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  1. Hi Gang, The increase in diesel prices has prompted a rethink, so I am wondering what the 2.0 FSI Engine (in a B7 2.0 FSI S-SLine Special Edition) will give me. All comments welcome. Many Thanks Brian
  2. Audi Accessories Styling Kit for the B8 A4...

    Well if they do an optics pack and lose the window alu-trim, it may just bring me back into the fold...
  3. Audis are driven by twats (mostly)

    Bah! You're all closet passat drivers! Speaking of which I was just pulling out of the drive, and guess what.. Nearly hit by.. a Black Passat! Right! which one of you was it? Own up!
  4. Audis are driven by twats (mostly)

    Hey atleast it goes unlike that knackered M3 I had...
  5. Audis are driven by twats (mostly)

    There certainly are more 2.0TDI S-Line A4's on the road these days, seems to be the "Company Car" of choice these days as BMW seems to have out priced themselves. This may account for the upsurge in nobbers in A4's... Hopefully, Audi's prices will go up and then the nobbers will be back where they deserve.. In VW Passats... The poor man's take on "Compact Exec"...
  6. White Cars are HOT!

    Alas history may repeat itself... Remember when these white cars were "fashionable"... This years must have, may become a Chav Chariot in a few years time...
  7. Some twat -100mph 6" off car in front - texting

    There are serious knobbers on this site, as in the actual people that post on there (not the reported "offenders"). Lots of "Divas" looking for the opportunity to whine and exaggerate about the incident. We've all had our share of road rage, experience shows that if you go looking for it - you'll find it... It's part of driving life alas...
  8. One very, very, SAD individual!

    Outside of McD's at the Meteor Centre in Derby - a white Lincoln MkVIII Coupe with Californian number plates... As to the driver, what can I say, he was dressed in black - cowboy hat, black shirt, cowboy belt, black jeans, and cowboy boots. Sporting what had to be the most fake american accent ever - he proceeded to try and chat up one of the staff as she emptied the bins. What a first class c**t... Words fail me! Apologies to the easily offended for the expletive!
  9. Well I use the Syrius on a daily basis, and it is an excellent piece of kit. The fact that it will run for 3 hrs without the need to recharge is most handy, as most of my journeys are about that in each direction. The speed camera stuff is better than my previous Snooper S4 , as you only get alerted to what is on your side of the road this time (unlike the S4). The quality of the navigation also surpasses the Becker 7945 that I used to have in the A4. All-in-all, throughly recommended... Looks better than the Indago too! HTH!
  10. M3 Tail of Woe - advice appreciated -

    Seems that poor old RE53 BAV had "issues"... I had a long chat with the previous owner this afternoon, and in summary the car had a very poor history of mechanical reliability. Here's the short list of work done to it - - Two complete new engines - One new SMG gear box - Seven hydraulic actuators - One SMG Control Unit The represents the best part of £30K! The car was finally taken back by BMW, and later resurfaced in the independent dealer network. Looks like I had a lucky escape from this one!
  11. Well he now has both my Mercs under his wing, and my business with Sports Tech is assured for many years to come.
  12. M3 Tail of Woe - advice appreciated -

    Thanks Gizze.. I've appended my story to one of the open threads on there, and also on BMWLand. Cheers Brian
  13. M3 Tail of Woe - advice appreciated -

    Chaps, Thanks for the feedback, but the car has gone back to IMC. The defect list - as at time of supply - - SMG pipes three out of four not fastened down, this resulted in the slave cylinder fluid loss / replacement (fixed by Sports Tech) - Two very loose bell housing bolts (fixed by Sports Tech) - Failed SMG Control Unit (fixed by Woods at Hook) - Missing Front Strut Brace IMC bought the car back for £2K less than I paid, to be honest I was glad to see the back of it. BTW: The car is RE53 BAV
  14. Having finally took the plunge, I bought a 53 plate SMG M3 back in May. Four weeks after purchase, the car failed in a semi-dramatic way as all the SMG pump fluid spilled out on to the A516, 400m from my house. The fault was traced to the slave cylinder feed pipe which had come loose. Further investigation found that this was the result of the pipes being incorrectly refitted after some gear box work. To compound the issue, the car had gone into the local BMW dealer before I collected it for a suspected electrical fault... Two electrical connectors inside the gear box were replaced. With the pipe and slave cylinder replaced, my car should have been up and running again... Alas no, both the gear box temp sensor and gear position sensor were both passing back erroneous data. So.. I'm spending tomorrow in a flat bed lorry and the car is going back to the BMW dealer for an SMG control unit. Luckily, all the major expense has been covered under warranty. It really has taken the gloss out of the M3 ownership experience, as I've spent a lot of time and money trying to get the thing spot on. The final straw was being offered £3K less than I paid for it to take it off my hands (this being the original seller). 53 Plate SMG Coupe in Carbon Black / Black Leater (no sat nav). Paid £23K for it, any ideas as to what it is really worth? All feedback appreciated, as always from TSN'ers!
  15. Mine came in on an AA truck alas... The problem as I see it, is that they are over subscribed for the service they can provide from that site. Having got rid of the Mini franchise to the old Derby Audi site, some clever person in Stratstone decided to stick their old trade ins on the BMW site and open a new franchise... Bonkers!