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  1. Tin foiled R8 in Manc

    I've seen this before at Cheshire Oaks - Audi - looked pretty good in real life
  2. Hungarian GP thread

    That move on Rubens is perhaps the most dangerous thing I have ever seen in F1 - if the wall had continued we would have been looking at a nasty if not fatal accident. Schumacher's return to F1 is at best poor. Webber enjoyed over taking him today :-)
  3. What do you think of this interior?

    Did he spec this S4 too Crewe Audi want £40K for this!!! I do like the cinnamon interior above though.
  4. I am at a point where I need to sell mine - as its too small to have two kids in the back. I drive with the seat right back and my youngest son has no room at all. I know I will really regret selling it is such a great car. I've enjoyed the car evolving into what it is today. I've done pretty much the same mods as you Mook and a few more and its pretty much perfect now. Having said that its value seems to be going up at the moment so it could be a good time to sell up. I know its something I will regret.
  5. 'Grace' Spitfire

    What an amazing site that must have been, Good pictures too
  6. Revo stage 2 and extras

    Great figures Keith - nice one :top: What are you plans now? BT?
  7. Bobby Robson

    Sadly he has just died RIP Bobby.
  8. Bobby Robson

    Top top bloke, very sad. Italia 90 still stirs up great emotion for me, we were so so close. Bobby has more passion for the game than all the England managers since him put together.
  9. Hitler finds out Michael Jackson is dead

    The Ronaldo and Ferguson one was funny though.
  10. I really hope Button makes it, Red Bull look good at mo, Ferrari are upping their game and hopefully they can take some points of Vettel/Webber in the run in.
  11. I can read it too - directly quote below.
  12. R32 OC Rolling Road day at Awesome-Gti

    I have very similar mods on mine and love it to bits - its made selling the car and finding an alternative very difficult.
  13. With the new firmware it doesn't take long at all for music to play. Phone connects after twenty seconds or so. SAT NAV isn't rapid, but not slow either. I can time how long it takes from start up to a:) when you can see the map, and b:) when you can input a destination if you like? No pitfalls at all. iPod control is quick and intuitive. Superb unit. I have changed my front and rear speaker to Focals as well, and the sound is amazing.
  14. I have one of these in my mark IV R32 and love it to bits, great piece of kit.