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  1. Hi, does anyone have any feedback on the above black wheels, for example what they are like to maintain and keep clean, kerb scratches? I am contemplating buying a one year old 2.0 TSI white with the 19 inch black alloys, just wanted some advice. Thanks
  2. New 2.0TSI Scirocco - Revo map loaded.

    What's the crack with insurance on a revo remap? How much more???
  3. Buying second hand 3 series

    I have checked insurance for the 325 and 330i, they are both the same. The 335i is too expensive looking at £1115. There are so many 320d for sale! I do like the gun metal grey colour though with red interior, have had a black car last time and it was high maintenance to make it look good. Just like you say there aren't that many about, have looked on ebay, autotrader, pistonheads and bmw approved.
  4. Buying second hand 3 series

    Budget is about £22k. Is is the same tax category, got to think of refuelling as well. How much does it cost to fill a tank? Also, insurance might be more?
  5. Buying second hand 3 series

    Have just sold my car and want to buy a 3 series coupe. Thinking of the 325i M sport or the 330d M sport. Any advice?
  6. biscuits....are you mad...that sounds like the worst scam ever...I'm not interested in any swap deals either roberto, just want the money. Cheers
  7. No pies or food anymore, just cash please. Thanks
  8. If your blonde, big tits then yeh...if not **** off!!!
  9. Guys, if your not interested in my car can you please not chat each other up in my thread...I am actually trying to sell my car, don't need people reading comments about what your up to. Thanks
  10. Sorry guys, i'm not accepting food as an offer for my Golf, it would have to be a lorry load of pasties...
  11. Is the car sales market slow or what?! Nothin doin....
  12. Anyone interested in my car, make me an offer?
  13. Am located in Manchester and didn't mention that it is a Manual.