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  1. Ibiza Cupra TDi 160

    I test drove one of these, and tbh I hated it. The interior was horrible, silvery painted plastic looked terrible. The trim didnt even seem to fit properly So decided to go for the fabia vRS - cheaper and although older, seemed better quality. And yes my R32 is going too
  2. R32 v Remapped Gti ?

    [ QUOTE ] It depends how you drive but I've never found torque steer (I assume you mean understeer) a problem. [/ QUOTE ] torque steer isn't understeer, its when you accelerate and the power 'grabs' the steering wheel. It's a limitation of FWD really. This is the main reason I think chipped FWD cars suffer.. getting the power down in anything other than the dry is very hard! (And even then its difficult). I imagine once moving that the remapped GTI would be quicker thru the gears tho. [ QUOTE ] Probably the biggest problem with 4WD is that when it loses it, it loses it big time! If I had an R32 the first thing I would want to do is a CarLimits course to find the car's limits. [/ QUOTE ] What a wierd comment. When you reach the limits of 4WD you get a 4WD drift wide a bit like understeer but easier to control.. and I have to say thats pretty hard to do in the R. RWD is more scary when it 'loses' it.. or is that fun ... I can never tell I love being able to boot the car away from any junction in any weather without a hint of wheelspin, makes driving a lot easier IMHO. Personally if I was buying new now I'd probably go for the GTI, mainly cos I hate the looks of the new R32; although once you've driven the R for a while and got used to the loverly V6 sound, you won't want to go back trust me!
  3. Poor dyno result, whats wrong with her?

    I was browsing the Awesome GTI web site, and came across a list of their rolling road results. There are a few R32s which have run, and their figures are in the low 200's (and this is a 4wd rolling road). So I wonder if your result is actually in line with other rolling road results? See Awesome GTI Page
  4. Storing database info into an array

    Your lecturer is probably trying to teach you about arrays by getting you to load info from a DB into one. Arrays aren't used as much nowadays, and especially not for database objects, as you can use ado recordsets to manipulate the database objects. In VB you also now have the collection object which can take away a lot of the hard work of arrays. It is useful to understand how arrays work though, as they will come in useful from time to time. Basically it would work something like this (harking back to my VB days) Dim myArray() as string redim (preserve) myArray(10) - giving you 10 elements in your array (preserve allows you to redimension your array keeping the existing elements) for i = 1 to 10 myArray(i) = whatever(i) next this would add ten entries to the myArray array. Each element can be accessed thru 1-10 (or possibly 0-9 depending on what your base is).
  5. Cooled Glovebox

    [ QUOTE ] I thought this was an interesting item on the standard spec list of the Mark V R32, and is something that the A3's don't have - which I find surprising given that they are Audis (and supposedly the 'premium' marque) and share the same basic climate control hardware. Is this feature any good/useful/worth having? Views please! [/ QUOTE ] I've got it on my Skoda Octavia, along with the cooled armrest. Basically its just an extra vent from the climate system which you can open or close. The Octavia has movable vents for the back seat passengers, so I cant imagine it was much hard work on their part to drill an extra hole into the arm rest box! To be honest we havent used either yet, although it has been winter - i'm thinking it might be more useful over summer?? So is it worth having... errr can't really say yet! To be honest I bet if we go away for a long drive over summer - we would take a cool box, as you cant really fit much in either the glove box or the armrest, so I'm betting we dont use them much. Still if its free - who cares?
  6. Calling all MKIV owners

    1. Not sure will check later. 2. Yes.. been into VW three times, each time it wouldnt perform on demand for the engineers. Finally yesterday it happened when an engineer was present. He said he would order a set of various pulleys which are in the region of where the noise is coming from to see if that cures it. Will report back once VW fit them.
  7. Should I get some CONTINENTAL - SPORT CONTACT 2

    I'm getting these fitted to my car today. Being a company car I didnt get a choice what they fitted.. as apparently PS1s arent made any more.. Also the garage seemed to think PS2s are run flats and only available in BMW fitment... hmm.
  8. Cam Chain!!

