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  1. News - All New Volvo V70 Lauched

    No T5 version either Although it will have a twin-scroll 3 litre straight-6 @ ~286bhp with a 350bhp version on the way. Oh yea, it looks crap too!
  2. Underground Road Race

    [ QUOTE ] You gave the 307 a good review? I've never driven a more "disconnected" car, and that includes the 1987 Mercedes 190E Auto I've driven all this week!! [/ QUOTE ] Thats the strange thing. Driven normally, its very disconnected. Its a bit wallowy and the steering is over assisted and everything is too "light". But when *really* pushing it, it still wallows, but it is just so easy to control. Ours was fitted with 17" Alloys and 205 width P Zero Rosso rubber which might have helped. I'd never buy one in a million years, but I was impressed with the handling when pushing on.
  3. Underground Road Race

    [ QUOTE ] Gotta love those Pug diesels!! [/ QUOTE ] Very impressive. I've driven the 407 with the new HDi 136 before but it just felt a lot more peppy in the 307. Bit of turbo lag but past 2.5k it sparkles. Seems to hit into a brick wall at about 160Kmh though. Wonder what they can be mapped to.
  4. Underground Road Race

    [ QUOTE ] I fail to see how you can expect a positive response to this. [/ QUOTE ] I don't expect one. I don't condone it, but it was the most adreniline pumping night of my life. In its defence, in the 48 miles we met no other cars at all and it was through possibly the most rural area of France there is. There is no 'racing' between cars, only against the clock. Bit like the Gumball - you just can't condone it at all, but yet bloody fun to watch or participate in.
  5. Underground Road Race

    3am in the middle of France. Crisp clear November night, 8 degrees. Zero traffic. Zero police. 48.47 miles point-to-point in two stages. Mixture of roads, some long straights and plenty of twisty mountain roads all perfectly surfaced. Travelling at the speed limit stage one should take 40m and 35s with an average of 37.6MPH. Target for stage one is 25 minutes or 60MPH average speed. I completed my stage in 25m45.6s with an average of 59.34MPH in a Peugeot 307 HDi 136 6-Speed courtesy of Europcar. A car that is so neutral on and past the limit that drifting sideways around corners felt as natural as doing 70mph around the M25. I was a passenger for the second stage. Possibly one of the most scariest nights of my life, but also one of the most exciting. I can see why underground road racing has such a following in certain countries. Awesome.
  6. Motor manufacturer advertising wars...

    I thought it was the CEO or some other big cheese of Bentley.
  7. Insurance question.....

    No you are not allowed to drive it. The other car has to be insured in its own right for your third party cover to be valid.
  8. Pipeline Card

    Like most people I signed up to it back when it was first launched. There was promise after promise about when it would be ready. Nothing has materialised. Interestingly, a company I do some freelance work for enquired to a major fuel retailer about fuel cards and was immediately offered a discount for moving the companies fuel account to that particular retailer from another. This is a small to medium sized company with approx 500 company cars. So I am at somewhat of a loss to try to understand why this Pipeline card cannot get off the ground. They have a much greater power to broker a deal than this medium sized company with 500 cars and its been well over a year now and all I’m getting is emails for other motoring products. I used to support the Pipeline card and signed all my family up to it when I heard about it. But does anyone feel the same as I do now that this is a waste of time?

    Injectors? Big problems on the early Volvo D5 units which cost about £1500 to fix. Obviously you've got a BM but cold-starting is often down to injector failure. Have you tried running some warm water over the fuel rail in the AM to see if that helps it start? If it does, its likely to be the injectors.
  10. 80mpg club

    [ QUOTE ] My dad doesn't get that much out of his chipped D5 - can you confirm what you've had done to it - rolling road model specific re-map or just a plug in tuning box? I know he'll be annoyed someone is getting more MPG than he is! Thanks. [/ QUOTE ] RICA Remap - When I worked it out at the pump it was near as dammit 74mpg, so the computer is ~5mpg out at the moment.
  11. aston martin configurator

    [ QUOTE ] If only I could afford the DB9 Volante I just specced [/ QUOTE ] Managed to get a Feb 2007 build here I'm awaiting my (passenger) ride in March If it was me choosing I'd have gone for the coupe.
  12. Should I slink out the back door then ?

    Take it to HLM Volvo Tuning in Bromsgrove and they will give it some more power for you, a nice little engine but shame Ford didn't fit the 260bhp version of the Volvo T5 engine rather than the LPT 220bhp version. The RICA upgrade gives it 260bhp / 380-390nm. I won't post the web address here as I'm not sure if its allowed, but PM me if you want more details.
  13. Unmarked Police Car

    Strange. I find the blue LED lights fitted to the front very bright indeed, even with the flashing headlamps flashing too....
  14. R32 v BMW 335D

    [ QUOTE ] however they also run out of puff too quick when in gear.....resulting in gear changes when half way past during an overtake.....which is one of the reasons why they are all autos..... [/ QUOTE ] Most modern "performance" diesels (I'm talking over 200bhp here) have enough performance and torque to get past a couple of cars easily and then some before you need to bother about changing gear. When I had mine remapped (210hp/475nm) one of the criteria was that it lost the characteristic you describe and now it pulls hard all the way to the redline unlike before when it used to go past its peak torque 2/3 into the avaliable revs. I've had a ride in a new 330d (230bhp) and that pulls extremely well and on that basis alone the 335d must be an absolute bahnstomer of a car.