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  1. Just got my new A4 S-line SD and very happy with it I am. One question I have is what does the shark fin do with bluetooth phone prep? I was slightly surprised to see one on the car knowing that it had no phone prep option added. I'm assuming that this makes no difference to the reception for the paired bluetooth phone?
  2. Valuation?

    I went around a similar decision just a few weeks back when my Golf GTi finished it's PCP. My issue was that VW are just asking too much now for a Golf and there is something messy about the dash layout in the Mk6 that I just couldn't live with. I got very close to a 3 Series coupe but my budget only really stretched to a 320d and a 3 door car is not really an option. So in the end went with an A4 2.0Tq ; I actually found it felt smaller to drive than I expected coming from a Golf and the extra traction plus to interior made it for me. At the end of the day when you are stuck in a jam having a great stereo and a really nice interior can make all the difference. I feel the same about the c -class great looks outside but nasty plastics and finish inside. S4 would have been ideal but couldn't make the maths work that hard
  3. Electric Seats Memory ??

    Ordered a new A4 S-line SD and one of the options on the car was electric seats (not my first choice but couldn't wait for factory order) and I wondered if they come with a memory option for drivers side ? Does anyone have electric seats on B8 MY2010 ? Do they remember driver position with key? Thanks
  4. Have GTI sales dropped?

    Petrol prices must play a part here; although as hot hatches go the Gti isn't bad it's still expensive to run with today's news and petrol going up weekly.
  5. R32 Brakes on a GTI

    me neither found a US website that does sell pads but shipping cost is same as pad prices. http://www.ecstuning.com
  6. R32 Brakes on a GTI

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for improved brake pads ? Where can you get them from and are they easy to fit? Thanks
  7. DSG Creep !!

    Hmmm will try again pretty sure I had it as per the above S mode with ESP off (is the sequence of these events important?) and was not free revving but straining against brake ... took off like a scorched rat mind but the feeling of mechanical strain was not right.
  8. DSG Creep !!

    I agree this is normal only use handbrake in N. On a side point does anyone know how this bit of DSG works? Are the clutch plates partially engaged? Is this why getting the claimed 0-60 time is difficult from rest in DSG? i.e. you need to get the computer to fully engage the clutch quickly but without wheel spin. I understand about launch control in S mode but its not really something you can use allot is it. I tried it once and it worked but the mechanical strain of the engine against the footbrake felt bad like something would give out if you repeated this regularly.
  9. Picked up 2nd GTi today

    Thanks TT, yes it was a really nice day for it !
  10. Picked up 2nd GTi today

    I picked up my second GTi today swapped my silver 5dr DSG for a diamond black one. Had interesting discussion with dealer about cruise control; the dealer said that the dealer fit cruise was a "very messy job" and also invalidated your VW warranty. I questioned this and they were keen to move the conversation on, I think it was just an excuse for not getting it done as part of PDI. Anyway will get it done by my local dealer who was more than happy to fit it. Overall very happy with the new model, armrest is a welcome addition on motorways. However, I noticed a few areas of trim where corners seem to have been cut, quality of switchgear seems sightly lower for example. On the mechanical side noticed that brakes seemed to have more bite than previous 06 model. But biggest difference was the steering which is much lighter and with much less weight in fast corners. I'm on the fence about this at moment think it has same level of feedback and seems slightly more direct but would still like a little more weight. Other than that its same again; First time I have ever had same car twice... and more to the point been very happy with the choice to stick with the same again
  11. Test drove a MK5 Gti today...

    Er on a new build leather is standard now and cruise is a £160 dealer fit extra which I'm having done as part of PDI. It is one of the more reasonable options, and much cheaper than factory fit. I think the extent to which you notice understeer depends on your driving style, tyres and your previous experience. The thing to remember is you can't full throttle it with full lock on otherwise it will simply pull wide, you can carry quite high speeds into a tight corner but don't expect to mash the right peddle until you are unwinding the lock. Although top gear and the like talk about lift off oversteer in FWD cars my experience is that this is not a game for the road. I did a lot of looking and for a new car just recently I was struggling to think of anything else on the market which ticked the boxes... and I couldn't afford a 335 so its a Gti again !
  12. Mistake!!!!

    This all seems a bit strange to me, I don't really see the big difference between the ED30 and Pirelli edition. OK so seats and wheels but really its just the ED30 essentially with a couple of options. To my mind VW haven't stopped producing it they have just changed the name of the GTi special edition and carried on with a 230bhp GTi run. Really this is all about "feeling" that you have paid extra for something special and unique in some way, which is fine as far as it goes (i'm not against this and actually would have been up for it if the style was less retro) but I'm not sure I could get out of my tree over the exact total no. of an un-numbered special edition run. I'm not at all surprised that glasses guide n co said it makes no odds, I don't think that the rarity is effecting the value much if at all.
  13. Please help me value this GTI

    Sounds a bit low to me ... I had a similar dealer offer for cash on mine and I would have expected the leather to count in your favor. Although now it's standard maybe its not valued at all anymore.
  14. Rns510 installed on my ed30

    This looks great and sounds easier to fit than you would imagine. One question I have is how do the units "become" available on ebay in the first place? I mean I can't really think of any situation in which you would end up with one which was going spare. Am I being naive or is there a perfectly legit way for ebay sellers to be passing these on???
  15. Did I Pay To Much For My Gti?

    No sorry you can't get close ...I have looked very hard and long. Absolute best I have seen for a loaded spec like that is allbrandsnew and they have a candy white one with similar spec but without sunroof and sat nav for £22.5K. This is an EU import (nothing wrong with that but need to factor into price). By the time you have added sat nav, sunroof and metallic paint you are looking at something closer to £23.5K On a 55 plate from a dealer I would have expected to pick up that car for £18K anything more is too much IMO. On a new UK car you can't get much better than 10% discount from the best UK brokers.