    Holy crap - my car has this squeeking noise too! I have it booked in next week to have it looked at. The noise my car makes happens all of the time, not just when the clutch is pressed in.
  9. [ QUOTE ] Have decided to sell my ML, looking at new ML or Cayenne. Approached the dealer for a trade in, they did an HPI check and now no longer want to do the deal as my car has been stolen / recovered twice. This is true but on both occassions it was recovered due to Tracker and both times undamaged, first time was 5 days, second time 45 mins. Both times keys were taken after my house was broken into. My car is now tarnished forever and this has decimated its value. Had I not bothered with a Tracker it may not have been recovered leaving the insurance company to pay out twice, so that would have been over £50k. As a consumer I have done everything correctly. Tracker are happy as I pay their subscription, the insurance company are happy as I have paid my increasing renewal fees, the Police are happy as the criminals did not profit from their crime, but I am left with a car that I now cannot sell at anything like its true value, so who's the sucker !!!!! Tracker do not make you aware of this when you buy their product and neither does the insurance company when you report the theft. This cannot be right. [/ QUOTE ] How did they know it was stolen/recovered? If the car is recovered to the owner (as I assume it was) - there will be no record on any HPI check. I know from my own experience this is the case, as I ran my own HPI check on my car after it was stolen/recovered back to me - and there was no record of the incident.
  10. fans

    [ QUOTE ] Yeah - climate is always on Auto, unless it demisting the front screen. Fair enough about driving around town, but to cut in a minute or two after startup? Surely the engine can't generate that much heat in such a short space of time, especially when idling. [/ QUOTE ] Just had mine replaced too. I think mine was related to the air con fan, as the main engine fan was kicking in every 30 seconds or so even when the engine wasnt warm. Apparently this is because its compensating for the air con fan. Anyway all ok now after being changed.
  11. Big Boys Toys Today!!

    [ QUOTE ] Ok, just to clarify this i have been told again by a tech unless you have the codes in front of you,they will not be able to tell it's been mapped otherwise by driving it, thats why i have got the sps1 with my map so i can switch back to stock. Unless they have they code book in front of them they cannot tell unless you have had a chip which involves removal of the ECU and it has blatenly been tampered with. [/ QUOTE ] Actually with REVO its even easier for them to spot its been chipped, cos REVO locks the chip so that the dealer cant overwrite the code (i.e. 6463 update etc). Unless they have changed that now. Having said that I remember there were a few people a while back who had had the REVO trial software, and when they went for the 6463 update had their ECUs swapped cos the dealers thought they were fecked! So whether a stealer would actually spot... dunno!
  12. REVIEW : TomTom Go 700

    Yep I'm interested in a group buy too. Was thinking of the 500 but consider 700 depending on price. Website Prices for the 500 £470 here £486 here £469 at Comet £469 at BlueUnplugged.com £469 at Dixons Website Prices for 700 £549 from Comet (same price at Amazon) £545 from BlueUnplugged.com £549 at Dixons
  13. REVIEW : TomTom Go 700

    Thanks for the review, was thinking of getting the 500 so i think you've just made up my mind for me. Regarding the bluetooth phone access, the TomTom website seems to say only a few phones are compatible with phonebook access. - but are you saying you can copy your phonebook to the TomTom unit? Also is there any way of connecting it to a stereo, for auto muting etc? TIA.
  14. Anyone!!!

    Bizarre, i think this is exactly what I've been experiencing. I was thinking the fans were loud, and cutting in all of the time, even when the engine wasn't that hot!
  15. [ QUOTE ] is the revo software really invisible to the dealer as it states on thier website??? [/ QUOTE ] Nothings ever truly invisible, just depends how much the dealer wants to find it! IMHO Revo is more likely to be found because of the way they store the maps on the ECU, but is a dealer really likely to check? Dunno, maybe in the event of engine failure they just might... I'd always work on the assumption that a dealer can spot the upgrade, then you know the risks you are taking.