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  1. Rear Door Window switch

    Hi Folks, Just a wee quick question..... Do I need to remove the complete door trim if I want to replace the rear window switch which has been pushed inside the door... Or is it possible to remove just the door inside door pull/handle? Thanks Mike
  2. A3 with Pulsing Interior lights ?

    Thanks for that.... Have just noticed that neither the bonnet or boot shows open on the DIS whereas each door does.... But have yet to observe the fault condition which triggers the interior light etc..... Thanks again for the pointers..... Mike
  3. A3 with Pulsing Interior lights ?

    Thanks Cuprabob, Is there one in each door or is there just the one module ? Any idea where it would be located ? it does sound like a moisture around module problem.... Thanks Mike
  4. HI Folks Here's a good one..... The wife's 2002 1.9 Tdi A3 (8L) has started behaving badly. When she stops the car and gets out the interior lamp fades out as normal but then fades back on again, and then oscilates on and off, She is unable to lock the car as ultimately the alarm gets set off. I hve scaned with VCSD but can see nothing wrong. I have put a new battery into it as her original was quite old but it is still happening. Any words of wisdom? thanks Mike
  5. Paint Analysis ??

    Sorry for the delay .... Just a wee update..... Managed to get the CCTV material from security and sent it to my insurance Co. They passed it on to the other party's insurance who took one look at it and told me to go ane ghet my car fixed. Took this **** 30 mins to get out of a car park space hit my car and drove into the railings twice in the process..... all at 1300 lunchtime.... They couldn't understand why she had denied it..... M
  6. Paint Analysis ??

    Yep they talked about civil action as opposed to criminal .....bottom line they wern't interested :mad: I pointed out that if I slashed someone's tyres in the car park they would have investigated so what was the difference..... Problem is I can't find anywhere that will do paint analysis never mind about what it costs. So thats the question.....where can I get independent analysis carried out ? Any suggestions.....
  7. Paint Analysis ??

    OH Yes my insurance co. is interested in the footage Unfortunately by the time I was told by the car park security that I need to get my insurance co. to request the footage, there is a question mark as to wheather the footage is still available. Apparently I can't request the material it has to come from the insurance co. It just took 3 weeks for them to tell me this..... There are 3 cameras looking at it and as far as I was concerned the footage should have been "Ring fenced" as soon as a request was made irrespective of where it came from.... Feet and the dragging of I think......... So Just in case ...the only physical evidence the I have in my posession is the paint on my car...hence the question..... Police forensic's arn't interested........ Any Ideas....... M.
  8. Paint Analysis ??

    Hi Folks, Had my car hit in a private carpark.. other driver drove off before I got there.:mad: She is now denying hitting my car despite the event being caught on camera. Her car was between my car and the camera at time of damage so you don't see my car move.... I do have paint transfer on my car.. So here's my question. Is there anywhere I can get the paint transfer analysed or sampled...... The police aren't interested as it happened in a private carpark.. Please Help M.
  9. Just spotted this request...... How'd you get on ? I'm in belfast with limited VAGCOM experience tho Vers 4.09 I think....But will help if needed...... M
  10. Headlight Washer Retrofit

    Hi Guys, Has anyone tried to add headlight washers to a B6 2003 A4 with Lowline electrics. Due to an incident with a hill, a handbrake and a gatepost I will need to "Fix" my front bumper, and therefore was pondering the possibility of retrofitting headlight washers at the same time, But the car has Lowline electrics... Anybody got any ideas or pointers? Thanks Mike
  11. What Audi Centre is 976 ?

    HI Folks, Does anyone know which audi centre has the directory code "976" ? And how to contact them. My centre listing only goes up to "899" Apparently they had my car before me. I need to check its history. Thanks Mike
  12. B6 lowline to highline

    Nooo Not me Mate...Believe me you don't want me messing about with your car. 1. I'm over in Belfast..... What's your 20 ? 2. You need to see Ben (Shark90) He's the man to sort you out. In my book "He's D' Man" for cruise and DIS. CraigB did the satnav retro. But If there is anything I can help with...No Problem. Mike
  13. B6 lowline to highline

    Looked into this one a while get the home coming light etc to work... Eventually gave up looked too complex for me. Practically involved re-wiring the lighting circuits as the control box takes over the switching insted of the light switch..if that maked sense.... Sorry But good luck if you suceed... Mike
  14. A3 8L Rear parking sensor Photo's

    Thanks for the thought Paul, I fitted sensors to my A4 a few years ago , with it the positions were marked on the underside of the bumper. With the A3 there is a black piece below the bumper where I think the sensors go but I cannot find any marks. I haven't tried to remove the complete bumper yet to see if there is anything behind it, that was why I thought if I could have a look at a factory fit version then I would know where to look... Thanks again Paul M.
  15. Hi Folks, Would any of you kind people here with an A3 8L "2002 ish" and rear parking sensors, be able to post a picture of your rear bumper, so that I can see where the sensors are placed.:D I have previously fitted sensors to my a4 B6, but the back side of the rear bumper had the positions already marked. Its now the turn of the Misses A3. I;m not sure if they go on the coloured bit of the bumper of the black bit at the bottom. She drives a 2002 A3 TDI SE 5 door (8L) A wee photo of the rear bumper would be very much appreciated My gate will also be thankful:o Thanks a million Mike