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  1. just read on max power website that ben linney owner of GT culture and that white GTR has dyno'd his car and it ran 520bhp way above the nissan official figures. I would copy and paste the article but I'm on my iPod
  2. Little Big Planet

    Well as it lingers closer. Whos getting it? Whos beta testing it? Ive borrowed a promo copy of the full game so will be playing that for a while till release. Is there anything anyone wants me to try?
  3. Xbox Repairs?

    Bung a towel round it, make it overheat, then you get 3 red lights, sorted
  4. Hi guys, As part of my job, I have been offered a tomtom go 940 live, however I wont use it, or need a 400 odd pound satnav, so im offering it to you guys, I will be paying £314.99, but i will let it go for a bit less as i need to use it a couple of times first. Any takers?
  5. Little Big Planet

    Rizz, No mic? We've been having fun with stickers and decorations and sticking them to eachother.
  6. Little Big Planet

    If your on later il invite you for some online play, its so fun but a bit laggy at times.
  7. Replacement for the 350Z - The 370Z

    It looks like a fish, but I like it, and I don't even like fish.
  8. Candidates for worst paint job ever.

    Going against the grain, but if you take off the side vinyl, i dont think thats too bad.
  9. Mirrors edge

    I hear really really good things about this from a someone i know whos played it.
  10. Little Big Planet

    Im not into these sorts of games either, The story line i can see getting quite dull. But the creator is where its at, Im very uncreative though but the possibilities are endless, Im simple so i got a skateboard, some wood on the back and 3 rockets and a huge ramp at the end, then when i was midair hit anotheer whitch with a bottom mounted rocket and went skyward. But i cant for the life of me make a useable level. However someone said to me it to the PS3 is what youtube is the internet. The addition of new ideas means you can do anything. Very cool.
  11. Little Big Planet

    Its a platform game thats being heralded as sony's biggest game for the PS3 (Only ps3 i think) and it was indeed held back till november due to 2 words from the qur'an being used in the background music.
  12. Call of Duty 5 MP Beta

    Ive got a Beta key but no 360 anymore Gonna give this a go over the weekend at a mates.
  13. G/I: tomtom go 730T

    Enough to warrant getting rid of it now, make me an offer. PM if you prefer.
  14. G/I: tomtom go 730T

    Hi guys, just gauging interest, basically an auntie of mine bought me a go 730T as she heard I was driving (im actually still on lessons,) Anyway, me being a scummy student, im contemplating selling it and buying a cheaper satnav when i pass, as i should have more money then. Sooo Brand new 730T anyone?
  15. Cheerleaders. USA vs UK

    *Sigh* I so live in the wrong country
  16. WipeoutHD finally available...

    Reyt Now ive played a race and found out there are different speed classes. So im now stepping up to phantom (the quickest) to see if its better. Online is fine, could be mega fun with a group
  17. WipeoutHD finally available...

    I always remembered it being a lot more fast paced so im not too sure. Zone mode is awesome, basically its a survival and every stage the ship gets faster and faster and your not allowed to crash too much. on the online front there is an option to setup slots for friends so ye all is well, i got a message saying we are aware of issues connecting but im going to give it a bash and see what happens.
  18. WipeoutHD finally available...

    Im downloading this now, has anyone else got it yet?
  19. Travian - whos playing?

    Ive been attacked like 8 times already
  20. Travian - whos playing?

    I just signed up on the speed server, may aswell give it a crack
  21. My first rocco

    I saw my first scirocco today about 15 minutes ago, White one and was pulling in off the main road. I couldn't help but feel its a very refreshing car so much better then the normal mundane hatch.
  22. Omg

    Simply OMG. You know the saying, you dont think anything of it until it happens to you, well this has to be as close as ive got and its now hit home that this stuff happens to every day people. I heard shouting, And tyre screaches to see my neighbour get knocked out of the way for his A3 3.2 S line. If I had a car i'd have followed. But alas I dont yet so I run outside to see if hes okay and hes shaking like a ****ting leaf. Now I thought it was all scare stories and nothing compares to some of the ones ive read on here, but ive never seen a car being stolen im still young and nieve and this has got me in a big way. He's a good guy and didn't deserve this, and you get that feeling of I wish theres more I could do, the dumb scrotes couldn't drive it with the DSG. Im now shaking too and proper pooing myself. Its brought home that all the expensive cars my brother brings home could have been much the same. So to all the TSN'ers who have had similar experiences, I salute you for getting on with life, because god knows I dont get how anyone copes.
  23. Omg

    Chorlton in Manchester. Which I suppose explains most of it.
  24. A3 Cab wins Women's Car of the Year...

    You've bought another R8? Any pictures? So go on then what does a person have to do for you to get a free car? doesn't have to be as expensive as the A3 cab.
  25. 0-60 etc on your ipod/iphone?

    This is very cool, I dont have a car so tried it on a train, seems farely accurate