, the car seeming more eager & smoother. It's totally subjective but as I have a Tesco at the end of my road (and if they had their way there would be one at the end of everyone's road) I now use it most of the time.
  13. Cracked windscreen

    I asked when setting up the appointment & was told it would be an original VW part. Don't know if that's their usual practice but was glad to hear it!
  14. Cracked windscreen

    Work done in 30 minutes and it seems fine. The fitter did mention that the original glass was quite thin - and the replacement is the same which gives them some problems in fitting. I've tried the wipers & no problems. Just need some rain to check for leaks!
  15. Cracked windscreen

    Thanks for the positive feedback! I'm waiting for them to turn up at the moment, so I'll let you know how it goes. I do love this forum - always good advice & information!