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  1. Registration for sale

    Haha, I like that plate.
  2. Top Gear season 19

    Yip. Unashamedly.
  3. Top Gear season 19

    Double post
  4. Top Gear season 19

    I thought it was good. P45 was amusing. Nice pieces on the Italian thingy, surreal to see the Bentley on a rally stage(still don't know how I feel about that). What's not to like.....
  5. Scirocco for sale

    Ah, I see. I'll win the pub quiz with that one. :-)
  6. Stupid ballboy.

    He kicked the ball, not the boy though.
  7. Scirocco for sale

    For some reason the first service should be 18600 miles. Strange number. Nice car though, good luck
  8. Stupid ballboy.

    Not the best thing to post before the game then lay on the ball like someone who's been shot.
  9. Turbo Trainers

    Cagey, I sold the caad on for peanuts, £470. I'll probably regret it but at 58cm it was slightly too big for me and when the dark nights kick in I can only ride at the weekends and even then only the weekends that aren't deadly, so I thought there was little point in having a dedicated winter bike.
  10. Turbo Trainers

    I've just sold a elite chrono gel. It was the most mind numbing boring excercise I've ever taken part in. Unless you are training for something really specific and vitally important I'd avoid it. Or try rollers as I believe they require a bit more concentration but even then I'm not convinced. On the upside, I put the funds towards this..... This is the turbo I sold on.
  11. Cannondale Caad 9

    Would anyone be interested in this. Last of the handmade aluminium Cannondales. It is in near perfect condition, the only thing I would say it needs is new brake cables to make it perfect for those with OCD. The bottle cage, skewers and possibly seat will come off the bike and will be replace with standard affairs. I am willing to let the pedals go with the bike if I can get the right price. Possibly let the seat go too. How does £480 sound? I can send in more pics if anyone's interested. It's a 58cm frame which would probably suit someone 6 foot to 6,3".
  12. The clean look

    GF Williams, a professional job. The ambassador will be pleased. Looks good though.
  13. Check out this video on YouTube:<br/><br/> I hope the link works. It's a stunning bit of kit.